Right to Use the Coat of Arms?

June 30, 2006

Be doing a bit of reading up on this as I have been trying to work out what the Gilmour coat of Arms is .  I found something very interesting about coat of arms whilst having a look for the Curtis family.  I must admit until I read this below I thought the same. 

Quote : www.curtis-curtiss.com

“The most important misconception about Heraldry today is the concept of  a “Family Coats of Arms”. Arms are associated with families or lineage. Not surnames! Many unrelated families share the same surname. Sharing a surname does not mean that you share the right to the same arms. Conversely, many families with different names have the same coat of arms. A coat of arms does not uniquely identify a family. Bearers of a surname today may not have even the remotest relationship to the original bearer of the arms associated with it. In short, just because your name is “Curtis” does not mean you can use a “Curtis” Coats of Arms. A coat was inherited by a child from his parent, either intact or somewhat modified, to truly validate your family coat of arms, you should not rely on these pages.
In order to determine what your arms are, you would need much more than your surname. You would need your pedigree traced back to someone who used a coat of arms. The standard of proof will vary with the needs. If you are of Scottish descent and wish to matriculate arms with the Scottish heraldic authority, you’d better have a well-documented pedigree, probably stretching over several centuries.

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