The origin of the name

January 24, 2011

It’s been a little while since I posted anything on the blog mainly because I have been having trouble sourcing anything on my own Gilmour heritage. But in the meantime there have been some fantastic additions by way of comments to the Ballantyne & Gilmour pages. The most recent this weekend from Sophia Ballantyne who writes on the Ballantyne page;

“While I was interested to read about your version of the name, we have always believed that this comes directly from the gaelic, Baille ( a farmer)-an- (in the or of the)deadhain (valley, fertile ground. As far as I know up until the 16th centuary, agriculture was the family buisiness until the 17th centuary when William became a weaver in Galashiels and his decendant, Henry founded a mill which was the beginnings of Henry Ballantyne and Sons – in the 20th centuary – branching outinto hosiery with the famous Ballantyne’s cashmere being made in the neighbouring village of Innerleithen”

Absolutely fascinating stuff and there is equally exciting historical background on the Gilmour & Curtis pages. If you can add to the wider picture please get in touch.

4 Responses to “The origin of the name”

  1. I would like to hear from any family members
    of Captain John Ballantyne.
    He was in Liverpool in 1861. I especially would like
    to know where he was born and what happened to him after 1863.

    Best Wishes
    Maureen Savage

  2. Corinne Gilmour Brauer Says:

    My name is Corinne Gilmour and I live in California. Just wanted to know if I had any relatives out there.

  3. Greg McCurdy Says:

    My name is Greg McCurdy – I live in Colorado. My Great, Great, Great Grandfather John McCurdy was married to a Abigail Gilmour from the Isle of Bute, Scotland, when they immigrated to America (settling in western Pennsylvania). They had many children and Abigail survived past John’s death in 1844, he was born in 1802 we believe in Scotland. If this may be a relation to your family history, I present it to you for reference.

  4. Gary Moon Says:

    I am tracing James Ballantyne of Galashiels, SCT. Two of his sons, Robert and Thomas, both weavers, immigrated to Wroxeter,Huron County, Ontario in the 1860’s. I have lots of info on these two families. My great aunt Elizabeth Hislop married Thomas.

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