The history of this name is on it’s way – do you know anything about the origin of the ballantyne or ballantine family name. If you do then leave a comment below.Ok this is what we know so far…

The Clan Ballantyne or Bannatyne are originally from Bellenden, Selkirkshire, Scotland, and descended from Patrick Bellenden who received a charter from the Earl of Morton in 1499 for lands in Auchinoul, Midlothian. Roland Bannatyne of Glenraddy also received lands in the barony of Sanquhar from Lord Crichton in 1548.
Ballantyne Coat of Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gules, a chevron argent between three mullets or (for Bannatyne); 2nd and 3rd, azure, a castle triple towered argent, masoned sable, windows and portcullis shut gules, in dexter chief a mullet or (for Macleod).
Ballantyne Crest: A demi griffin, in the dexter paw a sword erect all proper.
Ballantyne Supporters: (Barons of Sanquhar only) Two angels proper, habited azure and winged or.
Ballantyne Motto: Nec cito nec tarde. “neither fast nor slow”


Ballantyne Family CrestBallantyne Surname Origin

  A place of ancient pagan worship among the Celts, whose principal deity was Belen or Baal, the sun. To the honor of this deity, the Celts lighted fires on the 1st of May and Midsummer day. Baalantine signifies “the fire of Baal,” from Baalen and teine, Gaelic, fire.

Source: An Etymological Dictionary of Family and Christian Names With an Essay on their Derivation and Import; Arthur, William, M.A.; New York, NY: Sheldon, Blake, Bleeker & CO., 1857.

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  1. C. Annand Says:

    My Grandfather’s name was George Ballantyne.
    My Grandmother’s name was Sarah Mcjanet.

    I only know their names, I have no family history nor background past that, I have just started looking.

    • wjbowden3 Says:

      Not Exactly Sure where to be posting this, But I recently within last couple of days found my birth father Benedict james ballantyne, Born to George Benjamin Ballantyne, (My Grandfather) He was born is 1888 ,died 1969 in cranbrook Bc either in canada or ireland, but before his last name got changed it was Fogarty, anyways My grandfather George married a lady named nita hallstead, they together had about 8 children 5 girls 3 boys one of which of course is my father, if you have any info pleae reply (@wjbowden3) so i know your replying back to us thank you

  2. Carolyn Ballantyne Says:

    Just found this site. My husband’s grandfather was b. Galashiels, SCT. He came to Galt, Ont. with his parents, John and Janet (Turnbull) Ballantyne in 1867. We have John’s watch when leaving Galashiels to become Supt. of a woolen mill in Galt, Ont. I also have the sampler made by Janet in 1848 when she was 8 years old. We visited SCT in the 1990’s. I would like to correspond with you.

    • Jeremy Ballantyne Says:

      Hello Carolyn.

      I will be related – dtstanlt – to your husband. My great great great grandfather was William B, younger brother of John. Whereas John and Janet went off to Texas, some of William and Catherine’s children went to Australia, then New Zealand.

      If you get this messaage, I would really like you to get in touch with me. I thoroughly enjoy trying to piece strands of the family together.

      Kind regards,

      Jeremy Ballantyne

      • Jack Pirtle Says:


        I would love any info you have on the Ballantynes in Texas. My gg grandfather was James Burn Ballantyne, who immigrated from Scotland in the mid to late 1800’s. He lived in Bracketville TX and is buried there, but I have been able to find very little about his family. Rumor is that he had 1 brother who stayed in Scotland. His mother may have been Margaret Clapham Burn. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


      • Betty Awbrey Says:

        I’ve just found this website searching for Ballantyne ancestry. Actually, I’m responding to Jack’s response to you, though this is one year since his entry. I also descend from James Burn Ballantyne of Brackettville. My dad’s family lived in Brackettville. Our parents probably knew one another. I have a little information about Margaret Clapham Burn, who is our g-g-g grandmother, but I’m trying to find more information about her husband William Ballantyne. Is there a way to contact Jack Pirtle? Thank you.

      • Carin Says:


        John & Janet Ballantyne were my 4th great grandparents and I live in Texas mere miles from one of the Mormon settlements they helped build. Would you have information on his parents? I am trying to trace further back but am not having much luck.

    • Carin Says:

      Carolyn, I’m curious…John Ballantyne mar. to Janet Turnbull, born 1784 servant at Sunderland Hall at the time of marriage on 4/30/1808 died in 1846 at Austin Texas and buried on Capital Grounds…did he have children who went to Canada? I live near the one of their Mormon Settlements in Texas where their daughter Margaret Jane is buried. He was my 4th great grandfather.

      • Ina Smail Says:

        I have, John Ballantyne b. 1782- 1846. Married 1808 in Scotland (near town of Selkirk). Sailed to US on the ‘Tyrian’ in Sept 1841 wife Janet or Jeanette Turnbull (1784-1870). (John’s father may have been Thomas). At least 13 children first born Helen 1809-1891. Last born Sarah (1830- I have names and dates of all children. If they moved overseas Looks like at least 2 grandchildren listed, Andrew 1865 and Thomas 1867 there is also a Julia Jenet Loessberg 1890-1944 listed. Looks like it was Galashiels or Lillieslief marriage banns 13 May 1808. My email is

    • Gary Moon Says:

      Three Ballantyne brothers went to Galt, and Stratford. Thomas Ballantyne was a master cheese maker in Avondale in Perth county. Another brother was member of Parliament.

  3. Erik Ballantyne Says:

    Well thank you so much for that informative write down. My grandparents are Wayne Ballantyne and Katherine Pugh and my great grandparents are Gibbie and Millie Ballantyne.

    • Sheena Loosmore Says:

      I am working on a family tree of Ballantynes from Cambuslang Scotland. My gg grandmother was Grace Ballantyne (who married Robert Pringle) and three of her younger brothers (Thomas, Gilbert and Robert) immigrated to the US in 1904 and 1905. I have found family for Thomas and I think that you are descended from his brother Gilbert. I’d be delighted to have any more information on the US or Scottish branches of the family. Thanks.

      • Ken Ballantyne Says:

        I got excited for a moment…. my grandfather, Thomas Ballantyne (b. 1904) Cambuslang, His father is Thomas. (b. 1873) Lemahagow, Lanarkshire, his father Gilbert (b. abt 1843) Loudan Ayrshire. I guess that there are a lot of Thomas and Gilberts out there. I want to know more and more

    • Sheena Loosmore Says:

      Oops! The Gilbert Ballantyne (1906-1994) who was your great grandfather was the son of Thomas who emigrated to the US in 1904 not his brother Gilbert (1875-1943) who emigrated in 1905. The same names are a blessing when trying to find the right family branch but a curse for identifying the right generation.

  4. Ballantyne Says:

    I am a direct decendant of William Ballantyne, weaver of Galashiels b. 1650 whose family were originally from Bellandean between Selkirk and Hawick. I am from Walkerburn in the Scottish Borders and Henry Ballantyne who founded the village of Walkerburn in 1854. I still live in Scotland though not in the Borders

    • David Leonard Ballantyne Says:

      I understand I am also related to William from Galashiels. Sir Henry was my fathers uncle. Henry’s brother David came to New Zealand 18??

    • Jerry Morris Says:

      George Ballentine emagrated to the us in 1847. He was from Paisley Scotland. He had been in the British Army and joined the American Army in New York City in the summer of 1847 He was sent to Ft. Brooke in Tampa Bay and on to Mexico to serve in the American armies war with Mexico. There is a book he wrote for sell on Amason. Jerry Morris

    • Juliet Says:

      My great grandmother was Catherine H Ballentyne from Walkerburn. She was the daughter of David Ballentine and Isabella (Milne) and the sister of Henry. I believe she had three sons. One moved to France, one died in WW1 and one was a doctor in Scotland. The French one was my grandfather.

      • David Ballantyne Says:

        Hi Juliet, Several of us Ballantyne’s are working on the family tree. We don’t have details of you or who your parents were. We have Colin, Ella, Ronald, Rosamunde, Sheila & Sydney.
        Your Great Grandmother, brother of Sir Henry was my fathers aunt & uncle. Henry’s brother David came to New Zealand 1879
        David L Ballantyne in New Zealand
        Please reply to me at

      • John Ballantyne Says:

        Dear Juliet, I was very interested to see your posting and could put you in touch with my second cousin Mardy Walker who is also a descendant of your great-grandmother Katherine Ballantyne. She has done research into her family history. Could you let me know how you are descended from Alexander (Lex) Welsh who I presume was your grandfather?

  5. I am a direct descendant from George Bannatyne through his daughter, and only surviving child, Janett Bannatyne who married George Foulis, the first Laird of Ravelstoun, in 1603.
    I would like to get in touch with the present leading member of the Family of the Bannatyne in order to discuss a hand-written copy of the “Memorial Buik of George Bannatyne Anno 1582”, made by Andrew Grieve, Writer to the Signet and Notary Public,dated 1839, which I hold since the death of my brother, the 13th Baronet of Colinton, Iain Primrose Liston Foulis,in February 2006.
    This marvellous book contains entries of the family Bannatyne dating from 1512, with a reference to the birth of James Bannatyne of Kirktoun of Newtyle on the third day of May, 1512, and later that of his “bairns, betwixt him and Katherine Taillefeir,” beginning with his eldest son, “Laurence Bannatyne on the 14th day of September, the year of God, 1539.”
    After the marriage of Janett to George Foulis of Ravelstone, the book passed into the hands of the Foulis family, where it supposedly remained until 1839?.
    I would be most interested to know more about the original “Memorial Buik”and would appreciate hearing from any member of the family who may wish to contact me, in order to know more.
    In the copy which I hold it continues with entries of births, deaths and marriages of both the Foulis of Woodhall and the Foulis of Ravelstoun families and their branches.
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Yours sincerely,
    Susan Liston Foulis.

    • Margaret Fowles Says:

      Dear Susan, I believe that my husband Richard is a direct descendant of George Foulis, 1st of Ravelston, who was the grandfather of Isobell Foulis who married James Loch in 1673. They had a daughter Isobell Loch who married a George Foulis in 1706. I have not been able to find out anything about this George Foulis but believe he may be related to the Ravelston Foulis family. I am very interested to hear of the book you hold and wondered if you may be able to help me with my interest in George Foulis and Isobell Loch. Isobell was the daughter of James Loch of Drylaw (1650 – 1690). I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely
      Margaret Fowles

      • Dear Margaret,
        I have only just discovered your interesting note about George Foulis and will do my best to discover more about the George Foulis you mention and Isabell Loch of Drylaw. I may take a day or two as all my documents are in disorder. Foulis was a Norman and originally the name was “de Feuilles” and was and is represented by 3 Bay leaves He was in 1066 a Captain of one of William the Conqueror´s ships. He later fled to Scotland with “other Barons”after a failed rebellion against William in favour of Atheling, so it says, and sought protection from Malcolm Caresmore who later rewarded him with extensive lands in Angus which still bear the name of Foulis, as the name became. They served the King as Secretaries. Later they came down to Edinburgh and settled in Colinton and built a castle there in the 16th century.
        They had extensive lands reaching almost to Glasgow, but were empoverished by Cromwell when his troops ransacked the castle and the lands. The family have still owned extensive lands around Edinburgh, Woodhall,Millburn, Ratho. Bonally, Juniper Green, etc, etc, including Ravelstone, although that was forfeited them for supporting Prince Charley!
        I know little of what happened to the Bannatyne, but feel proud to be descended from George Bannatyne.
        I would love to hear more from you. I am on Facebook and would like to make a Foulis Web page.
        Yours sincerely, Susan Liston-Foulis (of Woodhall), but living in the North of Spain.

    • Stuart Haynes Says:

      Dear Susan. My name is Stuart Bannatyne Haynes, descended from the Bute branch of the Bannatynes. I would be very interested to know where the hand written book you mentioned many, many years ago went. I always rued the fact that George did not write more about his ancestry, but we can’t have everything! We should all be extremely grateful for what he did write down. The Bannatynes/Bellendens were an interesting bunch, and got into quite a lot of trouble over the years, and their history would probably make a good book to rival Game of Thrones!! After all, kidnapping, assassinations, duels and shear brilliance of some of the members make for interesting research.
      I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Megan Franks Says:

      Hi Susan, my husband’s genealogy comes from the Ballentynes. His grandmother always told us there is a castle associated with the family in Scotland. My husband and I are planning to visit Scotland in the fall, but I’m having a hard time identifying the specific castle. Do you have any information of where we should visit in the name of the Ballentynes. Thanks!

      • John Bannatyne Says:

        Dear Stuart, my name is John Bannatyne and I believe my family is also linked to Bute and Kames Castle which was once our family seat. My grandfather was William Bannatyne who was born near Glasgow (not too far from Bute). I believe that his father and father before were all William’s as was the tradition. I liked your GOT comparison as one of my ancestors was “Bloody” William Bannatyne; think the name says enough.
        I had read once that we Bannatyne’s, Ballantyne’s, Ballantine’s etc were not originally Scots and had come across during the Norman conquest. The name which was once “Banndeane” -something like that – dates back to 1068 in the UK as Norman Knight’s but was originally Scandinavian Viking who settled in Normandy, which adds some more colour to our background.
        I read somewhere that the Seat came following Bannockburn where the clan “did very well”. I apologise if this information could be a little fluffy as it was many years back that my aunt had done this research and showed me some of these interesting details of the family history.

      • John Bannatyne Says:

        Hi Megan, its Kames Castle on the Isle of Bute. Not a castle in the real term of a castle but still, that’s its name. Its next to Port Bannatyne and I believe that you can book accommodation on the property.
        John Bannatyne

    • Michael Archbold Says:

      Dear Susan,
      The following may help you to locate the original Memorial Buik. George Bannatyne (1545–1608), born 22 February 1545 in Newtyle, Angus into an elevated rank of society, was the seventh of twenty-three children of James Bannatyne and Katherine Tailliefer. James was a writer and is ascertained to have been connected to the ancient and respectable family of Bannatyne of Camys (Kames). George was a merchant and burgess in Edinburgh who compiled an 800 page anthology of Scots poetry and also recorded details of his family in his Memoriall Buik. This collection passed to his daughter Janet and her heirs, the Foulis family of Woodhall and Ravelston in Edinburgh, and is now preserved in the Advocate’s Library in Edinburgh.
      I married a Galashilels Ballantyne and she encouraged me to research her ancestry. I have more information about George Bannatyne which will be of interest to you so if you care to jump over the Pentlands you will find me in Penicuik. I,m not listed in the Phone Book so do not confuse me with another Archbold.

  6. Sharon Ballantyne Says:

    My Grandparents names are:

    Andrew Ballantyne

    Lily Alston.

    I’m currently researching family history and I know it goes back to 15th century… so if you are doing the same, keep me updated, see if there are ties!

    will write again when I have more information


  7. Ray Ballantyne Says:

    Hi Sharon

    i just came across your posting will researching the family crest. my great grandmothers name is Lily however this is the only information that my family has as my grandfather Joseph Ballantyne came to Australia and his brother Matthew ballantyne came as well around the same time. to the best of my knowledge joseph had to other brothers being David and James however there is a big question make over the exact details, I do know that one of the brothers moved to the USA. the name Lily was found on my grandfathers army records as the next of kin, however there is no last name ect.

    as you can see i am at very much of a loss and really struggling to get any further mainly due to the lack of information to start with, there may be no link at all but it is worth a shot and i really do look forward to hearing from you to give me either good or bad news.


    • Peter Ballantyne Says:

      Hi there,

      This post is quite old now so I’m not sure if you will get this. James Ballantyne came out from the Orkneys some time around the mid 1800’s to New Zealand, Otago to be more precise. I know he had a brother who went to Australia, and another who settled in Canada. We have since settled in Australia and we have a family member looking into our geneaology, I would be interested to hear of anyone who has any futher info.

      Regards Pete Ballantyne.

      • John Says:

        I am looking into ballantyne also.
        I have a william ballantyne married a Mary Frampton. William died in 1966? Mary 1968?

      • Alexandra Says:

        Hi Peter,

        I believe I just purchased the Ballantyne home of the brother who settled in Canada (Ontario). The home looks to be in the same condition as when it was built with original items.

  8. personally i am not so much as interested in the history of my family as to where they all are now, i was born in Glasgow, the family i know of or whats left of them were from Argyll areas and Clydebank, Dalmuir like me most have moved to where i have no idea, my gran tells me of family in Australia, Canada the U.S. and Newzeland. My mothers side came from Crawford from much the same areas, my father C.W. Ballantyne, eldest son of H Ballantyne who was the eldest son of his father by the same name again the eldest son of his family, My grand mother from Anderson and ironically the family name is also Anderson, i know practically nothing of my mothers family and very little of my own, so I’m curious to find more of where i come from and where the other family is now. Anyone interested, please leave a not and i can give a little more in depth information. Thank you, in the tradition of the motto i will render an update to it and part for now leaving it with you, “To all things a time and all things in their time”.

    • hi colin i was reading through all this and found your comment,my name is Daniel Ballantyne and im from New Zealand and Australia.i dont know what to expect to find or have anything useful to offer you.the best thing i can do i suppose is get a copy of my gran dads bio or i can just ask him he only stays up the road lol but at the mo i dont know that much thats why im online curiousity seems to have lead me on a bit of an adventure so to speak.i have left a comment so if you wanna contact me or have any question please feel free to contact me.

      • Lewis Ballantyne Says:

        Chur my bro lol. I dont know much of the Ballantyne family, my brother is Daniel Ballantyne.

    • Jody Ballantyne Says:

      Hi Colin

      My brother is the last of the Ballantyne/Andersons in Sydney Australia and live near Manly. I am 99% sure our family history goes back to Glasgow.
      My great great grandfather and grand mother built a house on Little Manly beach which they named Ballander, Ballantyne/Anderson. I really don’t have any other information other than my grandfathers name was John but was called Jack and my Nanas name was Jessie Chestnut. I will find out more information from my family.

    • Jeremy Ballantyne Says:

      Hello Colin..

      Interesting. My middle name is Anderson, and I am the 4th generation to have it. My g/g/g grandfather was William, who kept the Black Bull Inn in Selkirk. My ancestors all came from Selkirk, and some emigrated via Australia, to New Zealand. I wonder if there is a connection?

      Jeremt Ballantyne

      • David Gray Says:

        Hi Jeremy,

        My g/g/g/g Grandfather was William Ballantyne ( 1797-1863 ) and he was an Innkeeper in Selkirk according to the 1841 census.Is this the same William Ballantyne and if so how did you find out the name of the inn ?? Thanks for help.


    • M. Ballantyne Says:

      Our wee Gran Charlotte passed away last night. 14/07/2012 aged 96. ;-(

    • laura ballantyne Says:

      Hi Colin, just came across this site when I was looking for information on my family, my name is ballantyne and i am from the Clyde ank area, my grandfather was William ballantyne he had two older brothers, harry and tommy, as far as I know harry ballantynes family still live in dalmuir, but I am not sure as my grandfather died when I was a baby and my father Ronald has also passed away so trying to find information is very difficult, if this is the same connection I would be very interested to find some more of my roots x

      • I couldn’t be sure of this Laura, My grandfather was Henry Ballantyne but he was known as Harry to everyone, he lived in the Clydebank area until 1992 when he passes away leaving his wife who has now passed away as mentioned by M Ballantyne, date given and two sons Harry and Charles, both having their own respective families, other than those i do not know of any other Ballantyne’s in that area there are some Ballantine’s but the spelling makes all the difference i guess.

  9. Bee Says:

    Hi Grandpa!!!!!!!!!!!=)

  10. Bryan Bannatyne Says:

    Hey i have traced my roots to Andrew Graham ballendan, Bannatyne. He moved to canada from the South rolandsay islands scotland, I was wondering if anyone else had roots from the south rolandsay

  11. wow i look up my family name out of curiousity and i find this lol my name is Daniel Ballantyne,i have no useful information but i thought id throw the lil i know on here.i am of maori,scottish and irish decent so of course i love fighting lol i was born in new zealand and have spent half my life there and the other here in brisbane australia where i live father is Dennis john Ballantyne and his father my gran dad Dennis frances Ballantyne who fought for Australia in the second world war and my great gran dad fought in the first but for who i dont know yet.i also have Ballantyne relatives living in the gold and thats all i got for now.just thought id put in my 5 was good to find so much information about my family,i hope i find more.

    • Myshell007 Says:

      Hi Daniel, I hope you are still looking for information on the Ballantyne family. I think your line goes as follows, Denis Francis, David Watt, James Archibald, John Douglas Francis who migrated in NZ in 1860 with his second wife. Your line is from his first marriage to Margaret Archibald. There is a little more if you are interested.


      • June Ratapu {nee Ballantyne} Says:

        My name is June and I live in Rotorua, NZ.
        I am the daughter of Dennis Francis’s brother William. I am very interested in knowing more about this family line.


      • russell ballantyne Says:

        hi myshell007
        i am too researching my family history and trying to establish a family website – i have just laid my father to rest with his grandfather John – son of francis(john douglas) who emigrated to nz in 1860 with margaret archibald i would love more information

      • Dan Ballantyne Says:

        Yes please :)more info is always good.I too am from rotorua,nz.

      • Michelle Esler Says:

        Hi my GGGrandfather was George Henry Ballantyne son of John Douglas Francis Ballantyne and his second wife Jessie Douglas who died just and the boat was landing in New Zealand. He then went on to marry Elizabeth Aitcheson. I have some information on brothers and sisters from the other marriages, but not a lot and would love to share what we all have.

      • Lewis Ballantyne Says:

        Hi family, I am Daniels younger brother. I am also seeking information about the Ballantyne family. Please email me at

  12. Robert Balentine Says:

    I am a Balentine who currently lives in the States. I don’t know much of the history of my father’s side of the family any further back than my grandparents and great uncle, who both fought for the U.S. in WWII.

  13. A Nelson Ballantyne Says:

    Greeting to the gathering of the clans,
    A little additional history of the Clan Ballantyne
    We are a sept (blood kin) of the Stewarts of Bute
    definition of clan “social group consisting of an aggregate of distinct erected families actually descended, or accepting themselves as descendants of a common ancestor” (Nisbet’s “System of Heraldry”, published in 1722) The name Ballantyne is listed as the sept name. The name Bannatyne is not listed as a sept of the Stewarts of Bute; however, the name Bannatyne is listed as a sept of the Campbell Clan. Unfortunately, the Campbell Clan under the Duke of Argyll fought against the Stewarts during the Jacobite Uprisings so we who spell our name Ballantyne make a distinct separation between us and the Bannatynes. We were one family at one time, but split apart due to the Jacobite uprising in the 1700s (old wounds run deep). Because we are a sept of the Stewarts of Bute, we are able to trace our ancestry back to Robert the Bruce, king of Scotland. Another very interesting note is that the Ballantyne Clan may be the oldest clan in Scotland and may also be descended from the line of kings of Scotland. Our ancestoral home and castle are on the Isle of Bute. The Stewarts also built their ancestral home on the same island, it is called Mount Stuart (Stuart is the french spelling of Stewart, Mary Queen of Scots changed it when she moved to France, but the Scottish spelling remains Stewart.) “Mount Stuart is Britain’s most astounding Victorian gothic mansion. Home to the Stuarts of Bute, descendants of the Royal House of Stuart, this magnificent house sits proudly on the Isle of Bute – ancient stronghold of Scottish kings.” I can only guess at how important incorporating the Ballantyne Clan into the Stewart Clan must have been to help legitimize the Stewarts claim to the scotish throne. Unfortunately, we do not have access to the history of Clan Ballantyne before we became part of the Stewart Clan; however it warms my heart to know that we have continued to be able to be a part of the House of Stewart/Stuart and that the current chief of Clan Stuart of Bute is John Crichton-Stuart, 7th Marquess of Bute.
    I hope that this information is helpful to my fellow clansmen.
    Sincerely, A Nelson Ballantyne

    • russell ballantyne Says:

      i am intrigued by this as most of the info i have is the clan campbell link – is there more info on this stuart sept link?

    • J Lachlan Ballantyne Says:

      Absolutely wonderfully written. This is just the same as it was explained to me by my Father. Our family came to Australia in the early 50’s and have allways been proud of their heritage. Thanks for writing it down.

    • Ballantyne Says:

      the name Ballantyne has a gaelic root BAILE AN DEADHAIN meaning THE FARM IN THE VALLEY. There are many places in Scotland which bear the name Bellandean or something of a similar spelling, and they are all farmsteads of some kind . As a Border Ballantyne, I would like to point out that BORDERERS ARE NOT CL:ANSMEN. This is something found in the Highlands. It is a common mistake made by those of Scots descent that we must be of a clan, but we are not. There are so many versions of where Ballantynes come from and who are the chiefs etc and it’s mostly made up because no one knows. However, given the translation it is possible that this is a name given to peasant farmers, or crofters, the.sept is usually some poor distant relation and in this instance you give, they were probably the crofters. Gaelic incidentally was not a language confined to the Highlands but spoken widely – mainly welsh celtic in the Borders pre1000 AD. There was also movement through the Black Douglas and the Bruce of men and families between the Borders and the West Coast – inner Hebrides during the 13/14th centuries through thier struggle against the Stuarts, so not Campbell men and not Stuart men either. – I know my roots are from Bellendean between Hawick and Selkirk – in 450 years we only moved about 20 miles away as the crowflies so not a huge migration. According to my late great aunt born in 1906, her grandfather used to say that ‘we were Watty’s men before he was a Duke…..’ clearly we were Reivers not highland clansmen. We wear the Hunting Scot because we were Watty Scott of Buccleuch’s men. I think you will find that there is an enormous difference between highland history and Border History. May I recommend a book called the Steel Bonnets for those whose roots are in the Borders. Borderers were attacked on both sides – by the highland clansmen from the north and the English from the South. Major Bellenden is a poem by Scot – have a look for it if you have the time – it celebrates a Border Ballantyne..Frankly I might as well be called English if I’m going to be referred to as a clansman!!!

      • Maggie Ballantyne Says:

        Thank you! I will look for this book.

      • Carin Says:

        Hello! I am looking for a line of Ballantyne from Selkirkshire. My 4th great grandfather was John mar. Janet Turnbull on 30/4/1808 in a Selkirk parish and was a servant at Sunderland Hall at the time. His parents were Thomas Ballantyne and Janet Inglis, I am looking for family ties so that I may trace the family further than 1780’s.

      • Sandra Turner Says:

        Thank you finally something on the Border Ballantyne’s. I have a proven trace to a marriage in Moffat and Polmoodie in the Dumfries on the Johnstone estates in 1728. Although my line moved to Edinburgh (wool Merchant) in 1759 the family story since was that they were Border Rustlers stealing from the Scots selling to the English and vice versa. I always assumed this was the Dalgleish side of the family but your response mentioned Reivers so I looked that up and am now convinced this is the base of the story and links to the Ballantyne / Ballantines.

    • vwmamataney Says:

      My great-great-great grandfather Hugh Taney married Letitia Ballantyne (both born in 1816) while living in Ireland, Stewartstown to be specific I believe. They came to America in 1838, residing in Newark, NJ where there was a settlement of Ballantynes before moving to Wheeling, VA (which later became part of WV).
      They had five children:
      *James Ballantyne, b. 1839, married Emily Pollock, d. 1915
      *Ann Jane, b. 1842, d.1929, unmarried
      *Eleanor, b.1846, d. 1928 – She married Sylvester L. Brice and had three children: William Lawrence, Malcolm Taney, and Eleanor.
      *William H., b. 1849, d. 1876, unmarried
      *Charles Henry (born Hugh Jr., name changed between 1868 & 1879) b. 1856, married Sallie Newman Sommers – they lived in Clarksburg WV and had two children: James Ballantyne and Camden Sommers

      Letitia Ballantyne died in 1879. She told her children that she was of Scottish descent and of the same family as James and John Ballantyne who were the original publishers of Sir Walter Scott’s works. She claimed relationship to the Dukes of Argyll and the Stuart Kings.

    • Clive Ballantyne Says:

      This is the same account as what my mother told me about the Ballantyne Clan.

    • Carin Says:

      Thank you so much for your informational sharing! I’ve had a gut feeling for years that my Ballantyne family would have fought as Jacobites and you have just given me the information.

  14. Thomas Ballantyne Says:

    I am Thomas (Tommy) Ballantyne.
    My father was Robert Ballantyne who left Scotland in the early 1920s to work in Colombia, South America for Tropical Oil Company, a subsidiary of International Petroleum Company – later ESSO and now Exxon. His father was Thomas Ballantyne and lived in Blackburn, West Lothian and was a coal miner as were most men in the area at that time. I emigrated with my family in 1952 to Rhodesia after passing my Scottish Higher Leaving Certificate at West Calder High School. My brother is James Hogg Ballantyne who lives in Limekilns, Fife to this day. My mother was Margaret Hogg whose father, James Hogg, played for Hibernian FC and whose brother George Hogg, captained Hearts of Midlothisn FC at the turn of the last century – 1899-1902. I played soccer for Rhodesia many times in the 1950s and 60s against touring English and Scottish first division sides such as Leicester City, West Ham, Blackpool, Dundee United, Oldham Athletic, etc. I would be interested to hear from any Ballantyne’s who may still be alive and related to me in Blackburn or West Calder. Most may also have emigrated to Canada and Australia I believe.
    Thomas (Tommy) Ballantyne

    • Maxine Says:

      By any chance do you have any info on my Crichton family who lived in Blackburn? My GGgreatgrandmother was Jane or Jean Buchanan and her husband was John Crichton. They had a son William who married Margaret Park, and they had a daughter Isabell Fletcher Crichton who married John Pickup. I know this is a stretch but I seem ot have a hard time getting info from Blackburn records. Thank you, Maixne Meloche, Muskegon, Michigan

      • David Ballantyne Says:

        Hi We have a Jane Crichton in the family… If you scroll down to my comment (look for David Ballantyne says) you’ll see a list of my Grandfather Archie’s siblings. See if anything there looks familiar or familial.

    • Karen Ballantyne Says:

      Hi, I am Karen Ballantyne. I live near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am the great granddaughter of Alexander Ballantyne born 1869 near Lanark (Haywood, Forth) Scotland. My Grandfather’s family come to Canada in 1906. Alexander had 8 siblings – David (Kansas,USA), Robert, Janet, Thomas (stayed in Haywood), William, Hugh, Nicolas, and James (Olds,Alberta,Canada). Alexander attended West Calder School for Carpentry. I thought there were enough similarities to leave you a reply, let me know if you think there is a connection.
      Thanks, Karen

    • Karen Ballantyne Says:

      Hi, I am Karen Ballantyne, I live near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My Great Grandfather was Alexander Ballantyne born 1869 near Lanark (Haywood,Forth) Scotland. The family came to Canada in 1906. Alexander had 8 siblings, David (Kansas,USA),Robert, Janet, Thomas (stayed in Haywood), William, Hugh, Nicolas, and James (Olds,Alberta,Canada). Alexander attended West Calder School for Carpentry and he married Agnes Wilson. I thought there were enough similarities to leave you a reply and see if there is a connection. Thanks, Karen

      • MJ Ballantyne Says:

        My great, great grandfather, Thomas (born 1842), has all of the same siblings that you’ve listed. His brother Alexander, that I have, was born to David Ballantyne and Nicholas Johnstone in 1848.

      • MJ Ballantyne Says:

        Update!! I had gone one generation too far back. My great, great grand father, Thomas Ballantyne, married Ann Law. They have all of the same children listed as you have including Alexander, born 20 July 1869.

  15. krystal ballantyne Says:

    hi, i want to know more about my family, i carry Ballantyne, my mother does and so does my little brother. i know nothing about my family history, but i want like to.

  16. Jan Neal Says:

    I am from New Zealand and am a direct descendant of the Henry Ballanatyne who established Walkerburn. I have done some family history and have had the opportunity to visit the ancestral home and the museum related to the woollen mills. My Great-grandfather was sent out to NZ as a remittance man

    • Wendy Anderson Says:

      Hi Jan, I live at Ashley Clinton Hawkes Bay and have been doing a lot of research into the district. One mystery is a grand mansion (well, used to be)and people have always wondered who built it. I believe it to be AB Stewart of Normanby Hawera (middle name Bannatyne). I have found out who his in-laws were, who is children were, and how his end of life came about. Tudor Baker, his brother-in-law put me on the right track. Would love to get in contact with you. Regards, Wendy.

    • Ballantyne Says:

      Hi Jan

      I grew up in Walkerburn and I am also a direct descendant of Henry Ballantyne.and still have family there. My grandfather started the textile museum that is sadly no longer there. I am wondering who your great grandfather is.. I have a copy of the family tree that a cousin researched over many many years. I be more than glad to send you a copy of it. It goes back to around 1650. I look forward to hearing from you.

      • Ina Says:

        Hello I am researching Andrew Ballantyne 1814-1884 Daughter Agnes born 1860 at Melrose married to Joseph Watson in Galashiels. Also searching Alexander Ballantyne married Sarah Watson at Galashiels, possibley born at Jedburgh joined King’s Own Scottish Borderers at Galashiels. and died at Flanders 1917 ,they had a son Alexander and Sarah had a daughter Margaret prior.
        contact me on

      • Christine Ballantyne Says:

        Hi I am researching our family. My husband is a direct descendant of Henry Norman Ballantyne born in 1870 to John Ballantyne and Alice Ballantyne (nee King). We know that Henry was a textile mill owner in Walkerburn. We would be very grateful if you could let us have a copy of your family tree. We look forward to hearing from you.

        Christine & Robert Ballantyne

      • Jo Says:

        Hi Christine

        I could help you out. Not sure how to contact you though, slightly reluctant to put my email address on here.


      • Christine Ballantyne Says:

        Hi Jo
        Also not sure about putting email address on here. I am on facebook – don’t know if you are. If you are we could befriend each other and then swop email addresses through private message.

      • Jo Says:

        I’m not but my husband is, sure he wouldn’t mind. Will ask when he gets in.

      • Christine Ballantyne Says:

        Hi Jo here is link to my facebook page.

        Look forward to corresponding with you



  17. joseph Says:

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  18. Natacky Ballantyne Says:

    Hi,my name is Natacky Ballantyne.Not quite sure of my family’s history.My origin is from The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, my grandfather name is Dudley Ballantyne and my grandmother name was Niceta Ballantyne….always thought my surname was english, until I was recently was informed it was scottish!! so I decided to research and this is where i ended up!It would be nice to know more about this family’s legacy,as well my ancestors and who they were….

  19. I have a John Clark Ballantyne in my family he come from Scotland moved to Australia with his wife and family in 1922 but when his wife died he and two of his children move back to Edinbrugh. His childrens names are Annie born abt 1918 and his son John born abt 1911. My Nanas name was Ellen Clark.

    • John Clark Ballantnye Says:

      Hi, Julie,
      John Clark Ballantyne is my grandad and your nana is my aunt Nell. If your mother is Elaine Dennien then
      I,m sure I sent your mother a copy of the Ballantyne family tree.

      regards John Ballantyne.

      • Julie Anne Roxborough Says:

        Hi John,

        My great grandmother was Marion Clark Ballantyne. Married George Wood in1899 and came to New Zealand around 1910 to about 1915 with their son. Is she any relation?

        Thank you
        Julie Roxborough

      • John Ballantyne Says:

        Sorry, not able to help. My ancestors came from Walkerburn in Peeblesshire.

  20. Andrew Ballantyne Says:

    Hi my name is andrew ballantyne we are looking in America currently for a Mary Murray who was born in 1925 who was the daughter of James Ballantyne born 1875 in glasgow.This is my grandfathers sister ,his name is Angus Ballantyne if anyone might have an idea where this lady is let me know ,cheers


  21. andrew ballantyne Says:


    I am from the family connection in the Caribbean. I was born in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. Son of Bertie Ballantyne and Ianthe Pilgrim. My dad, had roots in St Vincent.

    • Alicia Says:

      Hi Andrew I’m Alicia ballantine also from Trinidad my great grandfather was William Ballantine married father of Thelma Ballantine. My g/grandfather also had roots in St. Vincent but I see that we spell our name with a slight difference don’t know if that’s a big thing

      • Damien Jackson Says:

        Hi Alicia,
        My name is Damien Jackson and my grandmother Mary Ballantyne is from St. Vincent. My great grandfather was Benjamin Ballantyne, I am trying to find information on my great great grandfather. where you able to find out anything about your Vincentian roots?

  22. Ewen Dunn Says:

    Fascinating. My paternal Grandmother was Catherine Norman Ballantyne, born 16.05.1871.She married James Bow Dunn, an Edinburgh Architect and a member of the Scottish Royal Academy. I have a documented family tree relating to William Balantin 1650; (alternative spellings being: Ballantin; Bellandin; Ballantine; Ballintine & Balandin). He is descibed as being a “Weaver of Galashields” and had six children each with a variation on the surname corresponding to those listed above. The Normans referred to in my Grandmothers’ maiden name came from Jamaica.

    • Ballantyne Says:

      Ah would that be Alice King by any chance? John King Ballantyne who was Catherine Norman’s brother of Stoneyhill, Walkerburn…..and you must have a copy of cousin John’s family tree!!!!! As far as I am aware they didn’t have any children in Jamaica but the house Stoneyhill in Walkerburn was built by John King and named after the plantation of Stoneyhill which is a smart suburb of Kingston Catherine Norman Ballantyne was a sister of my great great grandfather..

      • Jo Says:

        I am looking at the family tree of Alice King’s brother Alfred Norman King and am interested in the Jamaica part. Do you know anything more about John King of Stoney Hill Jamaica and his antecedents? Or about Anne Catherine Norman (possibly called Kate), his wife? And how her parents, William Norman and Eliza Browne ended up in Jamaica? Many thanks!

      • Christine Ballantyne Says:

        John King Ballantyne and Alice King are the great great grandparents of my husband, Robert Ballantyne. If we could have a copy of the family tree we would be most grateful. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  23. Ewen Dunn Says:

    Ref earlier message. Sorry for the error. The Norman connection came from Somerset (England, West Country). John Norman was vicar of Bridgwater at the time of Cromwell. In early 1800s William Norman married Eliza, (nee Browne) widow of James Hall of Jamaica. Their daughter Anne b.1817 married John King of Stoney Hill, Jamaica in 1837. One of the family houses in Walkerburn Peebles bears that name to this day

  24. Laura Says:

    I don’t know if anyone can help me but I’m looking for more information on my family tree. My great-great grandfathers name was John Clark Ballantyne. So far I have found out that he was married to annie Robins Lorimer and he was born around 1885. If anyone could give me an idea of where to start looking this would be greatly appreciated.

    • Shaun Says:

      Gidday Laura are you still interested in your family connections. Appreciate some time has passed since your post was put up?

  25. Sophia Ballantyne Says:

    I am a Ballantyne,I grew up in the Scottish Borders. Originally our family came from a small settlement between Hawick and Selkirk – or as my grandfather used to say, “We were Watty’s men before Watty was a Duke” ( reference to the Dukes of Buccleuch) While I was interested to read about your version of the name, we have always believed that this comes directly from the gaelic, Baille ( a farmer)-an- (in the or of the)deadhain (valley, fertile ground. As far as I know up until the 16th centuary, agriculture was the family buisiness until the 17th centuary when William became a weaver in Galashiels and his decendant, Henry founded a mill which was the beginnings of Henry Ballantyne and Sons – in the 20th centuary – branching outinto hosiery with the famous Ballantyne’s cashmere being made in the neighbouring village of Innerleithen.

    • gary moon Says:

      Hi: I believe Henry’s son/brother Robert William Ballantyne b. 1818 married to Agness Forrest b 1816 Scotland, came to Perth County, Ontario and have a fully documented history over here. I can provide some additional information, and I know of one living decendent in her 90’s. gary

  26. William Ballantyne McEwen Says:

    My name is William McDonald Ballantyne McEwen,originally from Blackburn West Lothian, my grandfather had a petrol station in the village until the early eighties, it was known as Ballantynes Garage, and was popular with motorcycle riders as the old boy had a shed full of rare parts, they needed when fixing up vintage bikes, Wull as he was known died in 1977, as did my grandmother Mary Coulson from The Glen village Falkirk, I still live in the West Lothian area my mother and father still stay in Blackburn next to where the Garage stood

  27. Amanda Says:

    Hi everyone

    My name is Amanda Ballantyne, i live in Invercargill New Zealand. My Grandfather Cyril George Ballantyne was born 17th August 1924 in Cromwell, Central Otago New Zealand. His father was William Henry Ballantyne born 16th January 1888 (wanaka?) Central Otago New Zealand. My grandad is the eldest of 4 sons, he is followed by Maurice Munro, Eric & Colin Lawrence.
    My great Grandmothers name was Williamena (nee Munro)
    My father Trevor Allan Ballantyne 10th March 1952 said he believes his great grandfather came from Selkirk in Scotland.
    I am going to do some more investigating on the names and d.o.b’s of g/g grandparents etc as i would love to know more of when the first of our line came across to New Zealand. Any help would be appreciated.

  28. Gayle Says:

    Does anyone have information about my great-grandparent’s, John Crosbie Bannatyne, born in Glasgow, Scotland and Mary Ann Bannatyne formerly Reid who was born in Tokomiriro,Otago, New Zealand. They married on 18th October 1882 in Tokomairiro New Zealand. They may have resided in Waihola, Otago NZ.

    • Kevin Weatherall Says:

      1 Daniel Bannatyne b. c1831 Scotland
      d. 22 Feb 1898 67y
      m.1. bu Dunedin Nth cem Blk9 plot 17
      Mary Anne b. c 1829 Scotland
      Arrived NZ 1862 residence Waihola d. 07 Jun 1876 Dunedin
      bu Dunedin Nth cem Blk 177 plot 1
      m.2 1879/2158
      Christina McAllister b. 1835
      d. 1905 #7383 70Y
      Children bu Dun Nth cem Blk9 plot 17
      11 John Crosbie Bannatyne b. bf1861 Glasgow Scotland
      m. 18 Oct 1882 Tokomairiro Presbyterian Church d. 11 Jul 1893 #4957 37Y
      bu Dunedin Nth cem Blk9 plot 17
      Mary Ann Reid b. c1855 Tokomairiro
      They may have resided in Waihola, Otago NZ. d. ? 1929 #13286 74Y
      Lived Union St Milton Sth Otago [Jan 1889]
      111 Daniel Crosbie Bannatyne occ Clerk b. 30 Jan 1883 #4907 NZ
      m. 1909 #1446 d. 03 Dec 1958 #30642 75Y bu Dun
      Agnes Williams b. c1884 NZ
      Children res 1958&1962 98 Carroll St Dunedin d. 28 May 1962 #24590 78Y
      bu Dunedin Nth Blk 225 plot 77
      1111 Olive Lilla Crosbie Bannatyne b. 25 Dec 1909 #6187
      Res 1997 1 Henderson St Dunedin d. 21 Aug 1997 #51183 DPH
      bu Dunedin Nth Blk 225 plot 77

      1112 John Crosbie Bannatyne b. 12 Jun 1911 #23400 m. 1938 #07825 d. 1991 #43122
      Eileen Louden b. 21 Mar 1910
      d. 2001 #6239

      112 Mabel Jessie Lizzie Bannatyne b. 1884 #18773
      m. ? 1908 #6115
      James Dann Bellamy

      2 Alexander Bannatyne occ farmer b. c1830
      Res 1902& 1957 Waikouaiti d. 16 Nov 1902 #2206 72Y
      m. 1889/790 bu Hawksbury Cem Blk 10 Plot 5
      Ellen Alpine Park b. c1859 NZ
      Children d. 1938 #29342 79Y
      21 Ellen Bannatyne (single) b. 1889 #6678
      d. 1957 #34944 68Y
      22 Betty Bannatyne (Single) b. 1891 #15722
      d. 110 Sep 1967 #28741 76Y
      23 Alexander Bannatyne b. 1894 #7074
      d. 23 Jun 1960 #24276 66Y
      24 Neil Bannatyne b. 1897 #11321
      d. 25 Jul 1969 #32558 73Y
      25 Walter James Bannatyne b. 1901 #6410
      d. 1917 16y11mth bu Hawksbury

      3 William Lang Bannatyne occ Engineer b. c1828 Scotland
      Res 1918 4 Royal terrace Dunedin d. 01 Jul 1918
      d. 01 Jul 1918 Dunedin
      m. bu AB Dunedin Blk 51 Plot 58
      Mary b. c1838 Scotland
      d. 01 Oct 1918 Dunedin
      Children bu AB Dunedin Blk 51 Plot 58
      31 John Gibson Bannatyne b. 1859 Tasmania Australia
      bu Dun Sth Cem Blk 33 Plot 3 d. 01 Aug 1869 10y 4mth Dunedin

      31 James Gibson Bannatyne b. 1873 #26395
      d. 1954 #26109 82Y

      32 Gibson Bannatyne b. 1874
      bu Dun Sth Cem Blk 33 Plot 3 d. 02 Aug 1875 1y bu Dn Sth cem

      32 Mary Gibson Bannatyne b. 1877 #13653
      d. 15 Jun 1957 #25467 79Y

      *1889/790 Alexander Bannatyne Ellen Park
      1908/2460 Alexander Bannatyne Janet Couper
      *1879/2158 Daniel Bannatyne Christina McAllister
      1909/6724 Daniel Crosbie Bannatyne Agnes Williams
      1883/3532 Donald Bannatyne Agnes Baird Durie
      1916/6515 Donald Brook Bannatyne Olive Cooper Stemp
      1905/3508 George Lang Bannatyne Marjory Robertson
      1927/8160 George Lang Bannatyne Mildred Estelle Hayward
      1904/3927 James Gibson Bannatyne Adelaide Obery
      1877/660 Jessie Barbara Bannatyne Frank Hart Guinness
      1870/6501 John Bannatyne Marianne Ross
      1877/1536 John Bannatyne Emily Mary Pulham
      *1882/3417 John Crosbie Bannatyne Mary Ann Reid
      1926/11282 John McKinnon Bannatyne Margaret Halcrow
      1908/7522 Mabel Bannatyne James Dann Bellamy
      1892/2336 Mary Ann Nancy Bannatyne George John Reid
      1912/6785 Neil Cuthbert Bannatyne Jean Liston Mennie
      1856/1340 William McLeod Bannatyne Jane Emily Baker

      BANNATYNE John Crosbie full ag 18-Oct 1882 REID Mary Ann full age

      1868 #586 Bannatyne George Lang
      1869 #795 Bannatyne Mary Ann Nancy
      *1889 #6678 Bannatyne Ellen Ellen Alexander
      *1891 #15722 Bannatyne Betty Ellen Alexander
      *1894 #7074 Bannatyne Alexander Ellen Alexander
      *1897 #11321 Bannatyne Neil Ellen Alexander
      *1901 #6410 Bannatyne Walter James Ellen Alexander
      *1910 #6187 Bannatyne Olive Lilla Crosbie Agnes Daniel Crosbie
      *1911 #23400 Bannatyne John Crosbie Agnes Daniel Crosbie
      1906 #22999 Bannatyne William Gibson Marjory George Lang
      1908 #1970 Bannatyne Marjory Marjory George Lang
      1909 #20394 Bannatyne John Robertson Marjory George Lang
      1908 #21414 Bannatyne Marion Miller Catherine James
      1904 #20859 Bannatyne James Ronald Adelaide James Gibson
      1908 #9193 Bannatyne Adelaide Obery Adelaide James Gibson
      1911 #4321 Bannatyne Maisie Adelaide James Gibson
      1879 #351 Bannatyne Alexander Cuthbert Emily Mary John
      1881 #15793 Bannatyne Henry Pulham Emily Mary John
      1882 #13676 Bannatyne Charles Ebenezer Emily Mary John
      1885 #16297 Bannatyne Elizabeth Bertha Emily Mary John
      1887 #14770 Bannatyne John Arran Emily Mary John
      1887 #14771 Bannatyne Alexander Victor Emily Mary John
      1887 #14772 Bannatyne Neil Cuthbert Emily Mary John
      1888 #11118 Bannatyne Donald Brook Emily Mary John
      1890 #9061 Bannatyne Emily Marion Emily Mary John
      1883 #4907 Bannatyne Daniel Crosbie Mary Ann John Crosbie
      1884 #18773 Bannatyne Mabel Jessie Lizzie Mary Ann John Crosbie
      *1873 #26395 Bannatyne James Gibson Mary William Lang
      *1877 #13653 Bannatyne Mary Gibson Mary William Lang

      1941 #21092 Bannatyne Adelaide 64Y
      *1962 #24590 Bannatyne Agnes 78Y
      1917 #2067 Bannatyne Alex 6H
      *1902 #2206 Bannatyne Alexander 72Y 1830
      1928 #1556 Bannatyne Alexander 52Y 1876
      *1960 #24276 Bannatyne Alexander 66Y 1894
      1884 #5559 Bannatyne Alexander Cuthbert 5Y
      1944 #23352 Bannatyne Alexander Victor 56Y
      *1967 #28741 Bannatyne Betty 76Y
      1918 #19343 Bannatyne Charles Ebenezer NR
      *1905 #7383 Bannatyne Christina 70Y
      1898 #1066 Bannatyne Daniel 67Y
      *1958 #30642 Bannatyne Daniel Crosbie 75Y
      1970 #30827 Bannatyne Donald Brook 81Y
      *2001 #6239 Bannatyne Eileen Louden 21 Mar 1910
      1913 #573 Bannatyne Elizabeth Bertha 27Y
      *1957 #34944 Bannatyne Ellen 68Y
      *1938 #29342 Bannatyne Ellen Alpine 79Y
      1981 #34444 Bannatyne Emily Marion 24 Aug 1890
      1953 #25520 Bannatyne Emily Mary 96Y
      1947 #29921 Bannatyne George Lang 78Y
      1875 #4824 Bannatyne Gibson 1Y
      1897 #2051 Bannatyne Henry Pulham 17Y
      1995 #39559 Bannatyne Ina Sarah Jean 13-Jul-27
      1866 #100 Bannatyne James NR
      1899 #3700 Bannatyne James 55Y
      *1954 #26109 Bannatyne James Gibson 82Y
      1971 #27171 Bannatyne Janet 91Y
      1917 #2066 Bannatyne Jean 16H
      1954 #21134 Bannatyne Jean Liston 65Y
      1893 #2212 Bannatyne John 47Y
      1965 #45499 Bannatyne John Arran 78Y
      *1893 #4957 Bannatyne John Crosbie 37Y
      *1991 #43122 Bannatyne John Crosbie 12-Jun-11
      1869 #113 Bannatyne John Gibson NR
      1981 #34971 Bannatyne John Robertson 18-May-09
      1962 #30978 Bannatyne John William Robert 13Y
      1871 #155 Bannatyne Leonora NR
      1998 #12644 Bannatyne Margaret Hope 22-Nov-10
      1923 #10086 Bannatyne Marjory 47Y
      1985 #53290 Bannatyne Marjory 25-Jan-08
      1918 #14727 Bannatyne Mary 80Y 1838
      *1929 #13286 Bannatyne Mary 74Y 1855
      *1957 #25467 Bannatyne Mary Gibson 79Y 1877
      2010 #9328 Hall Mary Hamilton 12 Apr 1918
      1953 #30055 Bannatyne Mildred Estelle 72Y
      *1969 #32558 Bannatyne Neil 73Y 1897
      1971 #32462 Bannatyne Neil Alexander 56Y
      1966 #35630 Bannatyne Neil Cuthbert 79Y
      1972 #29126 Bannatyne Noeline Ann 64Y
      1999 #14171 Bannatyne Norma Doreen 15 Mar 1912
      1961 #29348 Bannatyne Olive Cooper 65Y
      *1997 #51183 Bannatyne Olive Lilla Crosbie 25 Dec 1909
      1986 #32847 Bannatyne Robert George 2 Nov 1912
      1944 #30839 Bannatyne William James 82Y
      1918 #6554 Bannatyne William Lang 90Y
      2000 #8107 Parr Winifred Rae 7 Jun 1920

      Bruce Herald, Volume IX, Issue 810, 9 June 1876, Page 4
      DEATH. Bannatyne.— On the 7th June, at her residence, Waihola, Marianne, the beloved wife of D. Bannatyne, late of Dunedin aged 47 years.

      Bruce Herald, Volume XIV, Issue 1326, 15 July 1881, Page 2
      NOTICE is Hereby Given that all Rates due to the Waihola Road Board not paid on or before the 10th August will be sued for.
      JOHN C. BANNATYNE, Clerk to Board.

      Bruce Herald , Issue 1745, 30 April 1886, Page 3
      There was a fair attendance at the annual meeting. Mr J. C. Bannatyne presided.
      The annual report of Committee was read and adopted.
      The following gentlemen were nominated for the new Committee, and a ballot being taken, the first seven were declared duly elected
      J. C. Bannatyne 53 J. Borthwick 40 C. E. Morgan 37 M’Gillivray 35
      W.Smith 35 Jas. Smith 34 T. Hughan 33 Adam 32
      Crane 25 J. W. Wilson 11

      Bruce Herald, Volume XVII, Issue 1769, 23 July 1886, Page 3
      On Monday evening last, Mr J. C. Bannatyne was entertained at a farewell banquet at Lake Hotel, Waihola, where over forty gentlemen sat down to a table loaded with the good things of this world. Mr Thomas Hughan occupied the chair, and Mr James Mackay the vice- chair.
      The usual loyal toasts having been proposed and duly responded to, Mr Mackay proposed The Army, Navy, and Volunteers, coupled with the name of Volunteer Bastings, who, in responding, said the volunteers of New., Zealand would, should the time come when their services were required, prove themselves men of the right sort.
      The Chairman then proposed The Guest of the Evening. He said that himself as well as most of those present had known Mr Bannatyne for the last sixteen years, and when his eyes glanced round the room and saw so many gentlemen present, who were there like himself to do honor to their guest, it was he felt sure a proof of the high esteem in which Mr Bannatyne was held in the district. He trusted Mr Bannatyne would be as successful in making and keeping friends in the district he was moving to as he had been at Waihola. He did not think there was a man in Waihola who, if he left the township, would be so much missed as Mr Bannatyne will be. In conclusion, the Chairman finished his speech with wishing Mr Bannatyne, his wife and family, every possible success in his new venture.
      Mr Bannatyne, in responding, said that none but the recipients of such honors as those accorded to him could realise the profound emotions of the victim. He was not at any time remarkable for eloquence, but on that particular occasion pleasurable emotion stopped the flow of his thoughts, and choked his utterance. Referring to his many years experience as a Waihola resident, Mr Bannatyne said that whether in business, or in the several official positions he had occupied, he had met with universal and invariable courtesy and consideration. Though removing from Waihola, he would still be a not distant neighbour, and without doubt he and they would frequently be brought into contact, and he trusted that in the future, as in the past, he would still deserve their kindly regard and good wishes. Mr Bannatyne concluded by thanking the company for such a splendid voluntary expression of their good feeling, and resumed his seat amid applause, and the strains of For he’s a jolly good fellow.” Mr M’Kay proposed “The Agricultural and Pastoral Interests,” which was responded to by Mr Fitzsimmons. Mr M’Kegg proposed “The Ladies,” in a very humorous speech. Responded to by Mr Crane. Mr Morgan proposed “The Press,” and the Chairman responded. Mr Morgan proposed Our Hostess, Mrs Bastings.” Mr Fred. Bastings responded on behalf of the lady, his sister-in-law. Mr Williamson proposed a vote of thanks to the chair and vice chair. Each gentleman responded.
      The evening, which was a most enjoyable one, was brought to a close about 11 o’clock by all present singing “Auld Lang Syne.” Many capital songs were sung during the evening, Mr F. Bastings’ song ”The Blue Tail Fly producing roars of laughter.

      Bruce Herald, Volume XXII, Issue 2263, 8 May 1891, Page 1
      (Corner of Hanover and Leith-streets), DUNEDIN.
      John. C. Bannatyne Proprietor.
      J.C. B. begs to announce to his friends in Milton and surrounding Districts that he has leased the above well-known Hostelry, and trusts by strict attention to the wants of the travelling public, combined with moderate charges, to merit a fair share of their patronage.
      Luncheon from 11 to 2 o’clock p.m. Wines, spirits, and Ales of the best brands only.
      Within eight minutes walk of the Railway Station

      Bruce Herald, Volume IX, Issue 809, 6 June 1876, Page 5
      The pretty little township of Waihola is rapidly increasing in size and importance. Not long ago a local police station was found to be a necessity, and now the inhabitants of the village find that they cannot do without a local butcher. Formerly they were dependent upon Greytown, Outram, and Dunedin for the supplies of meat, but lately Mr J. C. Bannatyne has commenced business as a butcher in connection with his other occupations

      Bruce Herald, Volume XXII, Issue 2280, 7 July 1891, Page 3
      We regret to hear that Mr Bannatyne, of Waihola, broke his arm yesterday. No particulars are to hand, but as he was known to be blasting stumps with dynamite it is probable the accident was connected with that occupation.

      Otago Daily Times , Issue 3489, 12 April 1873, Page 2
      BIRTH. On the 6th April, at Canongate street, Dunedin, Mrs W. L. Bannatyne, of a son

      Otago Daily Times , Issue 4464, 9 June 1876, Page 2
      DEATH. On the 7th June, at her residence, Waihola, Marianne, the beloved wife of D. Bannatyne, late of Dunedin aged 47 years.

      Otago Daily Times , Issue 2126, 27 November 1868, Page 2
      BIRTHS. On the 25th November, at Canongate street, Dunedin, Mrs Wm. L. Bannatyne, of a son.

      Otago Daily Times , Issue 9787, 11 July 1893, Page 2
      DEATHS. Bannatyne.—On the 10th July, at his residence, Globe Hotel, Princes street, Dunedin, John Crosbie Bannatyne; aged 37 years.

  29. Duncan Phillips Says:

    Greeting from Northern Alberta, Canada. I am a grandson of Charles and Jenny Ballantyne of Innerleithen, Scotland.It’s great to know that my family was once rich! ha ha All the best.
    What can you tell me about Charles and Jenny’s parents etc.,

  30. Adrian Ballantyne Says:

    Hi all.
    I have just tried to find out more info about my ame and found this site, My farthers name is gordon, my grandad was named james and my gran was named ruby. I think they are originaly from glasgow although moved to stoke on trent. My dads brother is named jim and he is living in australia with his wife linda, and there kids scott and louise. I was looking into the different coat of arms andclan badges, I was wondering which one my name represents?

  31. Adrian Ballantyne Says:

    Hi again,
    Could someone please tell me what crest resembles the Ballantyne name is it the griffin in green and gold holding a sword up right?

  32. kendall ballentine Says:

    i’ve only the names of my grandparents and for as much as i ken i may alternatively be of clan stuart or campbell.

    my grandfather is Buck Ballentine
    my grandmother is Edith Wilson

    any help would be greatly appreceated.

    sincerely confused,
    K. B. B.

  33. Brenda Says:

    I too, have the name ballantyne/ballantin/ballentine name in my ancestry. my gr-gr-grandmother was ann ballantyne young. her parents were david ballantyne, born abt 1803, born in scotland and dorothy pearson. they moved to durham, england. ann married james young and the family moved to the united states-Ohio in 1868. also anns brothers alexander and david immigrated also.
    i have been told by a ballentine relative that anns grandfather was known as “lord ballantyne”.
    hope to find out more information on this development.
    more msyteries to solve

    • Barb Says:

      Has there been any follow-up on this post since 2011? I also have Ballantines in my direct line, born about 1800, who were supposed to be the children of a ‘Lord Ballentine,’ originallyfrom Scotland. The children that I know of were born in County Tryone, Ireland. Apparently he had a large family and I only know of 4 of them – the ones that moved to Canada. The oldest son, name unknown, apparently inherited all the land and the title, and the rest of the children were on their own. At least 3 daughters, and also a son John, moved to Ontario, Canada in the mid 1800’s. The girls were Jane Ballantine Kyle, Elizabeth Ballantyne Nixon and Mary Ballantine Atkinson.

  34. John Grieve Says:

    Hello, my name is John Grieve from the Boston Area, My grt grt Granfater was walter Ballantyne, head of Boston city council, born in Harwick Scottland in 1855, head of Clan Ramsey and had a daughter Elisabeth rhat Married Thomas Grieve from Ireland.
    Walters father was John, I have some info and documents from his time in office but any other info would be grand.

    • Michael J. Archbold Says:

      Hi John. I have details and some photos of your ancestors from Walter Ballantyne (1855) to yourself (1964). If you give me your email address I will gladly send these to you. My address is I look forward to hearing from you. Oh I notice you wrote that Elizabeth married Thomas Grieve from Ireland. He was born 25 January 1875 in Kensington, London son of Scottish parents John Anderson Grieve and Elizabeth Henderson Beveridge.

  35. Susan Ballantyne Says:

    Hii there, my surname is a Ballantyne. I do not know much about this side of the family.

    My Grandad’s name is Thomas Ballantyne
    My Gran’s name is Jean Ballantyne with maiden name meldrum.

    They have two kids, John Ballantyne (Known as Ian to everyone)
    and my mum Tracey Ballantyne.

    We live in Fife Scotland, and have done for many years.

    If anyone out there know’s my family please feel free to reply.


  36. gavin J. Ballantine Says:

    Hi, I am Gavin Ballantine from Paeroa New Zealand. Trying to work out a bit of history.Appears that aThomas Ballanten(?) 1770-to between 1841-1851,married Jean Park, 9.6.1772-21.11.1867, early 1790’s in Parish of Hamilton, Lanarkshire, had at least 9 children then we can work it down to us.A Peter Park Ballantine also features earlier than that. There is the Hamilton Old Parish Church of Scotland, which has a stained window erected by some Ballantines,check I have seen it in 2009 also relates to ‘Covenanters”-Spelling?. Interested to catch up if we have a connection.

  37. francee Says:

    My grandfather was James Ballantyne from Motherwell Scotland and my grandmother was Evan Sandord Jenkins from Swansea Wales. Any help to trace Family in Scotland? Francee Ballantyne-Mateus

  38. Colin Hutchison Says:

    I have just found this website (July 20th) and the first reaction I have is …what? I always thought Ballantyne derived from Gaelic; Ballie – na – Tyne meaning town on the river narrows. My Grandmother was a Ballantyne from Peebles so I have a personal interest.

  39. Looking for any info on a James Ballantyne, who is supposed to be my grandfather, who apparently married a lady named Anita- (a Native lady,). All i know is at some point james ended up in canada and james and anita his wife had a child in feb 20, 1941, in canada, Named Benedict james ballantyne , any info you may have would be Greatly appreciated thank you

  40. maryanne (maz) ballantyne Says:

    hi- my family great grandfather (james? ballantyne) emigated from orkney islands to new zealand in the 1920’s? he died around 1945 on his return trip from the orkney islands after visiting his elderly parents there. he was survived by his wife margaret? and his son james, and daughters mary and anne.
    any information regarding his orkney family/escendants would be much appreciated. regards- maryanne (maz*) ballantyne.

  41. carl ballantyne jr. Says:

    I am carl ballantyne jr.I live in long beach california just trying to find relatives from other countries please respond if you know or heard anything about my living relatives thank you carl ballantyne jr.

  42. Kathryn Says:

    I am currently trying to research my Husbands family tree; Ballantine from Jamaica. Any information on Ballantine’s from Jamaica would be greatly appreciated!

  43. Leslie Bails Says:

    I am descended from Agnes Ballantyne b. 1768 Portadown, Armagh, Ireland. She married Andrew Orr in 1790 Coris, Armagh, Ireland. After Andrew died in 1829, Agnes and most of her 10 grown & married children immigrated to St. Sylvestre, Quebec, Canada. Her daughter, Mary Orr, b. 1805 Kilmore, Armagh, Ireland married John M. Ferguson b. 19 Feb 1795 Westfield, Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland. They had 11 children, including John Ferguson b. 24 Jun 1834 St. Guiles, Quebec, Canada who immigrated to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, USA in 1855. He became a successful lumber merchant. He married 19 Nov 1861 in Allen County, Indiana, USA Eliza Allen King b. 1 Jun 1837 St. Sylvestre, Quebec, Canada. They raised 5 children and both died in 1917. They are buried in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, USA. Does anyone have information on Ballantynes from Northern Ireland? Could they have been removed from Scotland in the many wars of the 1600’s?

    • Lynn Ayres Says:

      Hi Leslie, I too descend from Andrew and Agnes, through their son James who was married to Elizabeth Parke Rainey. And I too have been looking for info. You say daughter Mary married John Ferguson in Scotland? And that’s definite? Would you by chance have a copy of the marriage registration? Have you read that handwritten letter re the Orrs, with info also about Agnes that’s on family trees on Ancestry? I have no doubt the letter is authentic as there is info about Agnes’ great grand-daughter, my g grandmother, that no one but family would know. That clinched it for me. Anyway, I’ve spent countless hours researching and while I have nothing specific about Agnes in Scotland I have many theories and would love to discuss them with you. I live in Ontario, Canada by the way but was born and raised in Quebec.

      • Leslie Bails Says:

        John M. Ferguson b. 19 Feb 1795 married Mary Orr b. Jun 1805 on 26 Mar 1832 at the Anglican Cathedral Holy Trinity Church, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. I have an image of the marriage record but didn’t record the source.

        The following is my reading of the image: “Ferguson married to Orr
        John Ferguson, of the Parish of St. Sylvester, in the Seigniory of St. Giles, District of Quebec, Farmer, widower, was married, by license, to Mary Orr, of the same place, Spinster, this twenty sixth day of March, in the year of Our Lord, one thousand eight hundred thirty two.
        By me J. Brown Ajutant ?? Minister
        Contracting Parties John Ferguson Mary Orr her X mark
        Present John Orr brother Thomas Ferguson John Bridget”

        Please post your theories about Agnes Ballantyne Orr here so others can benefit from what you have learned.

  44. S Ballantyne Says:

    HI Gary

    We have just moved from the North West of England to the South East – all a bit chaotic – but I will get back to you in the new year when I can dig out the family tree!!!

    Wishing you a happy holiday season

  45. Victoria Says:

    My great great grandmothers name was Margaret Ballantyne, she was married to William Peterman, born in Germany in about 1855 and died before 1922. they resided in Galt, Cambridge, Ontario till death. Her parents were Robert Ballantyne of Scotland, UK and Dixon or Dickson Rodgers. Does anyone have any information regarding these names, and residence in Scotland it would be much appreciated.

    • Julie Says:

      Victoria… I am looking for the same information… any luck yet? I am the daughter of Arline Peterman, daugter of Archie, son of Russell William, son of William and Margaret…


      • Victoria Jones Says:

        Julie, How old would Arline be now? She is Archies? daughter? I have heard mention of an Archie from my mother but she is not sure where he resided was it Galt as well?

      • Julie Says:

        Arline is Archie’s oldest daughter born August 17, 1937. Archie did reside in Galt until he retired to Lion’s Head, On. He was born on Dec 25, 1905 and passed away in Wiarton. Arline now resides in Lion’s head.

    • Steve Says:

      My great great grandmother is also Margaret Ballantyne. My lineage comes down through her daughter Ada Peterman who married Samuel Parkin. I’m also looking up information on Robert and Dixon, finding bits and pieces

      • Vicky Jones Says:

        May I ask whom’s family you descend from ? As Ada is my great grandmother as well.

      • Vicky Says:

        Dickson or Elizabeth Ballantyne was married to Robert Ballantyne, they resided in Beverly, Wentworth, Ontario.

  46. Karen Ballantyne Says:

    To MJ Ballantyne
    Sorry for the late response. Definately a family connection. Do you know Ann and Andrew Russell from Haywood by any chance? I’d love to contact you.

  47. MJ Ballantyne Says:

    Hi, yes I spoke with Ann a few months ago. Ann is my dad’s first cousin. My dad, David Ballantyne, son of John Ballantyne who was married to Mary Tweedie. Ann’s father, my dad’s uncle, was also named David.
    David operated Bughtknowes, one of two family farms, the second being Burnfoot, which was operated by my grandfather, John, who died in 1936 at the age of 33, from kidney failure.
    My father immigrated to Canada in 1951.
    I spoke with Thomas a few months ago as well. Thomas is Ann’s brother and is currently operating Bughtknowes.
    I would love to communicate more directly. Please email me at

  48. MJ Ballantyne Says:

    To Karen:
    Error on previous message. Thomas is Ann’s nephew. Thomas’ father, David, is Ann’s brother. Haha.
    Unfortunately everybody is a David or a Thomas most of the way up the trunk of the tree until Alexander. It tends to get confusing.

  49. kay Says:

    What an interesting site!
    I have been attempting to trace my grandmothers family – to start with I was curious. Although her name was spelt Ballantyne, for some reason I grew up thinking there was a connection with the Ballantine whisky family. I say this because without exception all my aunts and uncles that are still alive remember whisky being sent from Scotland to the family at Christmas! Having traced Ballantine whisky family and my own Ballantyne I can find no connection at all.
    My Ballantyne family come from Beatock/Moffat and I am back to John Ballantine (spelling over the generations seems to vary) b 1740 Moffat and Martha Johnstone b 1744 Moffat.
    Any thoughts from anyone out there??

    • sharon ballantyne Says:

      Merry Christmas to all the Ballantyne’s!!!

    • Michael Archbold Says:

      Hello Kay,
      Although my name is Archbold, my mother was Mary Macnaughton. James Ballintine and Janet Waugh were her Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandparents. Strange as it may seem, I married a Ballantyne but not descended from James.

  50. BABARA H aycock Says:

    My name is barbara haycock from Nelson N.Z.Iam trying to find any living relatives of my mothers father Peter Hardie Ballantyne,who came out to NZ in 1912 on the ship Athenic I can trace my family back to the 1600s by him and, he lived in Motherwell Lanarkshire he was a coal miner when was in Scotland and also in Nz.He had a brother Andrew who went to Canada,he was born in1890
    Kind Regards,
    Barbara Haycock.

  51. allyson Says:

    I am adopted. I am trying to find my birth mother, Sharon ELIZABETH BALANTYNE. She lived in Clarkson, Peel, Ontario in 1969. She was 18 years old. She named me Allan Gerald Ballantyne. Born June 26 1969 at Branson Hospital, North York Ontario Canada. If ANYONE has info on this person please contact


  52. leslie julius Says:

    Hi all. I’m am trying to find out more information on my family. All I know is that my grandfathers name was Robert “Bob” Ballentyne. He was a seaman based between the uk and south africa. He worked for SAF marine and he had a brother who also worked on a ship and was murderred at sea. I also know he had a close friend by the name of Anthony Tucker aka Papa Sito. The last information I had on my grandfather is that he died in england. Thanks Candice

  53. Alex Says:

    My faimily all come from Jamaica, but my nan and grandad moved to the UK when they were youger. My grandad spelt his name Ballintine and his brother spelt it Ballentine, I am also aware of family in America.

  54. juliabbb Says:

    Hello fellow Ballantynes!
    I can trace my Ballantyne side all the way to the late 1700s in Perth. Andrew Ballantyne came over to the State in 1800 with his wife, Agnes Smart. They settled in Orange County, West Virginia and from there the family moved to Ohio in the mid-1800s. My grandfather, Philip Ballantyne, moved to Michigan in the late 1960s where many of us remain to this day. I’m looking for any relatives still in Scotland who live around that area for more information. Thanks!

    • Lynn Ayres Says:

      Can’t give you any info re the Scottish Ballantynes but this is interesting. I descend from an Agnes Ballantyne (married to Andrew Orr). I believe she was born in Scotland but lived in Armagh, Ire before emigrating to Quebec, ca 1829. There’s an old family letter which states that two of Agnes’ brothers emigrated to Ohio ca 1800. The letter was written probably in the late 1800s/early 1900s so the date of arrival in Ohio is certainly open. But the fact remains that two of brothers settled in the U.S. and Ohio was mentioned. Any relationship to your Andrew? Not sure but wonder if your Andrew was related to my Agnes’ brothers or even one of them.

  55. Murray Dawson Says:

    Does anyone have any information on a Ballantyne who left Scotland for the eastern Cape in South Africa sometime before the Boer war. His son Robert Allan Ballantyne is my grandfather. His father died when robert was 12 and being the oldest son he had to support the family. I can remember him telling me he was a dispatch rider for the English during the Boer war at the age of 12 and assume his father must have been an adult when he left Scotland.

    • Léne Says:

      My grandfather was Saul Ballantyne, born Cape Town {Saldhana Bay?) probably around 1900 That’s as far back as I’ve ever been able to get! Could there be a link there?

  56. Alison Smith Says:

    I have an Annie Waterston Ballantyne born 20 Sep 1883, died 2 May 1967 in Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

    • Léne Says:

      My grandfather was Saul Ballantyne, born Cape Town {Saldhana Bay?) probably around 1900 That’s as far back as I’ve ever been able to get! Could there be a link there?

  57. Sheena Loosmore Says:

    Hi Ken,
    It sounds as though we are from the same branch of Ballantynes. I have made contact with the US Ballantynes descended from Thomas, son of Thomas, son of Gilbert and we are trying to compile family data. We should get in touch.

    Sheena Loosmore

  58. Lewis Ballantyne Says:

    Hi my name is Lewis Ballantyne fro Rotorua New Zealand.
    My dad and grandad both share the named Dennis Ballantyne. I don’t know much about the family so if anybody knows them please reply.

  59. David Ballantyne Says:

    I have a lot of information researched by my father regarding Ballantyne’s from the Ochill Hills just south of Forgandenny in Perthshire.They lived there throught the 1700s and into the 1800s before moving into Partick, Lanarkshire (west end of Glasgow) where they met up with the Whytes who were from the area between Crieff and Dunblane. There are Crichton’s (Chrighton’s), Jeffrey’s, and Anderson’s in the mix too.

    Other names from the Ochills are Sunyeor, Bennet, Niven, Marshall, Stewart

    My Great Grandparents were William Ballantyne and Helen Jeffrey. They Lived in Partick from the 1860s to 1890. They had 13 children…

    Isabella (married Andrew McKay)
    William (died young)
    Jane Crichton
    Helen Jeffery (married James Scott)
    Agnes Ballantyne (married Robert Young)
    Archibald J (died young)
    David Jeffrey
    Janet Ballantyne
    Margaret Ballantyne
    Duncan Ballantyne (died young)
    Lily Ballantyne
    Archie Ballantyne (married Elizabeth Whyte) my grandparents
    Jean Ballantyne

    My grandfather was only 5 when his parents died so we have lost touch with most of his siblings.

    Romour has it that someone went to Australia.

    If this sounds like you could be related to my side of the Ballantynes I’d like to hear from you.

    David Ballantyne – Alberta, Canada

  60. Carrie Tash Says:

    This is a very cool site. I am the grandaughter of Lenard Bruce Ballantyne born 28,Nov. 1912 in Battlefield/Glasgow to Robert Bruce Ballantyne and Emma Sinclair McMillian. I would love to find out more of my family history.If anyone knows or can tell me more I would love to hear from you. I can also tell you my grandfather had a brother Gordon and he had four children,three boys and one girl Jane.

    • Val Lee Says:

      Just last week I discovered a Robert Howie/Ballantyne in my family. Bruce is his mother’s middle name ( grandmother’s maiden name ).He was born 1877 in Glasgow and his mother was my Ggrandmother’s younger sister. All of his mother’s family live in the Crosshill/Battlefield areas of Glasgow. I think we might be distantly related, if I can help please get in touch

      • Ann Petit Says:


        I have a Helen How/Howie who married Alexander Ballantyne in 1765 from Biggar, Lanarkshire. I’d love to know more about the How/Howie family. Their grandson James Ballantyne b.c. 1820 Biggar immigrated to South Africa (Natal) in 1867. He was married to Janet Smith from Kilmaronock, Dunbartonshire. They had ten children all born in Glasgow.

        If any of this sounds familiar I’d love to share info.

        Ann (now living in Australia)

    • Val Lee Says:

      Don’t know if you are still out there Carrie, but if you are – My GG Aunt was your GrtGrandfather’s mother. Do you have a copy of his BC? There is also an entry in the Poor Relief Records which you might find interesting, it could take you back another two generations.
      Robert Bruce Howie/Ballantyne had a half sister and brother.

  61. sharon ballantyne Says:

    Cool!!! Soo….how did the cree indians from saskatchewan canada get the Ballantyne name??

  62. sharon ballantyne Says:

    I am a Ballantyne fromPrince Albert saskatchewan..canada. A cree first nations…

  63. Marilyn Treloar Says:

    My gg.grandfather was James Ballantyne who was a draper in Adelaide Sth Aust. I think his brothers were John, Thomas & William. John Ballantyne bought Dunstable House in Christchurch NZ. Thomas later emigrated over but died a few months afterwards (as Thomas Anderson Ballantyne). The History of Dunstable House lists Selkirk as John’s origins.

    • Pauleen Swanerton Says:

      Hi Margaret
      I came across this old posting and am chipping away at the tree would love to exchange info with you as my connection is with the first marriage of John Douglas FRANCIS Ballantyne who is my gg-grandfather and his eldest daughter Janet (Jessie) Ballantyne b 1840 m Thomas Swanarton is my g-grandmother

      Ballantyne tree is oh so confusing to say the least at times
      regards Pauleen

  64. Ruth Says:

    My gran was Hilda Wyeth Ballantyne, her father was Henry Ballantyne born 1863, grandfather was Henry Ballantyne born 1834 and g.grandfather was James Ballantyne born c. 1806. Connected to the mills in the borders but as yet not sure how. My gran was born in Alloa then the family moved up to the north east of Scotland where she married my grandad. I think she had a sister who emigrated to Australia. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Thanks, R.

    • James Ballantyne Says:

      Hi to Ballantynes worldwide….
      Agree this is a very interesting thread for any ‘Bal’. Like so many others, I’m in the throws of exploring my ancestry and have got past first base but pre-1820 it can get hazy due to lack of census etc.
      My family were involved in mill work in Blantyre on the Clyde, Alexander Ballantyne/Bannatyne, b.c. 1803 Glasgow m Janet Brown, kids Marion[later Smith], Margaret, Janet, James b 1826[my ancestor], Alexander, Ann and John.
      No Henry though, so which mills were Ruth’s family working at?

    • Damocles Loraine Says:

      I have besides me a book, Found in Forres, Moreyshire, called “Gloriana” by the renowned Lady Florence Dixie. It is inscribed, in what appears to be a young girls hand, Hilda Ballantyne Hill Place Alloa. By the subject matter, and well thumbed condition I am inclined to conclude that your grandmother and friend(s) cared a great deal about votes for women.

      • Ruth Says:

        That must be my gran, she lived in Hill Place. How did you come across the book? Are you related to the Ballantyne family? Thank you so much for replying. Ruth.

      • Ruth Says:

        The weird thing about your reply is that two days ago I was discussing voting with my husband and how strongly I feel that women should vote. Wonder where I get that from!

    • Ann Jensen Says:

      I have a Henry Ballantyne born July 21 1863 in Gala,Selkirk,Sco.t.He was the son of Henry Ballantyne & Margaret Richardson.
      I believe that Henry 1863 married a Emma Gertrude Wyeth,but have no further info.
      Henry 1863 was one of 6 children born to Henry Ballantyne & Margaret Richardson
      Feel free to contact me at…AJJBC at SHAW dot CA…
      I think you can figure that out.
      I am in BC Canada
      Cheers Ann

  65. colin david ballantyne Says:

    am i a part of this clan fathers name john gisborn ballantyne mothers name was glenyas marie ballantyne nee nasmith i think i got the spelling rite .

  66. Julie Says:

    Archi did reside in Galt, then retired to Lion’s Head, Ontario. He passed away in Wiarton… it was Easter… I will find the date. Arline is his daughter. She was born on Aug 17, 1937. She now resides in Lion’s Head in her fathers cabin.

  67. mcamelyne Says:

    Hi all, I am trying to find information on a James Ballantine, b. 1854 in Scotland and emigrated with his wife Jane b. 1855 to New York in 1871. Anyone who can help, I would really appreciate. We have an Ainslie connection if that jogs anyone’s memories. Thanks. – Mike Ballantine

  68. James Ballantyne Says:

    I just found this sight also. We did a geneology lookup last year and prepared some info for my siblings. John Ballantyne married Janet Turnbull and they are my great great great parents. My roots came through Navoo, Illinois and started west through Iowa. My great grandfather settled in the Missouri Valley area near Moorhead. My grandfather then came back to central Iowa and settled in Boone which is where our family has been for 3 generations now. I am having fun looking through these comments.

    • Richard Paul Ballantyne Says:

      Hi James. I am fairly certain that is the path of my side of the Ballantynes, as all the stories were of Navoo, Latter day Saints, reorganized church…… James Carl Ballantyne was my grandfather, married to Inez Adams. I’ve been stuck going any further back, but would like to hear more.

      • Carin Says:

        Richard, the Ballantynes you speak of are mine as well. I live in Texas and have information on their history here after breaking away from Brigham Young’s group.

    • Carin Says:

      James, I am your cousin Carin. John was my 4th great grandfather and I live near one of the Mormon settlements in Texas an hour west of where John was buried. I am looking for information that takes our family further back in Scotland. Do you have anything traced beyond John and Janet? Their daughter, Margaret Jane, is buried 10 minutes from my home.

      • Tom Dell'Ergo Says:

        Hi Carin,

        I too am related to John Ballantyne and Janet Turnbull. Can we exchange family history info?


      • Carin Says:

        Sure Tom, you and I are cousins according to our Ancestry DNA but your history is private. Message me through Ancestry please.

      • Yvonne Says:

        I’ve just come across this site., looking for information about the parents of John Ballantyne. I had no idea there were so many Ballantynes! My great-great grandfather was John Ballantyne, married to Janet Turnbull. It appears that his father was Thomas Ballantyne, born 1760 in Roxburghshire, married to Janet Inglis, born about 1766. I can’t seem to get beyond Thomas. Does anybody have information about the ancestors of either Thomas or Janet?

  69. Ina Smail Says:

    Hello, I have several Ballantynes from the Scottish Borders between 1850 to 1900, Alexanders, Roberts and Andrew. If anyone is interested will add more.

    • James Ballantyne Says:

      Hi, Am interested in an Alexander Ballantyne /Bannatyne b around 1803 m Janet Brown 1819 at Hamilton, worked at Blantyre Mills , last known by me on the 1841 census. No death cert found, Janet widowed by 1851.
      Any clues?

  70. John Ballantyne Says:

    origin of the name is also ascribed to a ‘de Banochie’ ancient family from Normandy. See Blacks “Surnames of Scotland”

    John Ballantyne

  71. Ina Smail Says:

    Reply to James, I have 4 lines of Ballantyne.

    No 1. William born 1836 at Hawick Rox.
    First wife Jennetta, b. 1837-38, second wife Euphemia b.1853.
    ch:Robert, William, Alexander (1869), James, Joseph, Elizabeth, Isabella, Jessie, John, Richard, Annie, Alexander (1891),( this Alex pos. father of Alexander who married Sarah Watson, had a son Alex who died at Flanders in1917).

    No 2.Andrew born1814 at (prob Galashiels Selk.)
    Wife Alison Welsh b.1818
    ch: Alison, Walter, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary, Joan (pos Jean or Jane), Agnes, (this Agnes married to Joseph Watson), (and poss William).

    No 3. William born Langholm Dumfrieshire 1801
    Wife, Elizabeth b.1796
    ch: Walter, William, Alison, Andrew, Alexander, (born 1837),

    No 4. John born Dumfrieshire 1801
    Wife, Jean, born 1801
    ch: Jean, Mary, John, James, William.

    Hope I got this down perfectly as I took them off census records, haven’t got them down onto family sheets yet.
    I think Robert No 2. may be father of William No 1. Will be checking this ASAP.

    There is a definite connection between the 2 Dumfrieshire families.

    My email is have birth dates of all children plus.

    • James Ballantyne Says:

      That’s quite a list,sadly no matches with mine I think. My ancestors seem to reside in Glasgow/Biggar/Hamilton/Blantyre/Carstairs/Douglas areas of Lanarks, later Renfrewshire( Thornliebank/Barrhead)
      Message me here or on Rootsweb if you want to look further.
      There certainly are plenty of us Ballantynes around in W Scotland!

      • Ann Petit Says:

        I have connections to Biggar via Bertram Ballantyne who married Margaret Williamson in 1807. I am more interested in the ancestors as I’m having trouble finding the births of his parents Alexander Ballantyne and Helen How(ie).

  72. Victoria Jones Says:

    Julie, I have a picture my mom would like you to have, could you please send me your email and I will forward it to you, thought you might like to share it with your mom.


  73. James Ballantyne Says:

    Ruth, I have an Alexander Ballantyne b c 1803 working at Blantyre mills on the Clyde m. Janet Brown 1819 children Marion b1821, Margaret b1822, Janet b1824, James b1826, Alexander b1828, Ann b1834, John b1836, maybe a connection with your ancestors’ industrial history?

    • Ruth Says:

      James, there may be a connection here but as far as I can see our side of the family are all in the Borders area. If I find out any connection I’ll let you know. Kind regards, Ruth.

  74. Damocles Loraine Says:

    Another suffragette coincidence is your replying on the 100th anniversary of Emily Davison’s tragic death for the cause at the Epsom Derby. I bought the book, as one of a boxful, at an auction in Forres about twelve years ago. It alone bore your grandmothers name which I googled, leading me to this site. I’m just a book lover with no connection to the Ballantyne family. Should you wish to see the volume in question, which is very rare, there is one just like it on the Internet Archive. I am very glad this link to the past was of interest.

  75. Ruth Says:

    I looked up the book on Wikipedia after your first reply and saw a copy of the book which was owned by a lady who lived in ‘Hill House’, but in Dorset. My gran lived in Forres for many years, latterly at Tailwell. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I’m sure my gran did. Best wishes, Ruth.

  76. James Ballantyne Says:

    Many thanks. Best wishes with your research
    James B

    • Sofie joannides Says:

      Hi guys, my name is Sofie Joannides. My mother Shona Louise is the biological daughter of James Ballantyne. He went back to Scotland for some time and then returned back to Melbourne. He was married to Marion Dawn Downing but divorced soon after. My mother, Shona, was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and is 57 years old. Thank you. S

  77. Ruth Says:

    Looking for the person who is looking for their ggrandfather C George Ballantyne born 1867, whose father – Henry born 1834, grandfather James all Selkirk/Galashiels.

    • Ann Jensen Says:

      I do not think I am who you are looking for as this is my 1st time here…but.
      George Clapperton Ballantyne was born may 13 1867 and died May 26 1940..both in Selkirk,Scot.He was the 5th child and 4th son of Henry Ballantyne & Margaret Richardson.
      George C. Ballantyne married Mary Bell Rae Dec 6 1889.
      Will share & exchange info.
      Contact me at…AJJBC at SHAW dot CA.
      Cheers Ann

  78. Mandy Caroline ballantyne powell Says:

    Hi. I am a descendant of James George ballantyne, he was my great grandfather. his great grandfather is major james george ballantyne. they are all of holy lee estates between inaleithin (not correct spelling) and walkerburn. I’m looking for some family history.
    Many thanks

  79. Victoria Says:

    I have a bit of information regarding the Galt, Ontario Peterman/Ballantyne, as they are also my great great grand parents, whom is your mother or father related to and how?

    • Chez Says:


      I am looking for Lauchlan Ballantyne. He went to Portland South State School in 1966 I have the photo. I was in his class. DO you know him or his whereabouts? He would be about 54 /55 I may have niss spelt name.. Please contact 0407806262. Its about Class reunion March 2014
      Someone call me

  80. I am trying to locate records for Alexander David Ballantyne, born in Scotland in the early 1840s. He emigrated to the United States and married Elizabeth Knoch in Ohio in 1873. He was a coal miner. Their children were James, Raymond, Jennie, Barbara, Mary, Elizabeth and Samuel. Alexander died in Otho, Iowa, in 1902.

  81. Marion Says:

    Hi, my name is Marion. My Great Grandfather was Alexander Ballantyne. He was born on theisland of Luing, just a few miles from Oban. I’ve found a census return from the parish in which he was born, listing his parents and siblings, I think??

    David Ballantine born in Sanquhar, he is listed as a Shepherd
    Agnes Ballantine, his wife, Born in Douglas
    Robert, age 16
    Annie age 14,
    Isabella, age 11,
    David, age 9,
    John, age 6,
    William, age 4,
    Alexander, age 2.

    Alexander was married to a Mary Moore in Paisley in 1892,

    From the census in 1901, Alexander is shown as a dairyman,
    and the children at this point are, David, Kate, Mary, James and Agnes. My Great aunts Lily and Jean are not on this census, so I’m presuming they are not born as yet.

    The census also shows 2 female servants.

    The Ballantine name seems to have changed from the spelling on Luing.

    Does anybody recognise this??? Thanks

  82. Chez Says:


    I am looking for Lauchlan Ballantyne. He went to Portland South State School in 1966 I have the photo. I was in his class. DO you know him or his whereabouts? He would be about 54 /55 I may have niss spelt name.. Please contact 0407806262. Its about Class reunion March 2014
    Someone call me

  83. Lynn Ayres Says:

    Well, my comments will be lengthy. But here goes. I think the link to Scotland is with Agnes Ballantyne. I think she was born there. We know there was much work done on the Orr family years ago by a family researcher (1) who has now passed away. And we also know there is more info around, including a book, that also has lots of info, except that the author used the information from another researcher (2), who has also passed away a few years ago. I don’t know if these two researchers compared notes or one used the info from another but I did find errors. It is not the fault of the author whose book included Orr info naturally…it’s just that the researcher (2) who supplied the info was incorrect.

    As I mentioned, my line of descent is as follows: Andrew Orr and Agnes Ballantyne; their eldest son James who married Elizabeth Parke Rainey; their daughter Mary Orr who married Bartholomew Kelly; and their daughter and my great grandmother Henrietta “Hattie” Kelly who moved to Montreal and married Patrick Keane. And, Elizabeth Parke Rainey is my direct maternal ancestress – unbroken mother-daughter lineage right down to me.

    Re the incorrect info above: I’m not sure if it was researcher #1 or #2 who claimed that my Bartholomew Kelly who married Mary Orr was born in Portadown, Armagh, Ireland but this info is wrong. I found Barth’s baptismal info and that of his siblings, etc. and they were all born in Lauzon, Quebec. It is proven. So the Portadown info is wrong. However, it is also written by one of the same researchers that Agnes Ballantyne was born in Portadown. Well, I have never seen any proof of this and this info could be just as wrong as the info supplied for Bartholomew Kelly. Same regarding Agnes’ marriage to Andrew Orr in Coris. I’ve never seen any documents. Plus the marriage date is 1790 and Agnes’ eldest child was my James, born around 1798. That’s 8 years from marriage to the eldest child which seems a bit long. Of course, there could have been children who died, etc. before James…too many variables. I’m not convinced Agnes married in Coris. Need proof.

    It is also claimed in that same book from info supplied by researcher 2, that Edward Rainey and family including married son John and wife Jane Heron) came to St-Sylvestre in 1838. This is incorrect too. John Rainey’s and Jane Heron’s son George was baptized 1833 in Leeds, Megantic. So that info is incorrect too.

    Back to that handwritten letter that is floating around. I believe this is the letter than researcher #1 received from Agnes Ballantyne’s great granddaughter, in the 1960s. Oops, believe the letter was written in the 1930s or so but he came into possession of it in the 60s. It appears the letter was written by an elderly woman and she refers to my James as great uncle James which would make the author Agnes’ great grandchild and close enough in age to those Orrs and Agnes who first came to Quebec to remember or at least to know of the details. It seems that this letter was written to record all the known details of those earlier Orrs. And I do think it is authentic because (1) it is known that researcher 1 was in possession of such a letter as mentioned in Orr genealogies and (2) the author of the letter would have never known that my great grandmother was nicknamed Hattie and that she had moved to Montreal which is mentioned. All true. And (3) also written in that letter was that my Elizabeth Parke Rainey was related to Daniel Parke of English origin who was born in Virginia about the 1650s. (And to Mungo Parke too, the Scottish explorer?). I found this puzzling to say the least. However, since I am a direct female descendant of Elizabeth, I had my dna tested and my mitochondrial dna does indeed point me in the direction of those English Parkes, surprisingly enough. So that info in the letter seems to be spot on.

    In the letter it is written that Agnes Ballantyne was Scottish (not Ulster Scotch), but specifically Scottish. I take this to mean she had been born in Scotland. And that she was tall (6 ft is mentioned) and very fair. It mentioned that two of Agnes’ brothers emigrated to Ohio around 1800 (no names). But also listed are a few Ballantyne names that I believe to have relevance to Agnes. I don’t think the author of that letter would have just listed just any notable Ballantynes unless they were relevant to Agnes. (It would make no sense otherwise if one was writing about family genealogy.)

    Written but with no further details – (as written exactly in the letter):

    Abbot Ballantyne, Holyrood Abbey, built about 1130

    Sir John Ballantyne, born about 1530, Auchole, Scotland, Justice Clerk (mentioned in Scottish history)

    Patrick, brother of John (mentioned in Scottish history)

    Sir James Ballantyne, friend of Sir W Scott (the author)

    R.M. Ballantyne born 1825 d 1894

    Lord Watson married Margaret Ballantyne in 1868

    Agnes B. born about 1775, died about 1854.


    So who are these people and their relevance to our Agnes Ballantyne?

    Well, Sir James Ballantyne, friend of Sir Walter Scott, was indeed one of the Ballantyne brothers who owned the printing press associated with Walter Scott. Don’t have my files handy but Sir James and his brother Robert were born around the same time as our Agnes, in the 1760s I believe.

    R.M. Ballantyne was an author who moved to Canada and is related to James and Robert Ballantyne (above), a nephew I think – don’t have my files handy.

    Researcher #1 was told that Andrew Orr’s mother was a Watson so I wonder if that Lord Watson who married Margaret Ballantyne was related somehow.

    And the Agnes B that is mentioned…it must be our Agnes Ballantyne.

    So, I think that in some way our Agnes Ballantyne is related to James Ballantyne and and R.M. Ballantyne in some manner..maybe even closely related.

    As for Abbot Ballantyne and the Sir John Ballantyne, born ca 1530 and his brother Patrick…don’t know if we can link them to our Agnes but the fact that they are mentioned in the letter probably has relevance to our Agnes. And probably should do some research into the Margaret Ballantyne who married that Lord Watson in 1868. Could she have been a niece of our Agnes?

    And we all know that families tended to marry into the same families over and over again. The Scottish Parkes, Scotts, Ballantynes and Scotts all intermarried. In doing research re my Elizabeth Parke Rainey, it is thought that her brother Edward was born in Paisley, Scotland. Indeed, another family researcher I have been in contact with has a newspaper clipping of one Edward’s grandchildren who said that her father (Edward’s son) was born in Scotland but moved to N. Ireland as a baby. So it looks like this branch of Raineys (mine) were in Scotland too. And of course, Edward’s sister, my Elizabeth Parke Rainey married James Orr, son of Andrew Orr and Agnes B. so it is possible my Elizabeth was born in Scotland as well (and there’s that Mungo Parke mention in the letter – could she have been related to him? Both were born around the same time.)

    Lots of speculation I know and lots depending on the info in that letter. I do believe Agnes Ballantyne is related to those Ballantynes (James & Robert..Walter Scott) and therefore born in Scotland. And to R.M.Ballantyne too as well as those other Ballantynes mentioned in the letter.

    It has been written that the Orrs in St-Sylvestre were relatively well off in Ireland and that the extended family members were pillars of the communities in Lotbininere and Megantic…so they weren’t paupers for sure. And we also know that “like married like” in those days. They didn’t marry outside of financial/social class. I think Agnes came from a relatively well off, upper middle class or perhaps just middle class family and she married into the Orrs of the same social class. I think the same applied to my Elizabeth Parke Rainey.

    Hope the above makes sense. It’s my theory anyway and I think the clue to Agnes’ origins lies in Scotland with the Ballantyne brothers. I don’t believe she was born in Portadown either. I believe the info in that letter points us in the direction we should follow. I believe the letter to be authentic.

    I also have been in touch with yet another Andrew Orr/Agnes Ballantyne descendant. This person might have a lead to contacting the widow and family of Researcher #1 in order that we may access his files. All of us doing research have leads, theories, info that we cannot prove but we keep it handy anyway. Perhaps there is some info in the files that weren’t useable then but perhaps relevant now.

    Much research left to be done.


    • Lynn Ayres Says:

      Well, it would seem that some of the info in that letter was only family folklore after all. I can find no relationship re my Agnes Ballantyne and the Lord Watson who married Margaret Ballantyne in 1868 (found the on-line genealogies of Watson and his wife). Nor does there appear to be any relationship to that Sir John Ballantyne, born ca 1530, Justice Clerk. And for sure there is no relationship to the William Gay Ballantyne, President of Oberlin College (also mentioned in the letter). W.G. Ballantyne was from the Boston Ballantynes and this this line had been in America since the 1600s. Now, obviously there might be some relationship but if there is, it goes way back in time. Still trying to rule out the other names mentioned in the letter.

  84. Mahrissa Hansen Says:

    My grandmother was born with the name Eve Victoria Ballantyne in Scotland. I don’t know much more but her patents named her for her birthday which was the “evening of victory” for some grab event. I’d have to dig deep to find exact dates. She married a George Hansen and had my father in California. I would love to find out more about her back ground..

  85. Christine Ballantyne Says:

    Marisa’s, there is an Eve Victoria Ballantyne, birth registered 1915, on Scotland’s People site. Birth place is Peebles. Could this be your grandmother? Unfortunately cannot view details on this site but you can send for a copy of the birth certificate. If you want further details to send for this let me know. If I find anything else will come back to you.

  86. Mahrissa Hansen Says:

    My grandmother was born with the name Eve Victoria Ballantyne in Scotland. I don’t know much more , but her parents named her for her birthday which was the “evening of victory” for some grand event. I’d have to dig deep to find exact dates. She married a George Victor Hansen and had my father in California. I would love to find out more about her back ground.. Eve died in 1992 I believe in her late 80’s.

  87. Christine Ballantyne Says:

    The birth certificate cannot be viewed on line – they have only just published births in 1913 – it can be purchased from The GROS data number for the certificate is 768/00 0021. Date seems to fit with her being late 80’s when she died.
    I also found reference to Eve Victoria Ballantyne arriving in USA via Ellis Island on 1st May 1923 aged 8. The website for this information is If you put in Eve’s name it will bring up passenger lists and ship travelled on.

  88. Ich habe eine Flasche Whisky Fine Old Skotch Whisky 100% Scotch Wiskies Blend Ballantyn Stewart und Co Lt Glasgow Scotland Distilled in Schottland wer kann mir sagen was Sie wert ist .Die Brennerei 1830-1850.Vielen Dank Deutschland Thüringen

  89. Mark Gilmour Says:

    English translation of this post.

    I have a bottle of fine old Scotch Whisky from the Ballantine Stewart and Co Distillery Glasgow. Who can provide a valuation on the bottle? Circa 1830-50 vintage. Many thanks.

  90. mason Says:

    I have a piece of furniture (buffet) with the manufacturers label inside that says, “Ballantyne & son, complete furnishings, Queen st. & church St, AMBLE.”
    I’ve seen some info on furniture from Scotland, England, Ontario and North Carolina.
    I believe this is a very old piece. Does anyone have info or family members that were in the “furniture business”?

  91. Julie Says:

    Found this link to a directory listing ‘Ballantyne & son’‎

    We had a furniture dealer on one side of the family – but have only just started researching so cannot give dates /connections etc yet.

  92. James Ballantyne Says:

    In response to Ann Petit, does anyone have details of the siblings of Bertram Ballantyne living in Biggar about 1807, as I am trying to link him to my ancestor James Ballantyne/Bannatyne?
    I believe James worked there as a taylor , married Margaret Wright, and had children Alexander b1803 and Marion b1814

  93. Ann Petit Says:

    According to our research James Ballantyne b.c. 1770 married a Margaret Cossar. Haven’t been able to find your Margaret Wright?Bertram was my grandfather and youngest child. The other children were Jennet b.1766, William b. 1767, James b.1770,
    John b.1773, Alex b. 1776 then Bertram in 1780.

  94. James Ballantyne Says:

    Thank you. This may wel be the case, but do you have specific evidence that James Ballantyne b 18/03/1770 is the same JB who later married Margaret Cossar and lived in Covington?
    I note some possible irregularities of data such as stated birthplace – on the 18/03/1770 record it states Biggar as birthplace, but on 1841 census for Covington with Thankerton, he says he was born a scot but not in Lanarkshire. This seems an unlikely error.
    I also note that the father of JB is stated as a taylor by trade and JB took up this same occupation . Do you have any work history for the husband of Margaret Cossar ?
    The problem is that there are a lot of JB’s around the area at this time!
    I’m grateful for any further info, and realise you may already have gone over this thoroughly…

  95. Ann Petit Says:

    Our James Ballantyne b.c.1770 had parents Alexander Ballantyne who was a Tailor by trade and mother Helen How. I have taken the word of Peter Ballantyne that James married Margaret Cossar as that was his line. My line is from Bertram Ballantyne b.1780. Unfortunately as you say there are a lot of James B’s. I’ll have to try looking at the 1841 census again and see if I can pick up anything to help clear up the relationship.
    cheers Ann (ex South Africa now Australia)

  96. Lynn Ayres Says:

    Recently read something in a book that caught my eye. The book was fiction though based loosely on real people, a family of Ulster Scots but with no relevance to the Ballantynes.

    That said, there was a line that said something to the effect that the Ulster Scots would send their sons to Scotland to find Scottish wives and return back to Ulster.

    Does anyone know if this was a common practice? Again, because recorded in the letter was that Agnes Ballantyne was “Scotch”, etc. She married Andrew Orr. I know the Orrs had been in Ulster since the early 1600s. Just wondering if Andrew went over to Scotland to find a wife. I’m trying to establish a place of birth for my Agnes.

    Many thanks

  97. Peter Forcey Says:

    for Carolyn Ballantyne
    Are you the Carolyn who lived at teh Pines at Innerleithen.
    I met you when we were in Jersey on holiday in about 1963/4
    I came to stay with you in Scotland
    Wondered what became of you
    kind regards
    Peter Forcey

  98. Fiona Turner nee Glass Says:

    My paternal g-grandmother was Annie Ballantyne Graham (1867/8) who married Alexander Grieve they had a girl Margaret in 1890.
    Annie was widowed and then married John Blair Glass ..
    If that fits this Ballantyne thread that would be wonderful and that William Graham with Margaret Ballentine were her parents

  99. Janet Says:

    hi not sure if this helps you, my grandmother was 1st married to an Alexander Ballantyne from Cambuslang, in Glasgow unforunately he died during the 1914-1918 war, records of this are in the war memorial in kirkhill parish church, cambuslang. My grandmother then went on to re marry and have my mother and her brother, however I have a picture of them if it’s of any help to you let me know, And I’ll pass it on to yourselves.

  100. dorothygb Says:

    I am Dorothy Ballantyne (maiden name) of New Zealand. I don’t think any of the posts so far are from ‘my’ line but who knows.
    Apparently our surname was spelled Ballantine, but Jean Stewart (who was married to Alexander Ballantyne, see below) thought the spelling with the ‘y’ had more class than the spelling with the ‘I’, and so she changed it.
    My grandfather was Peter James Ballantyne who married Mabel Dorothy Cockburn.
    There is a headstone in Blairgowrie-Rattray in Scotland with some of our family names on. Here is the link: you have to scroll nearly to the bottom.
    So, Alexander Ballantyne, who died 15/8/1907 at the age of 78 was married to Jean Stewart, who died 19/11/1901 at the age of 70.
    They had children: Francis Carnegie, died 27/11/1899 at the age of 33.
    Their grand-son was Alexander Stuart Ballantyne, who died in WWI in Bailleul. (The military record shows his middle name spelled Stuart: the headstone shows Stewart. So I guess other details on the headstone could be wrong too.),%201914-1918
    Another grand-son was Peter James Ballantyne: This is my grand-father:,%201914-1918 I am fairly certain he is buried in Gore, Southland, New Zealand.
    This stone is also in memory of their daughter Margaret, died ?? (it’s hard to read) 6/12/32 at the age of 82, and another daughter Isabella, buried on Forfar (where is that?)
    It says that Peter, John, Allan and Alexander are buried in New Zealand. These four brothers immigrated to New Zealand.
    Peter married Mary Rough who was born in Kenmay, Scotland in 1863, and came to New Zealand in 1874 on the “Janet Court”. Their children were Alexander Stewart (as above), Peter James (as above), Margaret Amelia, Francis (as above), and Donald (known as Dugal).
    Peter James Ballantyne (son of Peter and Mary) settled in Edendale, Southland, New Zealand. He married Mable Cockburn and their children were Stuart, Dorothy, Peter Garth (my father) and Donald.
    It seems that James Ballantyne stayed in Blairgowrie, and Stewart Ballantyne went to Canada, to Saskatchewan.
    My married name is Busfield and I am on Facebook if anyone wants to contact me directly.

  101. Hi Dorothy, I cam curious if you could go back one more generation. I have a Ballantine from 1804 still in Scotland or Ireland but no brothers or sisters for him. Most of my family migrated to Australia or New Zealand; hence, I thought there might be a connection. Here is my posting on – Mike Ballantine –

  102. Dennis Hildreth Says:

    Hi everyone out there with an interest in the Ballantyne connection.
    My line comes from one Ninian Ballantyne born in Castleton about 1855. All a bit confusing as there seems to be several Ninian Ballantynes.
    My Ninian came to new Zealand but I don’t know when.
    Can anyone supply any info about Ninian and his descendants and forebears? I think his father was John Ballantyne and his mum was Elizabeth Goldie.
    Best Regards,

    • Julia Tis Says:

      Hi there Dennis, Ninian Ballantyne born in Castleton in 1855 is my Great grandfather. He married Jane Gray Hamilton, but called Jeanie. I can,t find him on any immigration lists so far.
      But there 10 children were all born in New Zealand. When he arrived in New Zealand he was a shepherd at Grays Hill Station Canterbury NZ. He wrote home to James , his brother , to come out from Scotland, which he did. They both worked on this station. Please contact me if you would like more information and photos.
      All the best

  103. Joanne Says:

    My 2nd great grandfather was Walter Ballantyne, born 1862 in Roxburghshire, Scotland. He emigrated to New Zealand. His father Robert Ballantyne born 1837 in Roxburgh, Scotland and Roberts father Walter born 1806 in Yair, Selkirkshire.
    I would love to know more about this branch of my family, I have photos from my Passed down from my Great grandmother Evangeline Balantyne but unfortunately cannot identify who they are. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  104. Vicky Says:

    My G G Grandmothers name was Margaret Ballantyne, born in Ontario in 1854, she was married to William Peterman of Germany he was born in about 1855, he died in Canada, would anyone have any information on his heritage, They had three children Jane, died at 8, Ada and a son William Russel, any information would be appreciated.

  105. Lyn Says:

    Hi, Would like to know if anybody has a Jessie Ballantyne married to a John Turnbull, she was born abt 1834 in Scotland and died in Dunedin, NZ in 1910. Thanks Lyn

    • Jo Massey Says:

      My great great grandmother was Jessie Turnbull (nee Ballantine). One of her daughters Elizabeth Jane Turnbull married Alexander George Haigh at Mosgiel, Otago in 1886. My grandmother was a daughter Jessie Ballantyne Massey (nee Haigh)

  106. here Says:

    Be careful of Hope Ballantyne…although she has another last name now.

  107. Vicky Says:

    In response to William Peterman and Margaret Ballentyne, they were married April 13, 1872, in Beverly, Wentworth, Ontario, they had one daughter Jane she died very young she was born on February 23, 1873 died in 1882, she is buried in Cambridge, Ontario, Her sister Ada Peterman and Brother William Russell lived long lives. Ada (my great grandmother) grew up and married Samuel Parkin On April 4, 1904 in Wentworth, Ontario they went on to have children, my grandmother Gladys died when my mother was 13 Gladys ‘s brother John had a twin but he died at birth, John lived with his wife May in Burlington, Ontario I remember visiting them and them visiting us when I was a child, wonderful people. My family tree originated from the Burlington, Dundas, Ancaster area mainly before that it was Scotland, Germany, and Ireland. It is very interesting.

  108. Raymond Stein Says:

    Does anyone know of a woman called Christina Ballantyne? Maybe born 1906? Lived around the south coast of NSW? Married name Russell. Had a son named Stirling Russell. Husband WWII vet in Papua.

  109. Michelle Erskine Says:

    Margaret Bellenden Of Broughton is my x 8 great grandmother who married Henry Erskine (Master Of Cardross) in the 1600’s. My great great grandfather Erskine Thomas Erskine (son of Thomas Erskine – 1st Baron Of Restmorel) emigrated to NZ in 1870. In fact Henry Erskine’s grandson married Catherine Stewart Of Kirkhill and her great grandfather married an earlier Margaret Bellenden the daughter of Sir John Bellenden Of Auchnole & Broughton and Janet Seton Of Touch. So fascintaing!!

  110. Vicky Says:

    Can anyone tell me where I can connect with in Scotland to research my great great grandmothers family?

    • James Says: is your best bet intially, have a look, as it has digital records of lots of the archives and is therefore easier than it’s English equivalents, I find, and has a fair pricing structure without the hassle of having to send for paper copies of BMD certificates. Good luck!

  111. Mary Jane Ballantyne Says:

    My name is Mary Jane Ballantyne. My dad is Scotty Ballantyne, drove for Greyhound.

    • Maggie Ballantyne Says:

      Someone in this long trail of comments said Hi from northern Alberta and it reminded me that many years ago I took the Greyhound from Edmonton up to Hay River, NWT. The last leg, from Peace River I think, had a driver named Scotty Ballantyne. It stuck in my mind as the name is not that common – or wasn’t then – and I wondered if we were related. Do you know anything of your family’s origins? My grandfather came to central Alberta from Glasgow in 1905. My parents have traced our line back to the late 1600s in Perthshire, Scotland and I’ve filled in a considerable amount from that point forward. Let me know if you think we might be connected!

      • Maggie Ballantyne Says:

        By the way. My brother’s name is David and we have a great uncle David Ballantyne who has “gone missing” in the 1890s. Thoughts he went to Australia, but he could have gone anywhere.

  112. Shaun Says:

    Is there such a thing as a ‘Ballantyne Book’ which I saw on an previous post, dated 27/10/2010? My Nanna was Ellen Hamilton (nee Ballantyne) if one was created are there any copies available?

  113. Glenn McArthur Says:

    My partner and I were just in Bishopton staying in Mar Hall. I came across Lord Ballantyne monument in a field just down the road. Was wondering who’s land it’s on ?? As it seemed to be on private property but fully visible from the road.

  114. My great aunt was a Ballantyne – her family owned most of the High St in Amble in the 1920’s. I have photos of the family business but can’t seem to post on here? Any ideas?

  115. joe Says:

    All Heraldry is Hebrew. Ballantyne is the Trive of Simeon and levi.
    The Castle and the Sword.
    Scotts are named after a hebrew clan from northern ireland.
    As are the Irish.
    Gaelic in Eire and Scottia are Phonecian Hebrew. Told to meby an old Rabbai and he said when spoken he can communicate with Celts.
    Look up the Lost 10 tribes of Israel.
    You mentioned sun diety worship. Twelve tribes are the 12 Zodiacs.
    And Is-Ra-El.
    Is is earth mother earth.
    Ra is sun Amen Ra was a sun god. Ra-dium Ra-dio. From the sun.
    El in Hebrew is Mighty One.

    • Karen Lovell Says:

      Hi. My mums Grandmother was Agnes Ballantyne. Her father and my grandfather were posted to Quebec in the military. She married David Clarke. I have more info and dates if there are any relatives from this branch. I also inherited a fair bit of DNA from the ballantynes. I will also supply kit number should someone want to check for matches.

  116. jane w andresen Says:

    My grandmother and aunt were born on the Ballantyne Estate….Tweedvale Lodge. I would love to know more about it.

    • David L ballantyne Says:

      Hi Jane, You must be a relative of mine? I am a grandson of David Ballantyne who came to New Zealand. He was a brother of Sir Henry. I am near Auckland NZ. David L Ballantyne

  117. Linda Khong Says:

    Please show me the Ballantyne associated tartan

  118. Tolyco Australia Says:

    I am trying to establish a link between the Ballantynes of Falkirk Stirlingshire and the Ballantynes of Auchnoull, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.
    The name where I have “hit a brick wall” is David Ballanden b.abt.1580 (Falkirk) who married Anna Livingstone b.abt.1585. Some sites indicate a Robert Ballanden who married Jonnet as David’s parents but there is no information in the literature to confirm this, nor is there any information about Robert.
    Can anyone assist me, please.

    • John Ballantyne Says:

      I have quite a lot of information on the Bellendens of Auchnoull and Falkirk but do not have my notes to hand as I am away from home for the next three months. If you can wait that long I will get in touch again towards the end of the year.
      I have not been able to establish the link between the two. Auchnoull (now Auchinoon) is near Harperrig in Midlothian.
      My Email address is
      John Ballantyne

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