Where do I start?

June 29, 2006

This is the question that I have posed myself recently and has been the reason why I have struggled to get enthused about family history work. 

The Gilmour side of things is quite complicated in the last three generations.   So the first place to start is with existing relatives.  That is easy said then done.  Having no contact with my natural father, by default means that my contact with the Gilmour side of the family is somewhat limited. 

So if like me, your options for contacting living relatives is limited then ask them anyway you may be surprised what you find out.  So I asked my mum and she mentioned that my Aunt and Uncle knew a little about the family tree so they could be a pretty good starting point.   

2 Responses to “Where do I start?”

  1. Carol Maciejewski Says:

    Hi Mark,
    I just happened to be trawling through the web sites hoping to find something that would give me hope and came across you.
    I lost contact with any family I knew over 34 years ago. I’m in the process of trying to find my sister as she was the last one I’d seen and that was back in 1974. I suppose what I really want to know is… What do you do if you can’t find any reference to a marriage certificate for your parents ANYWHERE? and at every turn you find nothing but road blocks. How do you cope with the frustration of getting no where.

  2. leanne gilmour Says:

    hi anyone have family tree info

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