Family CrestWelcome to the Family History section of

This is the place where we are starting to put the information we have found out about our family history.  As our genelogical research increases and we find out more about different family names we will add them here.  Click on the family crest to see the latest additions to this section of the website.

  Our useful links section contains links to websites with useful family history and genealogical research resources.

5 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Mark Says:

    We have added a section on the origin of some of the family names. we have started with gilmour

  2. Mark Says:

    Ballantyne has now been added and Curtis is on it’s way

  3. John Ballantyne Says:

    I have just visited my ancestral homeland of Evie and Breckan on the Orkney mainland and would be interested in any information from other descendants of John (1845-1937) and Mary (1850-1945) Ballantyne of this location, I know of Mary Jane B who married J Robertson and moved to Ontario C, and William Harper who followed my G Grandfather to NZ and settled in Waimate, hope I can shed some light for someone, I have photoes of the family farm, home and John Bruce and Mary (Gillespie) Ballantynes final resting place, I look forward to hearing from interested parties.

    • john ballantyne Says:

      Hi John, my name is John Bruce Ballantyne, I must have not missed you by much as I travelled to Orkney in July 2012 also to see the ancestral home of my family name. My Grandfather is James Bruce Couper Ballantyne who’s father settled at Teschmakers just outside of Kakanui, I too have some great photoes of the farm and resting place of John and Mary in the old cemetery, would love to share any info and photoes, cheers, John.

  4. Ann Kosinski Says:

    Thank you for this website. My grandmother was a Gillmore and I am on a search for my Roots. I know I am descended fro.m Robert Gillmore I who emigrated from Scotland to Londonderry, Ireland in early 1600’s. And on to Londonderry, New Hampshire in early 1700’s.

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