Family CrestWhere does the name come from, well the first record of the name Gilmour apparently appears around 1100 AD in Ayrshire, in the Scottish Borders. 

There is a little debate on the meaning of the name. It is possibly derived from the Gaelic Gille Moire, meaning follower or devotee of Mary.  The prefix Gille, meaning ‘servant/devotee’ in the Middle Ages was normally added as a mark of respect to people who had been given names relating to a particular saint and Mary, being the Mother of God, is considered first among the saints.

However it is also mentioned in company with Gillander the Great Chief of Cumberland around 1140 and Gilmour/re his son perhaps means “Gill the Big”.   To date I have not found conclusive evidence of why it means Gill the Big so we keep looking, although I must say I prefer the Gille Moire version, it somehow seems more credible. So until such time as I find anything that disputes that, this is what we will go with.

The fact that there are a multitude of spellings, Gilmour, Gilmore, Gillmoore, Gilmoure, Gilmoor, etc… shows up in many family lines and there is evidence of it changing even from Father to Son as many times it would have been recorded phonetically.  So it is no surprise to see all types of spellings making their way into family lines. 

The Gilmours belong to the clan Morrison of the Isle of Lewis. The name Morrison also is derived from ‘Mac Ghille Mhuire’ translated meaning son of a follower of Mary.  Again giving credence to the Gille Moire origin.  View the Scotsclans website for a bit of history of the Clan and an example of its tartan.

Perhaps the most famous residence of the Gilmour family was Craigmillar Castle in South Edinburgh.  A former residence of Mary Queen of Scots. Click here for a castle tour  Unfortunately the Gilmours left Craigmillar in the early 1700s and left it for ruin and moved into Inch House in the newly named Gilmerton borough of Edinburgh.  They did do the decent thing in 1946 and handed Craigmillar over to the nation.

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  1. stephen h Gilmore Says:

    i was looking for my tarten for a wedding and found this web site which i found to be verry helpful& a great help with tracing family history

    many thanks

    • John Baudendistel Says:

      My name is John Baudendistel of Endicott, NY, USA. My Great Grandfather was a Matthew Gilmour. He had a brother, Alexander Gilmour. They were from Scotland.

  2. Gilmour Morrison Says:

    Thanks for this web site. I guess I am about as “Morrison” as they come! There is a lot written about the Morrison clan, and many web sites devoted to the clan, but I wanted a little more on Gilmour History and this has been helpful…

    Thanks again

    • Gilmour Morrison Says:

      Hi this is really great to know there is another Gilmour Morrison……I thought I was unique !

      Do get in touch, we may share same relatives.


  3. Wendy Gilmour Says:

    Thought I’d add my name to this family tree. We live in Toronto, Canada now but my father is from Edinburgh.

  4. Robert Gilmour Says:

    im happy to have some history to my name but is it a prodestant or catholic name does anyone no

    • my father was a gilmour and his father too and they were in the orange lodge and very proud to be prosident

    • Heather Gilmour Hannan Says:

      my father was born in Greenock,protestant and his Mother was an Orange woman in the Masonic Lodge

    • Jonathan Gilmour Says:

      In N.Ireland it is assumed that when spelt Gilmour it is protestant and when spelt Gilmore it is Catholic.
      Jonathan Gilmour

      • Robert Gilmour.... NSW Australia Says:

        NO. Gilmore name was created by US Immigration officer people as was written down as is sounded. Name Gilmour is Scottish of Fife Scotland, Name Gilmore is USA .To save the children re German bombing of UK London. The children were loaded on passenger ships and taken to the USA and Canada to save the children FACT. Children on Arrival to US, then the name was written down as it sounded. by the US immigration people. FACT. My name is Gilmour of Fife Scotland. My great/great/great grandfather came to Australia 1847 with large family in tow. Yes I found the graves.

      • Josephine Gilmore Says:

        Our US branch arrived in the mid-1600s from Paisley, after a half generation stop in Ireland. Spelling on contemporaneous records is Gilmore. Another branch, same spelling, spent longer in Ireland before moving on to the US.

      • ptaylor60 Says:

        Did your US connection come via Williamsburg? Dr. George Gilmer is my direct ancestor who married into the Blair family. He was from Edinburgh and his father William was born at CraigMillar Castle. Any connection to your family?

      • Josephine Gilmore Says:

        No, we came to and stayed in the Boston area. The family came down from Isle of Lewis originally, but we don’t have records before Paisley.

      • Brian Edwards Says:

        Hello did know some Gilmor/ Gilmour they lived in Bolton Manchester UK lost touch since late 1960 one of the family was Brenda she had a sister worked at a dentist surgery in Eccles
        Last heard Brenda ran a pets shop in Bury

  5. David R GIlmour Says:

    just like to put my name here and let people know i am intrested in any information on the full back ground of the gilmour name
    i am from the campbellford/peterborough area .. i know i have family from the kingston area but not sure who

    • Hallo David,
      Try of im sure you will find that the Gilmour Clan has a Coat of Arms and is a Sept of the Morrison Clan,the Gilmour`s can be trased back to the 11AD, In the 1200,The Gilmours were known to have a Castle just outside the Scottish Capital Edinburgh, “Craig Millar” Castle, it is a ruin now but it is open to the public. “Mary” Queen `O` Scots, was known to have presided there with Lord Darnley. Hope this has been of help to you.

      • my fathers family lived in stevenston ayrshire and also greenock

      • Jeannette Newcomb O'Neill Says:

        Hello…According to The Reverend Walter Little Gilmore was my 3rd great grandfather. I am really exited to find this information. I’d love to have further info and/or photos if anyone has them. Thanks

    • Brooke Gilmour Says:

      Hi David,

      I am a GIlmour from Kingston….could we be related?


  6. "Tex" Ivan K. Gilmore Says:

    I am of the lineage of Gilmores that the town of Gilmore, Ohio is named after, in Tuscarawas County (birthplace of Cy Young). They were Scots-Irish when they cam to America in 1783 and were Catholic but soon became Protestant after thier arrival. The Gilmore / Gilmour name is of ancient origin and means “Good Servant of Mary” The origins of the Gilmores are on Phabbay Island in the Sound of Harris and are of Norse origin. I have traced my roots back to the Island of Mull just prior to the Protestant Reformation and the mass migration to Ireland. Hope this helps some one else out. PS – I am a life member of Clan Morrison

    • Beth Says:

      I spell my gilmore name the same…. my ancestor came over supposedly in the early 1770s from Ireland….I am not sure of his name…. this was all word of mouth throught the family… most all the gilmore decendants live in Missouri except for my dad who came out to Oregon…
      Do you have any suggestions of sources that I could tap into to find my relative….? its been hard cause of all the records lost here in the states and in Ireland…..thanks

      • amy sickles Says:

        My family came to tillamook Oregon. Names were James gilmore Jr. And Mary mcfalls.

      • Tianay Says:

        I am from Missouri and have a john Gillmore in my family line from ? __ 1728 .buried in High bridge church,natural bridge ,Va

      • Sally Gilmore Says:

        Can confirm. My great grandfather Gilmore married a Hartshorne in KC.

      • Hello my name is Pat Says:

        Sally my name is Pat I live in Pennsylvania my husbands grandfather was born in Scotland His family moved to the Uninted States when he was 19 his father died in Scottland I am not sure but may have died in 1917 during the war. But Grandpap Gilmore changed the spelling when he came to America it was spelled Gilmour.

      • Brian Edwards Says:

        Trying to trace a Brenda Gilmore who lived in Pendlebury Salford in the 1960 ‘s she had a sister also Brenda married and ran pet shop in Bury Lancs if any one knows her whereabouts will be glad to hear of her she went to YMCA Saturday dances a good dancer

    • Eric Gilmore Says:

      Awesome, I am a Gilmore also and have lived in Ohio my whole life and never knew Gilmore, Ohio existed. I too have tried tracing my heritage but have found that the use of the Gilmore/Gilmour name is very fragmented and hard to trace accurately.

  7. Justin Davith Gilmour Says:

    It is interesting to see how many of us are anxious to know of out past, I am a member of this bloodline that was actually told to me to be of desendent blood of Erik the Black… don’t exactly know why I was told that but nonetheless I feel it is important to know if there is anyone who might know what the “coat of arms ” looks like and if someone could direct me to a picture of it. What I have seen so far is nothing like the book that was handed down the male generations in my family so I may be mistaken in believing that the family story I have come to know is actually mis-spelled or perhaps not what was told to me at all. I do recall stories about the “Morrison Clan” and how they were infact of relation to the Gilmour family but I don’t know why or when this took place. Awesome to know thatGilmerton borough of Edinburgh was named after the Gilmour family though.

  8. DooniaHak Says:


    As newly registered user i just want to say hi to everyone else who uses this bbs B-)

  9. Kellideah Says:

    Hey forum!

    I’m a newbie here.

    So i’d like to know if someone of you or your frineds was fired because of a financial crisis?

  10. Andrea Says:

    I just received “The Scottish Clans and their Tartans” as a gift for my 30th birthday and cannot find the Morrison Clan or Mac Guille Mhuire in the book at all. Was their another name for the clan that I don’t know about?

  11. Craig Gilmour Says:

    yey just had to add my name to the family tree

  12. William Gilmour Says:

    Hello all my fellow clansmen (and women 🙂 )
    It is great to see there are so many of us. Did you know we have the choice of three great tartans, Ancient, modern and hunting. I am not so keen on the modern but had a kilt made about 15 years ago in the ancient. Looks great, shame it has shrunk in the wash ( or maybe my waistline has expanded)
    Please keep up the history searches. It would be great to know if anyone has traced the Morrisons/Gilmour’s to the Scandanavian countries?

  13. Jacob Russell Gilmour Says:

    Hi im from Ogdensburg(Black Lake), NY USA

    • Theresa Gilmour Cardona Says:

      Hello Jacob,
      I too am originally from Ogdensburg, but left there when my parents decided to move to Corpus Christi, TX. I’m wondering if we’re not related somehow. My uncles were named Carl and John, but I know John had no children. Would be nice to know!

    • Bob Johnson Says:


      Hello! I am am (somehow) related to the Gilmore’s from Ogdensburg. I have a few DNA matches to Daniel C. Gilmore.
      Would be glad to share what info I have on that branch.
      I’m from Chautauqua Lake N.Y.

  14. Norah Gilmour Says:

    Hi All Just adding my name here I’m from Edinburgh but my Gilmour family originally came from Fife then Perth

    • Deborah Says:

      I know this was a long time ago, but contact me if you might have an Anne Gilmour in your tree born around 1800 give or take 10 years because of the mixup in dates in the census. She died in Midlothian. Married Daniel Gibson.

      • Norah (Gilmour) Mason Says:

        Only Anne I have b.1778 in Auchtermuchty Fife think she may have married 1800 Strathmiglo to James Christie

    • MarieC Says:

      I am an Australian descendant of Ann Gilmour (aka Gilmer) born in 1778 in Auchtermuchty, Fife, Scotland, who married James Christie in 1800 in nearby Strathmiglo, Fife. They had 7 children that I know of and were great grandparents of John McCrae, a Canadian descendant who wrote the WWI poem ‘In Flanders Fields’. I’d be pleased to make contact with anyone researching this family. I have a large amount of information about the Christies (who owned Pitgorno estate in Strathmiglo for about 150 years), but almost nothing about the Gilmours. My email is mcravenmusic (at) gmail (dot) com

    • MarieC Says:

      Hi Norah. Thanks for responding to my comment. I have sent my email address to your Facebook page (will be in your ‘other’ mailbox I think). That might be best way to get in direct contact. Cheers from Australia! Marie

    • Anne O'Leary Says:

      Hi Norah
      I am Anne (Gilmour) O’Leary – my great grandfather was James Gilmour, originally from Perthshire then Auchtermuchty then Coupar Fife.
      Maybe we have a link!?

      • Nerida Rutledge Says:

        Hi Anne- I have a James Gilmour born abt 1801, on 1841 census, a woollen weaver living alone at Tillicoultry Village, south of Toll Rd, whom I’m pretty sure is the brother of my Gt Gt Gfather John Miller Gilmour born 25.8.1816 Alloa, Clackmannanshire. Their parents were Alexander Gilmour & Janet Miller. Alexander Gilmour came from Logie, Perthsh.

    • Vicki Says:

      Norah – are you Norah 347 on – the Gilmour/Mason website? I’m looking to get in touch with you. I am descended from the Mason’s of Dunbar. Your tree is the only that I’ve found that I can connect to my Mason lineage in Scotland. If you could email me at that would be lovely!

  15. Hello, Gilmour family. I’m Mary A. Gilmour. My great grandfather came to New Bedford, Massachusetts, U.S.A. in 1887. James Gilmour mar 1855 – 26 apr 1929, born in Armaugh, northern Ireland. I”m looking for information before he came to U.S.A. Thanks

  16. Shaelyn Sandoval Says:

    Greetings, from Las Vegas, NV
    I’m related to the Richard & Christine Gilmore family born in Farnham, Canada and relocated to Newbedford Massachusetts.. My Great Grandfather was Patrick Gilmore born 7-2-1891. Looking for information on our family tree.

  17. Frederic Gilmour Says:

    Anyone know of a K P Gilmour who died in Hong Kong in 1999? I don’t know his occupation nor the day or the month of his death that year, so all clues gratefully received.



  19. Garth Hamilton Gilmour Says:

    My father, Norman Hamilton, was one of seven and born in Invercargill, New Zealand. All his siblings were born in Scotland and he died leaving no clue to the family history.

    If anyone knows how Gilmours from either the Morrison or Murray clans made it down here, I’d love to hear from them.

    • Royston Kinross Gilmour Says:

      I know an Alan Gilmour traveled to Australia on the SS Great Britain from Liverpool to Melbourne,21/8/1952 with him his wife M and child M.He was a sheep farmer.And i think his mother followed in 25/7/1865 she was 75.My grandfather Robert Gilmour was a Glaswegan.And had told me his relation had emigrated.Refer to Is yours an SS Great Britain Adrian Ball,hope this may be of help,Roy G

  20. Sarah Gilmour Says:

    Hello Gilmours 🙂

    I’d love to do some research into my family history. I know the Gilmours in my family came from the Glasgow area of Scotland, although I was born in Nottinghamshire.

    • I am also looking for my tartan.My fathers name was Gavin Gilmour Letham. Any advice would be most welcome.

    • joegilmour Says:

      hi sarah,icome from gilmours in glasgow,all my gilmour side are from the plantation area of glasgow,the earliest i have traced back is 1820s,genes reunited and this site are very useful

      • james gilmour Says:

        my name is james gilmour i was born in the brigton area of glasgow 59 years ago

      • fran gilmour Says:

        James my family is also from Glasgow (Proper). My grandfather was David; but had a bro. named James. My grandfather’s mothers name was Lang. I know another family here in the States that have both those names common in their family as well from that area; but as of yet we have found no relationship to each other. Still looking for the pieces.

      • Keith gilmour Says:

        Hi my father was born in Glasgow as well as his grandfather.

        My grandfather is William gilmour my father is iain Gilmour.

        Any relation?

      • brian edwards Says:

        Hello Gilmore family I am still trying to trace BRENDA GILMOR WHO LIVED IN PENDLEBURY NEAR BOLTON MANCHESTER In the 1960’s that was her maiden name.She married and they ran a pets food store in Bury she and her husband I think her married name was Spencer but not so sure when she was single she worked as a dentist Assistant in Salford near Bulhill park and she also used to go for saturday night dances at the YMCA in Manchester when i first met her If any one knows of her whereabouts will be glad to make contact BRIAN EDWARDS Now living in Hazel grove stockport email —– Thanks Brian

        Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2015 12:21:42 +0000 To:

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Hello Mr Brian Edwards, My name is Robert Gilmour, me here in state of NSW Australia and YES WE ARE RELATED.FACT is that a over a year ago that YES I FOUND the GRAVE of WILLIAM GILMOUR my G,G,Grandfather, with huge headstone and rusty picket fence still in tact. Me a member of the Wallsend historical society, and then yes, I have all Williams info. William brought the Gilmour family to Sydney harbour Australia in year 1497 on the sail ship HOTSPUR . One child died on the trip. The sale-ship Hotspur sailed into Sydney harbour Australia andthe Gilmour family then traveled by horse and wagon to the then small township of Newcastle, and then settled in the coal mining township of Wallsend. William was miner who worked in the coal mines of County of Fyfenorthern Scotland. YES William was scottish and Yes I am of Scottish blood decent. William had proven himself as a decent good man as he helped many.William became Mayor of township Wallsend. To find out more then all info and photo’s are held in the Wallsend town Library. also Newcastle city archives. Me I am in my 70’s and NO I’M NOT DEAD YET, As bugger that as I have a lot more living to do.

      • Hello there My father Patrick Joseph Gilmour was born in the Gorbals district of Glasgow and moved to Liverpool after the war. Does anyone know any relatives? Thanks Ian Gilmour

    • robbie morton Says:

      My grandfather came frorm glasgow his name was andrew gilmour who was a wresler who moved to australia and married alice spicer and had two daughters named olive stewart and edna may

  21. My grandfather was from Glasgow ,he was Robert Gilmour,came to Worcester England with his Firm Alley and Mclelland who he was a foreman.

  22. Ross John Gilmour Says:

    My father, Gary, was from Glasgow. He came to Australia in the early fifties and joined the Australian Army. He had a brother John.
    He married my mum Norma Helen Sleswick and my siblings are Drew and Louise.
    We grew up in Melbourne, Victoria.

  23. Pauline Gilmour Says:

    Wow, this is so interesting. My Dad had always told me that his family originated from the Isle of Lewis. There are a lot of names here that are familiar. My Dad was James Robertson Gilmour (born in Canada). His Dad (James also) was the son of William Gilmour and Margaret (Nee Robertson). They were from Stirling, but originally from Lewis. Jane Fife was another familiar name.

    • david Says:

      My grandfather named David Gilmour whom I am named after was from Stirling Scotland came to Canada around 1910 and had from Elizabeth Fielding two sons Willard, Lloyd and 2 daughters Patricia and Joan.Joan became a Douglas bearing two boys Michael,Greg. Pat became a Costello bearing William,Steve,Paul,Romona and Camile. .Lloyd married Trudy Kilner bearing Pam,Elizabeth,Richard. Willard married Dawahra Kumara[cloud] bearing Vivian,Dana and me David.

      • Tom Henry Says:

        David, do you know the date of birth of your grandfather? Or better still, your great-grandfather? Pauline Gilmour in this thread mentions that her (and my) great grandfather was William Gilmour of Stirling. William had 8 siblings. William’s death in 1888 was witnessed by his brother, David Gilmour, of 32 Queen Street in Stirling. Could that be your great-grandfather? Do you know where your grandfather went in Canada when he arrived?

      • Kerry Parker Says:

        David, you and I are cousins. Your grandfather David Gilmour and my grandfather John Rodger Gilmour were brothers. In fact, they looked so much alike my mother, Olive and my Aunty Joan used to get them mixed up as children. I probably met you many years ago when I came from Nanaimo with Uncle Lloyd, Aunty Joan and my Mum to a party for Willard (birthday? anniversary?) I have a great deal of history on your grandfathers siblings, parents, etc and would love to share with you. Sincerely, Kerry Parker

      • Ramona Costello Says:

        Hello David, This is your cousin Ramona Costello – that’s the correct spelling of my name – hello!

      • Ramona Costello Says:

        Tom Henry & Kerry Parker: I’m 1 of the fam members David referred to so we may be related as well.

      • Kerry Parker Says:

        Ramona, I have been searching for you for the last couple weeks! We are certainly related. Your Grandpa David was my grandpa’s eldest brother. They were very close. My Grandpa was John Rodger “Jock” Gilmour from South Wellington.

  24. Doug McNaughton Says:

    Looking for any information on Helen Gilmour who married James Fernie and raised their family in the Strathmiglo area of Scotland. Helen died at 67 on April 5th 1861 in Dysart. Her parents were Robert and Agnes Gilmour and her maiden name was Shurger.
    Helen was my gr gr grandmother.
    Doug Mc Naughton, Stratford Ontario, Canada.

    • Stacy Jensen Says:

      Doug, could you please contact me about the Fernie/Gilmour lines from Scotland? I would really appreciated it.

    • Deb Adams Says:

      Doug, Agnes Noble married Robert Gilmore. Their daughter, Anna Elizabeth Gilmore married first Nelson Maxfield. After his death, she married William Freer-my GGF. I have lots of info if you are still searching.

  25. Nerida Rutledge Says:

    Looking for any descendants of John Miller Gilmour b 1816 Alloa Scotland & went to South Australia in 1839, settling at Mt Pleasant, SA.

    • Bob Gilmour Says:

      It looks like I’d be one. I was just sent an outline of the J M Gilmour line from Mt Pleasant onwards in Australia. I currently live in far north Queensland, Au.

      • Nerida Rutledge Says:

        Please do email me- I think it’s the Wheaton/Gilmour doc that I have been emailing around all the relatives!

  26. Carol Hogg Says:

    Hi Gilmour`s I am doing my roots search, & I am looking for a connection between the Gilmour`s & the Hogg`s in Northern Ireland, or Scotland, as my Uncle was William Gilmour Hogg, born 1909 in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. Carol Hogg

    • Lesley Gilmour Says:

      Probably not the connection you are looking for but I just read this on Wikipedia:

      “Gilmour was the son of stockbroker Lieutenant Colonel Sir John Gilmour, 2nd Baronet, and his wife, Victoria, a granddaughter of the 5th Earl of Cadogan. His parents divorced in 1929, and his father married Mary, the eldest daughter of the 3rd Duke of Abercorn. The family had land in Scotland and he inherited a substantial estate and shares in Meux’s Brewery from his grandfather, Admiral of the Fleet, the Hon. Sir Hedworth Meux.[1]
      They lived in the grounds of Syon Park in London, with a house in Tuscany. He was educated at Eton College and read history at Balliol College, Oxford.
      He served with the Grenadier Guards from 1944 to 1947. He was called to the bar at Inner Temple in 1952 and was a tenant in the chambers of Quintin Hogg for two years.”

    • Rewa Gilmour Burton Says:

      Hi Carol, I am a Gilmour and my ancestors are from N. Ireland. There is a Hogg in our tree. My gg grandfather was Rev. John Gilmour and his daughter Dorthea married a James Hogg. It doesn’t show what their children’s names were. Dorthea was born Dec 1, 1876 & died July 19, 1952.

      • Derek Torrens Says:

        My Great Great Grandmother was a Elizabeth Gilmore who married a Henderson and then married Samuel Torrens after her first husband died, I have a strong conection with both Gilmores andd Hoggs, Gilmore/Gilmour is a very popular name in the Aghadowey, Garvagh and Kilrea districts in the Bann Valley area.

  27. Nelson Blake Gilmour Says:

    Hi all, I’m from Albany, western Australia. My dads name is craig Gilmour and my grandfathers name is David Gilmour. ive traced my family back to a William Gilmour (who married margaret). They were both born in Ireland ca.1815. The trail stops there I’m afraid. Any gilmours in Australia please comment if any names ring a bell. Other names of interest are Robert Gilmour who married margaret mcewan. I’ve heard that my relatives were from the ayreshire region of Scotland, Ireland and possibly England. Any help greatly appreciated! 🙂

  28. Hallo, I am Kenneth Gilmour, i come from a large family of Gilmour`s, from Ecclefechan, Dumfriesshire Scotland, My father was William George Gilmour, he was maride to my mother Hilda Gilmour(maden name Dickson).
    My father had 5 brothers and 1 sister, they are all deseased now. Matthew,David,Joe,Jock,Jimmy and Nellie. It would be nice to trace back my family lineage. i live in Cumbria England but frequent my homeland often.

    • Joe Gilmour Says:

      Hi Kenneth, Your father, William, is the brother of my grandfather, Joe which makes him my grand-uncle. That makes you my first cousin once removed. According to my research there were in fact 7 brothers and 2 sisters. The list is as follows :-
      1902 – John Mason Gilmour (Jock).
      1904 – Ellen Copland Gilmour (Nellie).
      1906 – Tamar Earl Gilmour.
      1908 – William George Gilmour.
      1910 – Joseph Mason Gilmour (Joe).
      1912 – James Gordon Gilmour (Jimmy).
      1914 – Henry Mason Gilmour (Harry).
      1917 – David Christie Gilmour.
      1920 – Matthew Gilmour.
      I have in my possession the only known picture of the surviving siblings that was taken at a family wedding.
      Their father, John Copland Gilmour, was killed in Ecclefechan on xmas eve 1936 by a motorist between Ibrak Farm and Cressfield Hotel. Their mother was Mary Ann Earl Mason.
      I have been doing my family tree for a number of years now and would be more than happy to provide you with any info you need for your reasearch. I have at the moment over 4000 ancestors on my tree.

      Regards…… Joe Gilmour

      • Brian Merrick Hughes Says:

        have been following up on family history having been mithered by the kids about scottish herritage, my mother is Margret Helen Hughes (nee. Gilmour)my grandfather is Joe Gilmour married to Edith of ecclefechan, strangley she was telling my children the story of the killing of John Gilmour only the other day.
        Sadly the intrest in the historyhas come about following the death of my uncle ‘Jack’ john Gilmour – I am hoping that my cousin Keith can supply moor details of the family as he has been drawing up a tree

      • Joe Gilmour Says:

        Hi Brian, Nice to hear from you. Your mum is my aunt. I think I last met you at Alans funeral. The tree you refer to isnt the persons you state. It is an old tree constructed by my younger brother Iain and given to my parents many years ago. Iain has been doing his tree for about 20 years and I have been doing mine for about 10. We share info when required. I would give the person you named a bit of a wide berth. If you need any help regarding trees I would be happy to help you. Between Iain and I we have thousands of birth, death and marriage certificates and would be happy to supply these for you.

        Regards……. Joe Gilmour

      • Deborah Says:

        Do you have any Anne Gilmour daughters in your family tree? I cannot find any connection to any parents or siblings. She married Daniel Gibson in Govan Parish, 1833 they lived in Midlothian, until she died in 1845. DOB is conflicting as the 1841 census says 1811 and her death record may make her dob as 1802 You can email me at

      • joe gilmour Says:

        hi to all at tha gilmour clan,just to let you know, i am joe gilmour too,my dad was joe gilmour too and came from the plantation district of glasgow born in 1938,i grew up in pollok and was born in 1965,i am researching my family tree and have found this site very interesting.

      • Lindsay Mahood Says:

        Hi I’m lindsay Mahood my Papa was Matthew Gilmour, my mother Betty McGeorge (nee Gilmour) so I guess we are cousin
        I would love to learn more about this side of the family. Any Information would be gratefully revived.

      • Patricia Farquhar Says:

        Hi joe I am patricia Farquhar maden name gilmour I am Herbert gilmour daughter John gilmour was my grandad I often go to hodam and wonder if their are still any gilmours living in ecclfecon would love you to get in touch on my email and hope you can update me on our family tree

    • Joe Says:

      Kenneth, I seem to recall, somewhat vaguely of a Kenneth Gilmour in the papers late 60’s or early 70’s. I cant remember what it was about. Was this you and, if so, can you refresh my memory of what it was all about ?.


  29. Bruce Loyal Nordhausen Says:

    My mother was a Gilmour. Didn’t know much where my first name came from. I asked my uncle right before he passed, where “Bruce” came from? He responded that my grandfather Loyal Gilmour used to say “never forget you are a Gilmour from the house of Bruce.” Grandfather was more that fond of the drink. Kinda ran in the family. Now I understand it is a sept of the Morrison Clan. No real disappointment there. At least I have the connection and history correct for my daughter.

    Pax vobiscum

    • K Muir Says:

      Its interesting that you say the Gilmours are from the house of Bruce because I have traced my family lineage and found an Elizabeth Gilmour/Gilmuir/Gilmore etc married to a Norman Bruce in 1687 (Edinburgh). I’ve found out that Gilmuirs were catholics and then dropped the gil when they became protestant or presbyterian.
      Also to note that muir is probably the most variously spelt surname with perhaps 20-30 different spellings. Also to mention that the families bruce, stuart and muir used to marry into each others families quite alot since they were of noble and royal origins. Also muir means depending on what language its interpretated from; mary, sea, great, famous or reknowned etc…
      I have a book by alexander moir and it mentions that muir is even sometimes spelt as morrison.
      Hope I’ve been helpful to all concerned about your clan history. If you have any questions then feel free to get in contact.

  30. Clifford Wicks Says:


    My mothers maiden name was Theresa Gilmour. She came from Auchinleck, Ayreshire, married an Englishman (although one descended on his mothers side directly from Rob Roy McGregor!) and they moved to New Zealand. My Grandfather’s name was Samuel Gilmour. He was a coal miner. My Grandmother’s maiden name was Elizabeth Scott.

    • E Torrance Says:

      Hi, I knew your mother …I was at her wedding…Tessa I knew her as…I come from Auchinleck my name is Elizabeth Gilmour…your grandfather Samuel was my dad’s half uncle…you mother’s sister Mary is still living in Auchinleck…and if I remember correctly…another sister Cathy..

      • Hello! Thank you for replying. Mum and dad had four boys and one girl. I was lucky enough to have Aunty Mary at my wedding in 1986, which is also the last time she saw mum, who died later that year. I have wonderful memories of her and Granny Gilmour coming to NZ in the late 60’s. We have kept in touch with Mary (not frequently enough) but always at Christmas. Yes, there were three sisters, Cathy, Mary and Theresa (She was Tessa in Scotland but I grew up with her being called Tess.)Our eldest’s middle name is Therase, after her, and her daughter’s middle name is Scott, after Granny, who was Elizabeth Scott before marrying Grandad Gilmour. We used to watch a coloured film of dad and mum’s wedding – Small world!


        HI, it certainly is a small world…and the internet’s a great place for meeting family members. My dad was Tam Gilmour as was his dad too, I’m researching my family tree…and it’s been so interesting finding out about all the ancestors…nice to hear from you…Elizabeth

    • Graeme Gilmour Says:

      My father, James Gilmour, was born in Auchinleck very late in the 19th century. Most of the family emigrated to South Africa early in the 20th century. I passed through Auchinleck on a visit to the UK some years ago and wondered whether there might be any relatives still living there. I had an aunt Nancy (McGowan) who lived in Rutherglen, near Edinburgh. It would be great to hear from anyone who might remember or be family of them.

  31. Hello There,

    My Family has Gilmour on the male side and from what I know the Gilmours were originally French Hugonauts that made their way to Scotland where they made their home in app. 1100 A.D. My gr gr Grandfather’s first name escapes me but him (a Gilmour) and his 12 or so siblings moved to the Ontario (?) area in the mid 1800s from Tullylish. From there MY gr grandfather Samuel Gilmour moved to Western Canada (as it was known then) and his son John (“Jack”) was born in Seattle. I am 3rd generation Seattle born Gilmour living in Portland, OR. Heard some time ago that the Gilmour tartan is shared with Morrison and have enjoyed claiming the “Ancient” one to others (since I like the colors a lot). More importantly possibly to readers of this forum is that when my mother & father were newlyweds in Germany during Vietnam they had a double family Crest hand painted in Germany. It vanished after my parents divorced but I remember the details of the Gilmour Crest FAIRLY well. My mother’s family name was Whittington: much red, silver & boring- SO English… the Gilmour one how ever had a shield in four parts with green & silver squares and a line running from top right to bottom left in Green edged in silver. the silver spaces each had three green shamrocks on them & the green spaces each had a green and white diamond pattern running across them on them… I don’t recall what was on the stripe but believe it may have actually had 3, 4 or 5 doves or lutes across it at the top was a silver helmet with a hand and quill on top and the ribbon was in green… I was a little kid when I last saw it. From what I learned on House of Names the only components of a Family Crest that carry on through the generations are the colors & the icons. Everything else is up for grabs ESPECIALLY the way it is put together (i.e.placement, chevron or stripe, etc). HOWEVER, any coat of arms I’ve ever seen for Gilmour had no green in it… Because of what I saw in my home as a child- until I see one like that, i don’t buy it. I may just have to make one myself.

    • Heidi Says:

      Looking for info. on the Gilmour family that lived around Brant, Canda in the 1930’s. James Morrison Gilmour born in brant in 1939 son of Andrew Campbell Gilmour & Catherine Leitch. Any connections??

      • Juliet Says:

        Are you referring to Brant County in Ontario Canada?
        I am a Gilmour from Brantford Ontario, I have many James and Andrews in my family tree but I dont see any with those middle names. Maybe we can fill in blanks together?

    • GJ Says:

      Unfortunately seems like a myth to me. Huguenots (French Protestants) were unheard of until the mid-1500s. Incidentally I descend from David Gilmour of Londonderry whose family were previously of Paisley.

  32. Jessica gilmour Says:

    Hi i would love to find out about my family history All i know is my Grandad Harold Gilmour, His wife Elizabeth Wilson there 4 children my father Robert. H. Gilmour, Kenneth Gilmour, Jackie Gilmour and Walter Gilmour arrived in New Zealand Roughly 43years ago on a boat and i think they came from edinburgh.
    Please if anyone knows anything i would love to hear from you.

    • wally gilmour Says:

      Hi Jessica, Hope I am your Grandad, That is my family you are talking about,except that I am Walter Kennedy Gilmour, not Harold Gilmour. My son, your father is Robert Harold Kennedy,
      brother Kenneth Andrew Wilson,&deceased the eldest Walter Alexander Gordon& my daughter Jacqueline Maria Mackenzie Gilmour. Jackie I am sure you know is in Australia.
      Would be great to be in touch with you, I live in Hamilton & understand you worked here.

  33. Jessica gilmour Says:

    any information would be greatley appreciated thank you

  34. garth gilmour Says:

    hi all you Gilmours ,starting to search the family history here in ohio USA ,from what i here both the sides of my grandparents came down from canada .the gilmours and the davis ,davies and any help would be great,im gonna go check out gilmore ohio did not no it was there until i saw this page .

    • Heidi Says:

      Hello, I am researching my gg grandmother who was Mary Ann Gilmour born in Quebec, 1871, her family moved to USA then on to western Canada. In your research does her name surface?? Thanks, Heidi

  35. Megan S Hamilton Gilmour Says:

    Hi, i always thought Gilmour was Irish glad to hear its scottish!

    • Lesley Gilmour Says:

      It is my understanding that a lot of the Gilmours emigrated to Ireland in the 1700s, and then many left Ireland during the Potato Famine.
      I can’t remember all the details but I learnt this while I was visiting Ireland a couple of years back.

      • johngilmour Says:

        hi, megan i have just started to look into the name gilmour,im also glad to here its scottish, i was told years ago it was irish and im coming 65 years of age,from ayrshire i live in darvel birthplace of sir alexander scott. nice to here coments on here very interesting.

  36. Patti Matzke Says:

    Thank you for the valuable information on the Gilmour Family.
    I am researching Jean Gilmour, b. 1825 in Carmunnock, to Matthew Gilmour and Janet Napier.
    Would appreciate any insight.

  37. Kathrine Keselowsky Says:

    Looking for connection to Campbell and Gilmour/Gilmor/Gilmer
    My grandparents were Hugh Linwood Campbell (b Sept 2 1878 in Girvan) maried to Jane(Jean)Hunter Gilmer (b 0g Aug 1886 in Gatehead, Ayrshire). They were married in Kilbirne, Ayrshire. They came to Canada around 1909 My mother was born in Girvan, Scotland
    Also if conntected to the Hunter clan. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  38. Mark Gilmour Says:

    Thank you to all who have posted comments on this page, please continue to do so as it is interesting to keep up with.

    I am hoping to add more to the name origin as I find more out.

    Thanks for visiting


  39. Shelley Gilmour-Rankin Says:

    I have been trying to trace my ancestor, John Cullin Gilmour back to Scotland. He married Genevieve Audry in Montreal in 1811. I haven’t been able to find his parents names and where he was from in Scotland. John and Genevieve had a son, Pierre Cullin, and a daughter, Caroline. All of the descendants lived in Quebec and were all French speaking. My gg grandfather, Joseph Georges Gilmour (married Aldygonde Dallaire) settled in Coaticook, Quebec. Any information from other descendants would be greatly appreciated. I have researched extensively and would love to share what information I have.

    • michelle lockman Says:

      hi Shelley,
      I,ve been trying to find info about William Gilmour, brother of Joseph Georges, your gg grandfather; did he have descendants?

      • Shelley Gilmour-Rankin Says:

        Hi Michelle,

        Thanks for getting in touch with me. Are you descended from this line? Since this post I’ve discovered who John Cullin Gilmour’s parents and siblings were. Also, I’ve connected with cousins descended from Georges and Aldygonde through their son Edouard and have more info on Coaticook. I’ve been also researching Joseph George’s siblings – children of Pierre Gilmour and Angelique Lacombe. Are you talking about William George Gilmour born 1854 – married Marie Celina Dumas in Montreal in 1882? I haven’t yet found their children, but I have discovered a death certificate for William George Gilmour, but can’t be absolutely sure it is him yet. Please email me with more information at I have some documents I can send you.

  40. Warren Says:

    I’ve traced my Gilmore family from Paisley, Scotland to Colerain, Ireland to the US. Just wondering if anyone has a similar path.

    • Patti Says:

      we have the same path My Great Grandmothers Family back to James Gilmore born 1642 in Paisley he died in 1700 in Boston Ma.

      • GJ Says:

        We may have common ancestry although I have only managed to get back to a James Gilmour marrying Elizabeth Sim 1725 Paisley Abbey. I know my family forward from that date.

    • Anthony Gilmour Says:

      I also have traced my family to Paisley, Scotland. My grandfather’s name is James (Jim) Gilmour born in 1912. He relocated to Morristown, New York. He told me he had a brother in the Buffalo, N.Y. area. He married Flora M. and they had a son who is my father by the name James Douglas Gilmour. He was born in 1940 and passed away in 1973, I never got to find out much about him. He did serve in the U.S. Army. I would really like to know more about the Gilmour family so please feel free to contact me.

      • Patti Says:

        some of the Gilmores in my line went to Virginia and were in the Massacre . The farthest back on the tree so far is James GILMORE
        Born: 1643 – Paisley, Renfrewshire, , Scotland
        Marr: –
        Died: 1700 – Boston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
        Other Spouses:

      • Pearl Grey Says:

        Hi, Im looking for information about Elizabeth Gilmour, married to Thomas Brown in the late 1770’s/ early 1880’s. They had a daughter called Agnes Brown, born about 1806 in Paisley. This Agnes Brown is the wife of my grandfather’s grandfather’s father. If anyone has info about this Elizabeth Gilmour and her family I would be delighted to hear from you. email:

    • Josephine Says:

      My family is from the same branch as well. My grandfather, James Gilmore, grew up in the Wrentham, Mass (greater Boston) area, and descends from the James Gilmore born in Paisley.
      I am fascinated from the various threads here how many James and Williams continue to show up!

    • Matthew Gilmore Says:

      My Gilmore bloodline also comes from Paisley, Scotland. They left Scotland around 1660 to head to Ireland. Back then I believe the named was spelled Gillmor or Gilmor. They left Ireland and headed to America on 1700. They where in the revolutionary war, and said to cross the Delaware with Washington. They were major players in the in the Shovel industry and Hinge making owning their own factory after marrying a Ames. I have records saying they defended the Earl of Argyle in 1500 something and related to a Admiral Gilmore/Gillmor, which I’m still researching. Its also folklore that we are from Danish viking descent, and were called Killmor, which I think is a bit exaggerated. I have been trying to find a clan where my family came from for ever. I was leaning to that they are related to the Morrisons, but I got no proof of that. If anyone has any info that can back up any of these stories, or add to them I would be greatly thankful.

      • I’m stuck on my Gilmour Ancestor David Gilmour b. 1712 who marries Isobel or Isabel Brown
        He was born in Old Church, Paisley, Renfrewshire..
        I come at him from Grizzell Grace Gilmourwho married James Scott of Strathaven around 1799. His part of the family headed for Iowa and middle states around 1839 along with John Gilbert and his wife Catharine Scott.

  41. Mary Ball Says:

    My Father was Reverend William Gilmour and he was born in Ogagh, N. Ireland. He served in Vimy Ridge as a Captain in the first world war. I have been trying to find out if he was a Chaplain while overseas. He came home from the war and my family moved from Vancouver, B.C. Canada to Wellington New Zealand. He died at age 60 when I was just 9 years old. One of his sister’s was married to a Mr. Hogg. Any information anyone has would be appreciated.
    Mary Ball.

    • David MacKay Says:

      Dear Mary Ball:
      I am David MacKay, son of Minnie MacKay, who attended Westminster Presbyterian Church Sunday School on Sophia St. and 26th Avenue in Vancouver, Canada in the early 1920’s. Just today I was at the United Church Archives out at UBC, and found out about how and why your father was a United Church Minister for two years and then took a position in New Zealand with his old Church, the Presbyterians.
      My mother’s recollection of this Sunday School was that the Gaelic language was used in some of the services – sadly she died in 1998 at age 85.
      I would love to correspond with you on any of this through my e-mail address – I have just returned from two years in Edinburgh so that explains my e-mail address, but I now reside in Canada again.
      By the way, you Dad’s old church still survives and is now a Native Pentecostal Church, with the Mountain View United Church now a Baptist church, two blocks up the road!
      Got your Dad’s obituary on-line from the Wellington Evening Post, Vol. 76, Issue 24, 28 July 1938, Page 11 which states that he was 56 years old when he died.


      David Stuart MacKay

      • Mary Ball Says:

        Hello David:
        I got such a surprise today when I went on line again to find out if my Dad Rev. William Gilmour was a Chaplain in the 1st World War and there I went through replies from other people and there I saw your reply.
        Thank you for it. Yes I would like you to contact me at my email address. Mary Ball.

  42. Deborah Says:

    It has been a long hard search for my Scotish Ancestors. One in particular has caused me grief. Ann Gilmour who married a Daniel Gibson. There is only a marriage record, one census record of 1841 and a Death record for Ann Gilmour gibson. No parents name for her were mentioned. No birth records for her children either. The census listed her Date of birth as 1811, but her death record in 1845 looks odd because next to her name and husbands name looks to me as if it says 43 y that would mean of her year of birth would have been 1802 She died in Midlothian. I am at a dead end. You know how frustrating that can be. If any of you Gilmours out there see a connection to my family tree, please give me a shout!

  43. Tom Gilmour Says:

    My Gilmour family is from Stevensville, Ontario. Great site!

  44. Susan Says:

    I am researching my family tree and am stuck! Alexander Gilmour, a calico printer living in Barrhead, married Mary Morrison. They moved to Canada in the 1800s and had five daughters, the oldest was Agnes who was my great-grandmother. Does anyone have an Alex Gilmour/Mary Morrison connection?

  45. Shannon Gilmour Says:

    This is amazing!!!! I always wanted to know where i came from!!! How can i found out more?

    • Kieren Muir Says:

      Hi Shannon,
      Go on the Muir websites and the Morrison websites and this will tell you alot about your origins.

  46. Paul Gilmour Says:

    Hello Clan,

    Its great to see there are so many of us out their.
    Most of my family on my dads side live in derry NORTHERN IRELAND,
    Does anybody out their know them,
    My dads name is TONY,
    My uncle HUGH was killed in bloody sunday.

    Paul gilmour.

  47. Saor Alba Says:

    It’s a pity that,after all the research you’ve obviously done into the surname Gilmour you managed to state that Ayrshire is in the Borders!!! I’ve been to Ayr several times,as my ex wife is an Ayr lass,and it’s certainly not and never has been in the Borders! Could you all please,when putting stuff on the web re.YOUR ancestry and MY nationality,homeland,birthplace,country of residence,etc. etc.,as well as my ancestry,i.e.Scottish/Scots/Scotland,make a wee bit more effort to get your facts,spellings,history and terminology right,e.g SCOTTISH is spelt with two T’s? It’s really not that hard you know! p.s. The Gilmours were never a clan,the Clan System NEVER existed outwith the Highlands and Islands! Slainte!(please note correct spelling).

    • david mackay Says:

      What a pedant you are!
      You’re probably one of those that thinks Gaylic is pronounced Gallic, like we were all French!!

  48. Saor Alba Says:

    I’ve just had another wee look through the comments here and,although some of you have got some of your facts right,I’m sorry to say,some of you are,as we’d say here in Scotland,talking an awfy lot o’ pish!

    • Beth nimmo Says:

      Calm down to a frenzy pal, not everyone here is from Scotland or the UK. The terminology in other countries can be different as can the spelling of some words. You as a Scotsman have just embarrassed yourself and shamed the rest of us Scots here reading this. So if you don’t mind, have some patience and tolerance for others, and some good old fashioned manners wouldn’t go amiss either.
      Or was the whole point you just showing off that you were born and live in Scotland? If that’s the case that just makes you a sad weirdo, and even more shameful.

  49. David MacKay Says:

    Dear Mary Ball:
    Just thought to look again at the Gilmour family history site, and there was your message of May 16!
    I have found out a great deal about your father, your grandfather, and the two of your uncles who were also ministers. What a rich history it is!
    I am so glad you are alive and well and we can have this conversation, but I’m not so Internet savvy as some and would like you to let me know what your personal e-mail is so I can communicate with you privately. I went on the Internet to find all the Balls in the Wellington phone book but haven’t a clue which if any of them you are! In the hopes that you will see this latest message I can tell you that I can be reached at 604-563-1357, Vancouver (I don’t know what the other prefatory numbers are for you when phoning from abroad) and you can reverse the charges.
    Your father was very famous in his day here in Canada, and your uncles in Northern Ireland and Scotland too. I even found a reference to your grandfather in the British House of Commons Hansard.
    Please let me know what your postal address is in New Zealand so I may send you copies of what I have uncovered. My address is #83 – 1454 Pendrell St., Vancouver V6G 1S5. By the way I am still a Presbyterian!
    David MacKay

    • Rewa Gilmour Burton Says:

      Dear David MacKay,
      I am the great grand daughter of Rev. William Gilmour, Mary Ball is my great aunt. I would absolutely love to see what you have uncovered! I just read the obituary of my great grandfather in the Wellington Post, what a wonderful thing to have, thank you. I will write you a letter at the address above, just in case you do not get this.

  50. adam gilmour Says:

    my name is adam gilmour i live in lichfield but originally b,ham my dad is robert george gilmour i am the the last in line of the gilmour clan as i.m the only son in my family having 5 sisters and my own 2 daughters but i know my dads family were from just outside glasgow his dad was george since found we came from edingburgh

    • adam gilmour Says:

      spoken to my dad Robert George Gilmour god bless him(he,s a good man with 5 daughters and only me as his treasure , of course fishing is really his life and he wont let us forget it !
      his father was named williiam george gilmour . his sisters were Annie. Sarah. Agnus. Mary. Gene.

      they were a hard working industriial family from Motherwell .
      If anyone knows us well great but looking for family members meanwhile God Bless from Adam.,Kim. Karen,Jayne . Maxine . Ashley Birmingham uk

  51. John Alan Gilmour Says:

    ive heard many storys of the origin of Gilmour, i even heard one of a viking prince that was shipwreaked in scotland and his son was called ghille mhoire, im a Gilmour and i live in scotland near glasgow, just think if we all traced back our familys we could all be distant relatives.

  52. Brooke Gilmour Says:

    Hello Gilmour’s

    My family is from Kingston. My father is Dave Gilmour, son of Don Gilmour.

    I’d love to know if we are related!

    • Christine Gilmour Says:

      Hi Brooke
      I am the daughter of Wayne Gilmour, Don’s brother. We are in Ottawa! Am new to this site… hoping to find out more family history! 🙂

  53. Brooke Gilmour Says:

    Kingston, Ontario, Canada that is….

  54. Pam Veenstra Says:

    Looking for information about William Leslie GILMOUR. We know he and his wife Jane had a son John Leslie GILMOUR who was born circa 1832 in Glasgow. John Leslie married Margaret COCHRANE in 1854 in Edinburgh and about ten years later they immigrated to Australia with four or five children. Would love to know more about the life of this Gilmour family in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

  55. Troy Miller Says:

    Are any of you related to Robert Gilmour who was born on 7 May 1815 in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland? He married my great-great Aunt Helen Millar on 14, July 1837. Helen Millar was born on 7 August 1816 in Dysart, Fife, Scotland. They are listed as having 11 children, with three of the children being named Mary. I hope someone in the Gilmour family can help me with that enigma.

    • Deborah Says:

      Did Robert have a sister named Anne? Or a sister with a middle name of Anne? Still searching for who Anne Gilmour’s parents were. Thanks

    • K GILMOUR Says:

      Hi Troy you are related to me – Gilmour in Fife, Scotland. Get in touch for more info. There are too many Troy’s to find you. Thanks.

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Hello K Gilmour. I am Robert Gilmour. Australian by birth. My GGG grand father was William Gilmour. William was born at Craig Millar Castle Scotland which belonged to the Gilmour family. Mary Queen of Scots also once lived at Craig Millar Castle. William and family migrated to Sydney Australia yr1847.on sail-ship HotSpur one child died during the trip. Yes I found Williams grave, also the house that William and family lived in. William became Mayor of township Wallsend an outer township of Newcastle city. New South Wales Australia. The local Wallsend town library has all the info of William and the politics of that earlier time.. Hope this helps. I am now 74yrs old. For only when one touches the grave does one feel the vibration of reality….Is just how I think of it as I touch the headstone and I felt the vibration as if a story was being sent to me?…….Hope this help? ok bye…Robert

      • brian edwards Says:

        Still trying to trace the whereabouts of the Gilmore/ Gilmours who lived in Pendulbury near Bury in Lancashire,
        Two sisters one called Brenda then ran a pet food shop in Bury. I think Married a Stevenson , used to go dancing at Manchester YMCA in the late 60’s.any one know of her .?

  56. Brian Gilmour Says:

    hi folks,
    I am Brian Gilmour and my father was George, I live in Tayport Fife,

    • John Gilmour Says:

      Brian, its your cousin john here, it must be at least 25 years since i last saw you. Kind of funny how the internet can get people in touch. I’m in Nigeria at present but will be comming back to the uk for good at the end of the year hopefully.
      My niece, Natalie (Australia- NSW) is trying to do a search on our family, will let you know how she gets on. if you want you can contact me at
      john dot gilmour at nov dot com.
      just so so the “bots dont pick it up,

  57. Juliet Gilmour Says:

    Hi all, My name is Juliet Gilmour and my Great-great- grandfather was John William Gilmour, born in Co Tyrone, Ireland. He came to the US as a small child with his parents and his 4(?) siblings, we believe 2 brothers and 2 sisters. As a young man he came to Fergus Ontario Canada and married Mary ann Reid. His son Andrew would have been my great grand father (he moved to Brantford, Ontario, Canada).
    We are having trouble getting any further information about John William Gilmour/Gilmore’s parents and their families in Northern Ireland, as well as any of their children in Ontario.
    Any info would be appreciated.

    • Alistair Gilmour Says:

      Hi all, I am very interested in this information. I am Alistair Gilmour and I live in Co. Tyrone. My father was William and his father was called John and both these names appear to be family names. Could it just be a coincidence that your great-great grandfather was John William from Co.Tyrone. Have you any further information i.e. Where in Co. Tyrone he was born and in what year?

      • Juliet Says:

        Oh my, 5 years later a reply!
        He was born Mar 26 1828 in Co. Tyrone. His family line in Canada is full of John, William, and Andrew.
        The only other new information I have is to look in the New Mills area.

      • Juliet Gilmour Says:

        I am wondering if you ever received my message. I would be interested in talk with you more. Please message me.

  58. my grandfather was george gilmour
    they called him gg he had 3 sons and a daughter with violet willicot nee gilmour theyre kids were susan gilmour
    kenneth gilmour now deceased aka big kenny
    william gilmour aka wullie
    george gilmour aka geordie
    i would like to hear anything i can about them thanks

  59. there from stevenston ayrshire btw

  60. joyce gilmour Says:

    hi ,
    my name is joyce gilmour i married matthew david gilmour son of matthew gilmour born 1920 at bluebell court ecclefechan and betty gilmour(nee bell) also born in ecclefechan ,if any gilmours would like to contact me you can on this site or e mail hope to hear from you soon ,

    • zzzz1961 Says:

      Hi, Joyce. I know Ecclefechan very well. Yes and I knew your husband Matt. How’s he keeping these days. I was born in 17 Castle Acre, Ecclefechan. I’m hoping to visit your sister in law (Joan) in July.


  61. mark gilmour Says:

    My name is Mark Gilmour i come from Broughty Ferry near Dundee Scotland.
    Just stopped in to say hello.

  62. Lesley Gilmour Says:


    I just found this website and it is very interesting. About all I knew about the name “Gilmour” before was that it was part of the “Morrison”s.

    I am hoping someone can help me track down a lost relative. My cousin has been compiling a family tree and one of our grandfather’s brothers immigrated to Canada. The information I received from my cousin is:

    “Another thing you might be able to check for me is that Grandad Gilmour’s elder brother Richard Hepplewhite Gilmour, …Edith (his niece) seems to think he may have gone to Canada – where he died…He was born in Hartlepool in 1898 and emmigrated – probably in the 1920-30s. He died probably around the 1950-60s. I know Nanna (Edith Gilmour, nee Roebuck) read a personal notice in the paper, saying he had died put in by a solicitor wanting to find his family but she would not respond and so we lost any chance of getting in touch with his family. I have traced Grandads family back to Ireland 1826”

    I believe Richard Hepplewhite Gilmour lived in Ontario. I would very much appreciate knowing of any information that is available about him or his descendants.

    Thanking you in advance,
    Lesley Gilmour

    • Sheila Says:

      Hi Lesley,

      Which branch of the Gilmour family are you descended from?

      I only know Richard Hepplewhite Gilmour, Plater, left for Canada on 23 June 1923, intending to stay with his Uncle, Andrew Gilmour, who was resident in Montreal at least from 1923 – 1928 according to directories, and seems to have returned home to die in the Hartlepool area in 1930.

      What a shame your Nana didn´t respond to the solicitors… Why not?! I hope she didn´t miss out on an inheritance. Do you know which newspaper the personal notice appeared in? The article may be available from the British Newspaper Archive website.

      Is your Nana, Edith Roebuck who I know as ETHEL Roebuck? Who married Hartas?

      All the best,

      • Heidi Says:

        Searching for info. on Andrew C.Gilmour & his wife Catherine Leitch. One of their sons, James was born in 1939 in or near Brant, Canada. Later James & his mother, Catherine are found liveing in California (by the 1960’s). Any connection to your Gilmour’s??

      • Lesley Gilmour Says:


        Sorry I didn’t respond before. I thought I would get all the responses by email but I didn’t obviously. I only just saw this.

        My Nanna’s name was indeed Ethel Roebuck who married my Grandfather, Harry Gilmour. I think his proper name might have been Hartis Gilmour.

        I am going to send your comments to my cousin. Thanks,

        p.s. do you know if there is a way we can talk by email?

  63. jo Says:

    hi i am joey gilmour i am years old and my dad says that i come from a viking famly history

  64. jo Says:

    sorry i am 11 years old

  65. Beth Says:

    Hi there, I am looking for info on my grandmother’s (Margaret Helen Gillmor, 1898-1971) side of the family. She was raised in Philadelphia. Her father was John Edward Gillmor, her mother was Lillian Rosemary Meade. She had 2 sisters (Marion and Elise) and a brother (John). I know nothing about the rest of the Gillmor line. At least nothing for sure. Any info woudl be appreciated.

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  67. david gilmour Says:

    iam david spence gilmour from southqueenferry lothian ed inburgh hello to all the gilmours all over the place

    • cinnamonmeg Says:

      Hello David,I have a David Spence Gilmour born 3May 1899 at Woodmuir.Father James Barrons Gilmour.Mother Helen SWan Spence , Irish parents. They married 1923 in Fauldhouse. David was the brother of my husbands Grandfather Robert Gilmour. He married Margaret Kinniburgh and had four children one of whom was my husbands father James Barrons Gilmour.
      I have a photograph of Helen and also of David Spence Gilmour.
      Hope there is a connection.Cheers Margaret Gilmour

  68. Tony Gilmour Says:

    I have traced my family back to county galway.
    I am from the Sheffield area yorkshire.I have also found a meaning of our name which is said to a gil mour means sord bearer to the king. I can supply info on this So glad I found this site.

  69. lds temple Says:

    I don’t even know how I finished up here, but I assumed this post was once great. I don’t realize who you might be but certainly you’re going to a well-known blogger if you are not already. Cheers!

  70. Helen Says:

    Im a Gilmour born in Paisley, hoping to find relatives living in Oz by the name of Craig, William and Gary Gilmour. Lost touch with them a few years ago………..any relatives on here??

  71. Linda Gilmour Johnson Says:

    My ancesters came from Carmunnock, near Glasgow. Arthur Gilmour married Agnes Park. They had 4 children, Robert, Arthur, Helen and Alexander. They immigrated to the upstate New York community of Ogdensburg in the 1820’s. I am trying to find the family before they came to the United States. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Anthony Gilmour Says:

      Hello Linda! I read your comments and it made me very curious to know if any of the 4 Gilmour children from upstate N.Y. had any children? My grandfather James Gilmour was born in 1912 in Paisley Scotland and lived the majority of his life in Morristown which is right next to Ogdensburg, N.Y. It seems as though a lot of Gilmour’s moved to upstate New York and Canada. I hope that you can locate your relatives!

      • Linda Gilmour Johnson Says:

        Yes, they did . I am decended from Arthur Thomas and Ella Gilmour. Arthur was a son of William and Ellen McRoberts Gilmour.

  72. Patti Says:

    traced us back to James Gilmore in Pasisley born 1643 from Scotland to Londonderry and then the US

    • Patti Says:

      Our Gilmores James and his wife Isabel were from Paisley sons were born in Londonderry, Ulster Ireland and then across to Boston and Virginia John Married Margaret Thompson Thomas and Marian Sterling

    • Jo Says:

      Hello Patti – we’re cousins, then, of a sort! I’m also descended from the James Gilmore b in Paisley; I didn’t know his sons were born in Londonderry – that explains the family story that the Gilmores transited thru Ireland.

  73. Rowen Says:

    My Great Great Grandfather was James Kesson Gilmour. Born 1829 in Paisley, Scotland. He moved to Australian and married Jane Howard. His Grandson was named James who then had a son called Peter Robert Gilmour. I do not know if there were other siblings from each of those generations as there isn’t much family left to help.

  74. kathrin Says:

    well hello gilmours, its lovely to read all the history of families, my asking question is does anyone know paul gilmour that lives in melbourne, has 2 young daughters and did live in lancefield victoria for a time i know he has connnections with the calder cannons. my daughter would love to meet him for the first time for her 16th birthday as he is her dad. its the only thing she wants for her birthday and the only thing i have ever told her is he is a great guy and one day she will meet him so im putting it out there.maybe you are a part of his family would even love to chat with you.would be happy for any help.

  75. Laura Lee Gilmour-Siegmund Says:

    Hello Gilmour’s!

    So happy to see we are all such currious people, my father has our geneology back to out scottish days and we would love share and update with all of you!!

    I did want to mention one Tidbit to see if anyone else is aware if this is true. I’ve read that our family moved to Ireland, and we originally thought we were Irish too. Later, (this is what I want to verify) we were sent to “colonize” the irish people or take them over at the request of King Henry. Meaning were sent as part of the military invasion. Found this on the web: England colonised Ireland because in 1155 the Pope issued a decree that Henry II should do so. King Henry obeyed the Pope and used his armies to assume rule of Ireland.

    Hence moving to Ireland to essentially take them over. Has anyone else made this connection. Can’t wait to hear back from all of you 🙂

    Laura Gilmour-Siegmund

    • Laura Lee Gilmour-Siegmund Says:

      Or was it: Ireland during the period 1536–1691 saw the first full conquest of the island by England and its colonization with Protestant settlers from Britain?

    • Lesley Gilmour Says:

      I seem to remember when I was in Ireland, reading that the English originally went to Ireland in 11th century at the request of one of the Irish kings. Without looking it up again, I can’t remember any names or dates.

  76. Patti Says:

    I read somewhere that since the Scottish were easier to control and a more peaceful people it was the hope that they would settle, marry and eventually the Irish would be eliminated.

  77. Patti Says: here is the link for the information about Scots-Irish and how it came to be

  78. Laurie finnegan Says:

    I am looking for family history, my grandmother Edith Gertrude Gilmore of Chicago was born in 1904 and died in 1930. She married Charles Sekafetz and had two daughters, Edith in 1927 and Geraldine(my mom)in 1930. I understand her family was large
    most resided in Iowa. Does this ring true to anyone out there? I am afraid that’s all I have.

  79. Anne Says:

    My paternal great-great grandmother was Jane Morrison. She married William Graham. My great-grandmother (one of their children) was named Ellen Graham, she married John Gilmour. Then their daughter (my grandmother) was named Jeanie Morrison Stewart Graham Gilmour, she married a Campbell. My father is one of their sons. My dad has the Gilmour crest in his living room. The motto is written in French. He also has the Campbell crest in his living room. Its motto is written in Latin. Both mottos translated into English say the same thing…Lest we Forget or forget not. My great-grandmother and her husband John Gilmour raised their family in Bellshill, Scotland. Eventually my grandmother emigrated to Canada in 1926 with her husband and baby boy. I have just one question: why was the Gilmour crest motto written in French and why does it translate the same as the Campbell crest motto.

  80. Kit Says:

    i married a Gilmour, i would like to give him a family tree, since he has felt he has never had family, all i have is his fathers name, date of birth, and death, I have been trying to find more info but i am totally stuck….. is there anyone who can help me?

    His fathers name was Gary Ralph Gilmour, DOB 5/2/1942 ~ 2/8/2002
    I think his father would be Ralph _ Gilmour, but i do not know….

    can anyone help me?

  81. Heidi Says:

    Searching for J.M Gilmour who lived in Orange County, Ca around 1964. Help please!!

  82. Lesley Gilmour Says:

    I come to this site to learn about the Gilmours, not to hear comments about the quality of the website. I am just grateful there IS a website to visit.

  83. wendy gilmour Says:

    My name is Wendy Gilmour. My father was John Murdoch Gilmour. My father was born in Sydney, Australia, and his parents were from Edinburgh, Scotland, and travelled to Australia in the early 1900’s. My dad went back to Edinburgh in 1956, and met with relatives, who recognized him immediately because of his height – Big Gil made sense to me when I read your article, all children were over 6 feet, my dad being the tallest at 6’5″. I had seen the tarten and crest during my childhood. I was very interested in your article, as it gave me more details on my heritage. I wonder if we are all related in some way. I have lived in Florida for the last 22 years. My cousin, Bill Gilmour, and his sons, John, and Bill Jnr. are the last ones living from my family carrying that name.

  84. Jeanette Says:

    WOW I was trying to find out one thing and found a huge amount of info.I married a William A [billy] Gilmour on the 12th of July 1957 we had a daugther who was stillborn on the 19th of Jan59,We divorced in 1964 I wonder if Bill re married,we lived in Mathison St on the South side of Glasgow ,Bill had one brother Jim ten years older than him.Bill would be 72yrs old,Anyone with any info I would like to hear from. Jeanette Pledger / gilmour/ Lawther

  85. Beth Says:

    I have a Gillmor mystery for anyone that is up to it. My Grandmother was Margaret Helen Meade Gillmor. Born 1898 in PA, died 1971 in NJ. She married a man named Philip Walter Zauner.
    Her father was John Edward Gillmor, born around 1880, died around 1964. He was married to a Lillian Rosemary Meade, from NJ. They had 4 kids, my grandmother, John, Marion and Elise.
    And that is ALL I have been able to find. They disappear off the face of the earth. My grandmother thought that the Meade side was from Ireland and the Gillmor from Scotland. And she remembered her grandfather going by the nickname of ‘Black Jack Gillmor.’
    Any ideas?

    • Barbara MacDonald Moore Says:

      Hello – I was just back on the site, looking for references to Gillmor.. My paternal grandfather was William Graham Gillmor, from Manor Hamilton in Ireland. I haven’t found anything further.

  86. Norah (Gilmour) Mason Says:

    Beth, Do remember that the name Gilmor has a number of different spellings gilmour/gilmore would I thin be the most popular but then you have gilmer/gillmor so do try all spellings you can think of . Scotlands People is the best place to try for Scottish births. Good luck

  87. I Will have to come back again when my course load lets up – however I am getting your Rss feed so i could read your blog offline. Cheers.

  88. Heidi Says:

    Helping a friend research his family tree…. Searching for info. on Andrew Campbell Gilmour & Catherine Leitch. I have little info. other then Andrew passed away some time before 1961 but unclear if in Canada or in California. I know they lived in Canada in the 1930’s and By the 1960’s Catherine and one of her sons named James Morrison were found liveing in California.

  89. Jessica Gilmour Says:

    Hi does anyone have any information on Harold Gilmour who married Betty Mackenzie around 1959? they had 4 Children, Jackie, Walter, Kenneth and my father Robert. I think my dad was born in Grantown of Spey?? the family migrated to New Zealand from England in May 1967 on the Rangitane

    • wally gilmour Says:

      Hi Jessica, your Grandad here, Walter Gilmour, not (Harold) as you seem to think.I now live in Hamilton, would love to catch up with you,could give heaps of information you require.Hope we meet up soon.. love Grandad.

  90. Jim Gilmour Says:

    Hello my fellow Gilmours, my name is Jim Gilmour and I am proudly Scottish and grateful to have the surname of GILMOUR. On reading through the website comments I had this overwhelming urge to say hello to my namesakes. As Rabbie Burns said bothers be for aw that and aw that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Ellen K. Compton Says:

    My Mother-In-Law was a Lucille Gilmour and she mentioned that she had a family castle but I didn’t know the location. I wished that I had done her genealogy when she was alive.

    • K GILMOUR Says:

      Hi you are related to me – Gilmour in Fife, Scotland. Get in touch for more info. There are too many Ellen Compton’s to find you. Thanks.

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Hello Ms K Gilmour. I am Robert James Gilmour.I live in state of NSW Australia The castle you talk is Craig Miller Castle.of Fife county Scotland. My great great, great grandfather William Gilmour was born there. Also that Craig Miller castle was once home to Mary Queen of Scots as written in history. Over the years Craig Miller castle fell into severe disrepair from wars and lack of maintenance, and so was handed back to the Scottish nation. William my GG Grand father arrived Sydney Australia with family in tow 1847 on sail ship Hotspur. He settled in township of Wallsend an outer town of Newcastle city. Yes I found Williams grave.and his family home. . William became mayor of township Wallsend. All the info of William can be found in Wallsend Library.hope this helps. I am Robert James Gilmour. son of Archibald James Gimour., My grandfather was Harold James Gilmour a WW1 vet of Australian Light horse Brigade fighting in Egypt township of Bashiba.Hope this helps. Is only when we seek out? do we really know the truth. bye

  92. Norah (Gilmour) Mason Says:

    Hello Ellen your mother-in-law may have been thinking about Craigmillar Castle in Edinburgh it was bought in 1660 by Sir John? Gilmour and was held in the family till 18th c and then left to ruin, it is now looked after by Historic Scotland. In the 1500 Mary Queen of Scots convalesced there .

  93. Terry Gilmour. Says:

    Hello fellow Gilmour’s

    My name is Terry Gilmour, my father was John Terence Gilmour and his father was Walter Gilmour and all from the isle of Man.
    This is the only history of my family I know, but have read some interesting facts on here the power of the internet.

  94. Heather Gilmour Hannan Says:

    Hello fellow Gilmour,s, my dad’s name was Hector Kydd Gilmour born in Greenock Scotland in 1917 to parents Margaret Baxter Spence born 17th July 1892 and father Hector Kydd Gilmour born 12th Dec 1890,Margarets parents Agnes Stewart and father David Spence hope to hear from any Gilmour’s with any relative history.

  95. Melanie Gilmour Says:

    Hello fellow Gilmours! Interesting forum. Im from a large family of Gilmours in Cumbria. Grandad Hugh originally from Glasgow. Just thought Id say hi! My uncle is doing the family tree.

    melanie gilmour

  96. Beth Says:

    Hi there, my grandmother’s (Margaret Helen Meade Gillmor), was known as Black Jack Gillmor. No one really knows why, but thought he was 1/2 american Indian. ??

  97. Ann Gilmour Says:

    Hello Gilmour Clan! . Im from a family of Gilmours in Northern Ireland. Just thought Id say hi Gilmour family! xxx

    • Hello there Anne, thanks for the hello. My great, great grandmother, her name was Catherine from Ireland. She married William Gilmour of Fife county Scotland. (my great great grandfather) With their family of 12 children came to Sydney Australia 1847 on sail ship Hotspur. My name is Robert Gilmour …B-1945

  98. Garth J. A. Gilmore Says:

    Slaine, cousins and friends!

    I really wasn’t expecting to find a font of knowledge this concise about elements of our family’s history and the current crop of Gilmore/Gilmor/Gilmour/etc’s here today. My name’s Garth Gilmore (how pleasant to find above someone else with my given name and family name!), youngest son of Robert Gilmore, Sr. here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. While I’d have to check with my Dam for a lot of the specifics, I know I’m descended from a Sam Gilmore/Gilmour, one of a family of brothers by our mutual name who emigrated from the Isle Of Lewis (Morrisson Clan, as with many of the folk who’ve posted) in the late 1700s-early 1800s off of Scotland, descendants then, by legend (as I understand it) descendants of several Viking families who were shipwrecked just off Lewis centuries beforehand, which led to the Morrisson Clan branch I’m descended from being carved or assembled, traditionally, from driftwood.

    I don’t know a great deal personally about my GIlmore family’s history beyond my father’s mother’s parents stage; I do know that my mother determined that my grandmother’s mother was almost certainly adopted, though very few documents outside of determining other than that have survived as of this post. My Gilmore parentage has been almost entirely on the male side (my paternal Grand’pa had no sisters, and my father was an only child), and I have two older brothers (both married, one with a late-teen son, my nephew, all of whom live here in Toronto as well) but no natural female siblings.

    Feel free to drop me a line if anyone’d care to get in touch, and certainly if anyone here is a cousin or relative I’ve yet to meet!

    -Garth Joseph (my Great-grandfather’s name) Alexander Gilmore, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  99. Nerida Rutledge Says:

    Is any of the following relevant to your Gilmores? Alexander Gilmour & Janet Miller were married in Alloa 27.5.1792 Old parochial registers for Alloa, 1609-1860 Church of Scotland. Parish Church of Alloa (Clackmannan) His marriage entry says he was a Carter from Logie Janet Miller was b about 1771. Marriage Record says she was from Alloa.
    Alexander Gilmour bapt 3.2.1765 at Larbert, Stirling.
    Their 9th child Robert was born between 1811 & 1816? Clackmannanshire. He married Margaret MacKenzie 1.8.1833 Alloa. Their children: Alexander Gilmour
    b 22.12.1833 Alloa & Joan Gilmour b 16.2.1841 & christened 28.2.1841 Alloa.

    • John Gilmour Says:

      Hi! Nerida. As far as I can tell, I am a descendant of one of Alexander & Janets children. Their son John moved to Australia in 1836 when he was about 23 years old. My name is also John Gilmour. I was born in Queensland Australia and have traced my family tree back to John who came to Aust in 1839 on the ship “Lysandra”.

      • Nerida Rutledge Says:

        Hi John- are you the John below?
        1.3.4 Charles David GILMOUR b. 30.4.1920 d. July
        2012 poss. m. 30.4.1945 Mona Winifred WHITE
        b.21.12.1923 d before April 2010 ?
        1.4.1 John David GILMOUR
        Love to hear from you

      • John Gilmour Says:

        Hi! Nerida.
        Yes I am the John David Gilmour you identified. My Dad was Charles and my mother was Mona.
        Would like to make contact as I have little to no details of the Scottish family left behind by John when he migrated to Australia in 1839.
        Regards John G

      • Nerida Rutledge Says:

        Yes, please do email me as I have lots of info about them & have photos of Aberdona Farm in Clackmannanshire where they lived- visited there in 2011. Also have a lot of info about Mary Ann Wheaton’s family. Are you able to access my email address from this website?

      • John Gilmour Says:

        Hi! Nerida. Not sure if this is in the correct place to reply. I cannot determine your email address but mine is ‘’
        Would be great to hear from you.
        Regards John G

      • bmacmoore Says:

        I have determined that my paternal grandfather, William Graham Gillmor (some name variations found) was born in ManorHamilton, Ireland January 12, 1893, and died in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on March 21, 1929. He married Beatrice Mary Higham.

        His father (also William Gillmor) was born about 1866, died December 1929. He married Margaret Elizabeth Graham, then when she died, he married Georgie Lee, my great grandmother.

        My information is sketchy…does anyone on this network have any further links or ideas?

        Barbara (Gillmor) MacDonald Moore Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

        Sent from my iPad


  100. Noel Gilmour Says:

    Hi Gilmours

    I am trying to trace my Grandfathers family who emigrated to the USA. He was William Gilmour from the Blantyre area where my dad Tom was born,later they moved to Fife living for many years in Blairhall and Oakley. My grandfathers two sisters Anna and Hannah apparnetly emigrated to the USA. I did have an address from way back, but after many years had been lost.Also there seems to have been a connection between Rathfriland in Nortehrn Ireland and the family as once my grandfather visited when I was a lot younger than I am now, also there we a substantial number of Gilmour signatories to the Ulster Covenant.

    I know Anna and Hanna lived in states close to the Great Lakes.

    Any help would be great.


    • Angela Wilson Says:

      Hi Noel

      I saw this post by chance whilst searching online regarding the Gilmour name.

      I am Angela Wilson maiden name Gilmour and was born in Dunfermline in 1960 and I think we maybe related?

      My Grandmother Nan referred to as Auntie had a brother Tom who lived in Belast for many years and was married to a lovely lady named Evelyn and they had a daughter Olive and a son Noel.

      The family were originally from Blantyre and settled in Fife and lived in Blairhall and Oakley.

      If this unrelated to yourself, then please accept my apologies for replying to your post.



  101. Hey Gilmours,
    I am Bruce Thomas Gilmour originally from Long Island but also have family buried in the “Scotch Bush country” of St.Lawrence County,NY.USA.Just saying a shout out to one and all.Merry Christmas-Happy New Year!

    • My Gilmour family is from St Lawrence Co, also. I have the geneology back to Scotland about 1822. Both my grandparents were Gilmours. My grandmother was daughter of Alexander Gilmour and my grandfather was a son of William Gilmour

      • Nerida Rutledge Says:

        Hi Linda- I have Alexanders & a William on my Gilmour tree so are you able to let me have more details of yours- dates, etc
        Mine were in Clackmannanshire in Scotland.

      • Hello…My great, great grandfather was William Gilmour from county of Fife Scotland. His wife was Catherine of Ireland. They came to Sydney Australia on the sail ship Hotspur 1847 They had 12 children though 2 died early

  102. Kerry Gilmour (1986) daughter to William Gilmour Says:

    Hey Gilmours ,

    Really don’t know where I fit in here … If I do at all ,

    I live in Glasgow and have done for 25 years ,
    My Dad originally came from the Easterhouse area his father also William Gilmour and mother Helen … Had 6 sisters

    Any one recognise any of this , I’ve never traced my tree before

    Thanks in advance to anyone x

  103. What’s up all, here every person is sharing these kinds of experience, therefore it’s pleasant to read this weblog,
    and I used to pay a quick visit this weblog daily.

  104. Margaret Says:

    Hello all, just came across this site by chance, its amazing, I am a Gilmour from ecclefechan, my dads jack Gilmour son of Harry and (Peggy), margaret nee martindale, he has one brother and two sisters, Edward, jean and Ellen.

    just thought id give everybody a shout x

  105. Lesley Gilmour Says:

    Wow, my parents are Harry and Margaret Gilmour as well, but not the same people. What are the odds!

    • margaret moffat Says:

      hi lesley, what a coincidence, which part of the country are you from? i’ve noticed that the same family names keep repeating themselves quite often though .

  106. Lesley Gilmour Says:

    I’ve been in Winnipeg, Canda for the last 20 years but my parents and I emigrated from Yorkshire, England. I’ve been looking for my grandfather’s brother who apparently immigrated to Canada much earlier, probably to Ontario.

  107. Tom Gilmour Says:

    Lesley, what it his full name? I’m a Gilmour from Ontario. My grandfather was Ira Douglas Gilmour.

  108. Lesley Gilmour Says:

    I would love to find out I had other relatives in Canada. At the moment I only have two blood relatives in North America. This is a repost of my original entry looking for info on my great-uncle:

    I am hoping someone can help me track down a lost relative. My cousin has been compiling a family tree and one of our grandfather’s brothers immigrated to Canada. The information I received from my cousin is:

    “Another thing you might be able to check for me is that Grandad Gilmour’s elder brother Richard Hepplewhite Gilmour, …Edith (his niece) seems to think he may have gone to Canada – where he died…He was born in Hartlepool in 1898 and emmigrated – probably in the 1920-30s. He died probably around the 1950-60s. I know Nanna (Edith Gilmour, nee Roebuck) read a personal notice in the paper, saying he had died put in by a solicitor wanting to find his family but she would not respond and so we lost any chance of getting in touch with his family. I have traced Grandads family back to Ireland 1826″

    I believe Richard Hepplewhite Gilmour lived in Ontario. I would very much appreciate knowing of any information that is available about him or his descendants.

  109. Hello, i read your blog from time to time and i own a similar one and i was just
    wondering if you get a lot of spam feedback? If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything you can advise?
    I get so much lately it’s driving me mad so any help is very much appreciated.

  110. rose freer Says:

    Just interested to see if my family name origjnated france or italy, as we are quite dark skinned and straight noses. We look latin.

  111. B Gillmor Macmoore Says:

    I have started looking for my family history. Our spelling is Gillmor, My father was Kenneth Graham Gillmor (born Montreal Canada 1917- died London Ontario Canada 2002) and his father was William Graham Gillmor who was apparently born in Ireland. There seems to be a mix of the round faced more swarthy (my uncle Lewis Gillmor) and the narrower face and lighter skin like my Dad.

    B Gillmor MacMoore

  112. Norah (Gilmour) Mason Says:

    The dark skin may well be from the Irish Gilmour’s

    • B Gillmor Macmoore Says:

      thanks. That makes sense. I haven’t been to Ireland yet, and hoped to know at least the county, city or town that my Dad’s dad came from first……

  113. patti Says:

    I am looking for links to Thomas Gilmore who came to America back in the late 1700’s

  114. Kit Says:

    i married a Gilmour, i would like to give him a family tree, since he has felt he has never had family, all i have is his fathers name, date of birth, and death, I have been trying to find more info but i am totally stuck….. is there anyone who can help me?
    my husband was born in Ohio. when he was toddler aged they moved to Florida.
    His fathers name was Gary Ralph Gilmour, DOB 5/2/1942 ~ 2/8/2002
    His father would have been Ralph (something, beging with a C i think) Gilmour.
    My husbands father was always secretive, My husband also remembers seeing several family members when he was little, but after his parents split, he never saw much of his dads family. that is when he started feeling like he had no family, and comes from nothing.

    can anyone help me?

    • Kit Says:

      GARY R GILMOUR was born 02 May 1942, got Social Security number 292-36-8837 (indicating Ohio,) and died 08 February 2002

    • joe gilmour Says:

      hi im joe gilmour form glasgow scotland,i used genes reunited and other geneaology sites found on google etc,also if you can locate the office for births deaths and marriages in the area your father and his immediate family came from are very helpful,hope this is of help to you.

  115. Kit Says:

    Thank you Joe, those are sites I have not heard of, I will try them. My problems are money, don’t have a whole lot of that to research properly with. Thank you for the information.

  116. joe gilmour Says:

    no problem,unfortunately,most of these sites want money,but there is good advice and free family tree layouts etc,hope you get on ok

  117. Leigh Gilmour Says:

    Hi to all the Gilmours out there,my name is Leigh Gilmour from Warrnambool in Australia not sure how many of you are relations but interested to find out.

  118. joe gilmour Says:

    hi leigh,welcome to the group,even if we are not related it is good to see the gilmour name is all over the world,i am from glasgow,scotland

  119. Gail M Gilmour-Lim Says:

    I am a Gilmour too I was looking through the tartans When I decide to check out some cmments wow there are a lot of us.I am from Toronto,Ontario Canada. I was told my.great grandfather John Gilmour came to Canada many years ago he was living in North Colbalt Ont married my greatgrandmother Agnnus not sure of her madden name but they had raised a family in Colbalt.

    • Sandra Gilmour Simkins Says:

      I am also a Gilmour and my family was born in Northern Ontario. My Dad Kenneth was born to John Gilmour and Agnes Rose Janes in North Cobalt , Ontario. He has many sisters Helen, Eleanor, Pearl, Henrietta, Annie, ? and one brother Thomas. There were other brothers and a sister that died in childhood and at birth.

  120. Jim Kerr Gilmour Says:

    I am Jim kerr Gilmour of Newmilns Ayrshire (Scotland). Our family had a relatively successful milk business in Newmilns called Gilmour’s dairy. There is still a lot of Gilmours residing in the area where it appears the name first appeared.

  121. Debbbie Says:

    Does anyone know of a Mary Gilmore maiden Name McLaughlin, come over with her husband William, who died on the ship they had 3 children, she lived in Adams, MA. She died walking home sometimes in the late 1800s . We need a date. please reply to

  122. My Gilmours came from Cambuslang and Carmunnoch, Scotland. I believe they are suburbs of Glasgow. The immigrants were Arthur Gilmour and his wife, Agnes Park Gilmour.

    • Matthew Gilmore Says:

      That is strange. My ancestors from Paisley Scotland, were John Gillmor and Agnes Park. I believe Johns father was Arthur from my research but could be wrong. Either they, or their children settled in Ulster Ireland for 40 years before heading to America, but they also named their children John and Agnes. I need to look back on my research to see if this is true though.

  123. patti Says:

    We had traced our family back to Paisley also the to Londonderrry Ulster Ireland and then America. The farthest back we are able to trace was Thomas Gilmore married to Marion Sterling a son John Gilmore married Agnes Anderson

  124. Tom Says:

    Where in Canada?

  125. Lesley Says:

    Anyone in Manitoba?

    • Lance Gilmour Says:

      There are A few Gilmour’s in Winnipeg, my grandfather emigrated to Canada in the early teens, was a paper boy in Toronto in 1913. He had 15 brothers and sisters, so basically most Gilmour’s in Canada are closely related. I believe ” Doug Gilmour”, the hockey player was- a Wpg boy.. 16 years ago

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Lots of Gilmour’s in Ontario! I am from Ontario but living in Calgary… Would be cool to find out more about the Gilmour roots…. Cheers

    • Lance Gilmour Says:

      16 years ago I had a survey done and there were appr. 4300 Gilmour’s earth wide …. So” we are not alone” , we originated from a Viking that settled in Scotland . The info is in the Edinbough library , I hope to chase that lead down soon… Hope this helps.

  126. Lesley Gilmour Says:

    A little off topic but did you know there was a small town called Gilmer in Texas

  127. Barbara Mary (Gillmor) MacDonsld Moore Says:

    Is it the same origin for the “Gillmor” spelling?

    • Lance Gilmour Says:

      Yes, most names have 6-8 different spellings due to ” who ever” was writing them down at the time. Gilmore is also, us…each census taker phonetically spelled the family name …

  128. Deborah Says:

    Still trying to find out if anyone had any connection with Ann Gilmour, died in Edinburgh in 1842-or1845 looking to find who her parents were. No birth records for her on Scotland’s people. com and only death record shows no parents name.

  129. Mary W. Williams Says:

    I am looking for information about Albert M. Gilmore, Date of birth 1822 in Georgia, United States. He lived in Pike county Alabama, USA He married Mary Conner/Connor. He served in the Civil War of the USA. I would like to find information about his parents. My grandmother was born a Gilmore and later the name changed to
    Gilmer, due to the southern pronunciation and education. My e-mail is

  130. Robert Gilmour Says:

    Awesome! Shout out to all you Gilmour’s out there…. Cheers

  131. Joe Says:

    I’m looking for information about George Fisher Gilmour, who lived at Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England. He died in 1984. Does anyone know about him?

  132. John Gilmour Says:

    Hi! Nerida. Thanks for the reply. I cannot determine your email address but mine is ‘john-lynne@hotmail,com’
    I am visiting Scotland in August/September this year so would be great to have some places to visit.
    Regards John G.

  133. Rob Bright Says:

    Hi there. My mother was born Jessie Violet Gilmour in Leith, Edinburgh 1918 – she has recently passed away at the age of 95. She has left me a family tree of the Gilmours which covers 6 generations back to Charles Gilmour (1733 to 1815) – all originating in Scotland. Her father (my grandfather) was Robert Gilmour (1887 to 1985) ; her grandfather Alexander Gilmour (1854 to 1933); her great grandfather also Alexander Gilmour (1822 to 1905). My mother had two elder brothers – Alex b 1909 who died at the age of around 50 and Phil (1912 to 2007). I am in touch with Phil’s decendants but I know Alex had two sons and I have had no recent contact with this part of the family. If anyone feels they may have a family connection, please get in touch.

  134. Deborah Says:

    Hi, Anyone named Anne in your family tree? I am still looking for an Anne Gilmore that died in Edinburgh around 1845, I do not know who her parents, or siblings were. Thanks

  135. Beth Says:

    Hi there,
    I am still looking for the parents of a John Edward Gillmor. Born around 1883, lived in New Jersey, married a Lillian R. Meade, died around 1964. Any leads would be very much appreciated.

  136. Marianne Fletcher Says:

    Trying to locate Reverend Heather Gilmour of Burlington, Ontario
    If you have contact information I would appreciate it if you would send it to

  137. wally gilmour Says:

    I am walter Gilmour, first time here, never imagined we had such a big Clan, how fantastic,would like to find my Grand daughter Jessica Gilmour,

  138. Shala White Says:

    June 26, 2014

    I am Shala White daughter of Anne Gilmour from Terre Haute Indiana. My daughter and I have been searching for some info about our family. My granddad was Benjamin Gilmour and Margaret (Hamil) was his wife. They came to the USA from Scotland. I would appreciate any info on them as I was not born when they passed.
    Thank you,
    Shala and Dara White

  139. Ryker Gilmore Says:

    Hi im ryker trying to get connected with any of my irish relatives im 14 and live in Florida.

  140. Matthew David Gilmour Says:

    It’s incredible how much history one can find about our family. My brother has done some digging through

    My great-great-great-great-great grandfather was Allan Gilmour. He was born in 1789 in Neilston Parish, Scotland, and married Margaret Anderson.
    They sailed to Canada in March of 1821 with 3 children, the youngest William (six weeks old), was my great-great-great-great grandfather.
    They settled in the Arnprior/Renfrew area of Ontario, where most of the family has stayed.
    My great-grandfather moved to Kingston, which is where our part of the family has been since.

    My brother has even been able to go as far back as 1585 for our ancestor James Gilmour, that was married to Elizabeth Clark. Wild.

    • Donna Johnson Says:

      Do you know if your Allan Gilmour had a brother Francis that also went to Canada?
      I am looking for a Francis Gilmour born in the late 1700’s who had a son John. John was born about 1803 & married Mary Raney.
      I have found John & family in the 1851 census living in Oxford Mills, Grenville, Ontario. After Mary’s death, John married a 2nd time to Eleanor Beckett. He listed his parents as Francis and Mary.

      Possible brother to John- Francis Gilmore b. 1812 found living in Stormont.


      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Hello Donna my name is Robert James Gilmour of Newcastle NSW Australia. yes we could be related? My great great grand father William Gilmour from Fife Scotland came to Sydney NSW Australia 1847 on sail ship hotspur with family in tow. He became Mayor of township Wallsend NSW. Yes I found his grave. I am now 72yrs old
        Post anytime and I will answer.

      • Donna Johnson Says:

        Hello Robert!

        I have taken a DNA test and I am related to several branches of the Gilmore’s. I will have to see if there are any matches from Australia.
        I mainly have matches to the Pelham Massachusetts Gilmore’s. I just can’t connect my family found in Ontario Canada to a specific forefather. Glad you have had luck finding yours!


      • Diane (DJ) Says:

        Hello! Glad to meet via this comment board so many interests in the ancestry of our descendants!! While I cannot say that I am a Gilmore by surname or maiden name it is because my Gilmore’s go back several generations. My Dad would always say we were the “Dukes Mixture”, we are Scots-Irish and English descent (with German and who knows what mix from that area of the world). Snipits of family oral stories are always fascinating because within he tale is a truth! Like- “he came over wearing a velvet coat, was a country gentlemen, they were trying to get to family in Canada and never made but to the America’s. Prior to the revolutionary war-there were turly no firm boundaries. Many from Canada fought in the revolutionary war. My Gilmore’s fought in the revolutionary war and came through Massachusetts some how managed to migrate through New York, Ohio, and continued West. I have so many names in my ancestoral grand parents it becomes a zigzag of names due to the fact – most of my line is from the daughters of each main surname of discussion. So, I descend from a David and I believe a James Gilmore. The daughter is 7th generation from myself ( 6th great grand mother) her father would be my 7th great grandfather. I just wanted to join in the conversation as I am attempting to connect the dots and hope to connect to my ancestors into Scotland/Ireland.

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Hello Diane, thanks for the ancestry post contact.  Diane my name is Robert James Gilmour. I live here in Newcastle city, State of New South Wales, Australia. Born here, me now 72yrs old. Diane your welcome to post me any time. My sister, her name also Diane. Trying to track ancestry can bring it’s anxiety and heart ache as you would be aware. Diane my story to fill you in? My great, great great grandfather was William James Gilmour. His wife was Catherine and had many children. They came to Australia from county of FiFe Scotland, 1847 on the sail ship “Hot Spur” as written in history though one child died on the trip. William was a coal miner. He became town Mayor of small mining town “Wallsend” being an outer suburb of Newcastle city now modern times. I found Williams grave and headstone. I give the grave and head-stone a pat and I say a few words. I also found William’s family home in town of Wallsend now time aged and picket fence. I opened the old gate and I felt my hand was his hands and also wife Catherine and all the children that opened that same gate so aged and tired. Talk about moving moments like no other. Diane, William became town mayor of Wallsend of that earlier time late 1800’s. Wallsend town library has all historical records. Books of the Wallsend town graves and tribute to William’s grave and political history.  Diane my grandfather was “Harold James Gilmour” We were mates doing things together. He was a WW1 vet & he died when I was 20ys old. My dad his name was Archibald James Gilmour. I am Robert James Gilmour. Dad built airstrips in New Guinea  WW11 then returned to Australia wars end, and became a home building contractor. Me his apprentice then age 20yrs. Time past I also became a home building contractor and home building inspector. Me now in my 70’s. Yes name of James being a common of those earlier times.  Well Diana I do hope this helps.  Also yes note, James is so very much a common middle name or given name that I guess goes way way back to even Roman times.  Diane my em is (builderbob234atyahoodotcom) so can post direct any time……ok bye for now…….Robert Gilmour.

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Hello Donna sorry but No, I know of no Allan or Francis Gilmour on my side of Gilmour name. Donna I’m here in Newcastle Australia born here me now 72yrs old. Yes I found my G-G-Grand fathers grave. He became mayor 1850’s. Came to Australia from Fife Scotland with family on sail-ship Hotspur 1847. Donna so much info at the local library re cemetery burial, and Govt profile positions recorded in city records. Please try it as you will be surprised. I did and a whole new world of info opened up in Govt book records. Donna also join your local historical Society as they also hold records, and will help you/ guide you.
        ok bye for now & good luck.. Robert Gilmour. State NSW, Australia.

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Hello Donna, My name is Robert James Gilmour My side of Family Gilmour is William and Catherine. My great great great grand parents. They came to Sydney Australia 1847 on Sail ship HotSpur from FiFe,shire Scotland. They then moved to Newcastle NSW Aust. Yes I found Williams grave. also the list of children though one child died on the trip. Also I found the family home of William and Catherine at town of Wallsend. William got into politics and became town Mayor of Wallsend a small mining town some 14miles from Newcastle City.. The Wallsend library has all history. “B-amazing” I visit Williams grave often. Also my Grandfather’s grave Harold Gilmour as he was member of Australian 7th Light Horse Calvary brigade WW1 and member of that charge on Bashiba Turkish garrison on edge of Mediterran sea as written in history. Me Robert Gilmour now 72yrs old, Son of Archibald James Gilmour, me, grandson of Harold James Gilmour, and me great grandson of Archibald Gilmour Senior. There is more and so much info.. Robert

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Hello Donna, I am Robert Gilmour 73yrs old, I live here in Australia previous of Newcastle NSW and done extensive research and yes I found the graves of my ancestry going back to 1840’s but Sorry as I know of No Allan Gilmour in my side of family Gilmour. My pop Harold Gilmour died when I was 20yrs old. He was member Australian Cavalry Light brigade WW1 Egypt. The Attack by that Australian Cavalry charge recognized as the greatest Cavalry charge as written in our Aust history WW1. Yet to visit Canberra and see his name carved onto the stone wall of remembrance. For only when we see the grave and touch the name stone carved, do we realize how fragile life really is. My ancestry is Scottish from County of FiFe Scotland. 1847. William Gilmour my GGGF. He became Mayor of Wallend an outer suburb of Newcastle City. NSW Australia. Hope this info helps. Post back any-time…Bye…Robert . .

      • Robbie Says:

        Hi rob my name is also robert.morton i am 7th generation gilmour .i am a decendant of james gilmour and anges smith of barony of lanarkshire scotland do you know if we are related

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Hello Donna sorry I can’t help you. My Gilmour family connection started with William Gilmour and wife Catherine from county of Fife Scotland who arrived Sydney Australia 1847 on sail-ship Hotspur with family children in-tow. They settled in township of Maitland an outer town of Newcastle city NSW Australia. Yes I found the graves. William became town mayor of Maitland and all documentation of proof held at Maitland town library. Yes I also found William & Catherine’s house. I opened the gate and my hand became their hands. Talk about moving moments…..ok bye for now
        ….Robert Gilmour . State NSW Australia

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Hello Donna My side of Gilmour family came from county of Fife Scotland. Migrated to Sydney Australia 1847 on the sail-ship Hot-Spur. My side of Gilmour family once owned Craig Miller Castle, being home to “Mary Queen of Scots”. Many yrs past and the castle fell into severe disrepair, and so was handed back to the scottish nation. Yes I found the grave of William Gilmour my great, great, great grandfather. I give the graves a pat on visit.
        My dad was Archibald James Gilmour, son of Harold James Gilmour, my grand father Harold Gilmour. a WW1 vet. I am Robert James Gilmour now 73yrs old son of Archibald, Yes I found the family home of William Gilmour in township of Wallsend an outer town of Newcastle, NSW Australia. William became Mayor of township of Wallsend. Funny feelings as I touch landmarks and my hands become Williams hands. Hope this helps. A lot of old family Gilmour history at the local Wallsend library. Hope this helps?.
        Post any time. ok bye for now. Robert James Gilmour

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Hello Donna, My name is Robert Gilmour. Donna a bit of info. Gilmour family once owned Craig Miller Castle Scotland and was once home to Mary Queen of Scots, though over the years the castle fell into severe disrepair and so was handed back to the Scottish Nation. My side of Gilmour Family migrated to Sydney Australia yr 1847 and yes I found my GGG grandfathers grave. William Gilmour Talk about moving moments. I joined a historical Society and they found so much info for me. Also the local library. William Gilmour became Mayor of township Maitland some 20 miles from Newcastle city state of New South Wales. Yes perhaps we are related as Gary Gilmour the famous Australian cricketer was my distant cousin. I joined a local historical society and they found so much info for me. Hope this helps. ok bye……Robert

  141. Carolyn Gilmour Says:

    Thanks for sharing this info, very interesting.

  142. Tom Henry Says:

    Hi Matthew, Where were your most ancient ancestors from? I follow my Gilmour family back to early 1700s in Perthshire, but that’s where the trail goes cold. Family legend has it that they came from Skye, but it is only legend. (and fits with the alleged Norse origin of the name.)
    Thanks, Tom

    • Nerida Rutledge Says:

      Hi Tom
      My Gilmours came from Perthshire, then Clackmannanshire, but I’m not sure where they came from before that.

      • cf104 Says:

        Hi Nerida
        Would the Perthshire location have been Blackford or Auchterarder, by any chance?

      • nerida Rutledge Says:

        Not that I know of. The earliest generation I can get back to is those baptised 1765 to 1783. at Larbert, Stirling. Then 1793 at Logie, Perth, then 1797 St Ninians, Stirling. Then Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire. It’s just that it’s always been understood that they came from Perthshire.. My G G G Grandfather Alexander Gilmour “came from Logie” on his Marriage Proclaimation.

  143. Hoping someone can shed some light on my own Gilmour mystery. I am searching for George A Gilmour who was born in Boston in the year 1863.

    I think I have found the marriage details of his parents William and Martha which then ties into his birth details that I have been able to find.

    However, George later went on to marry 2 sisters and on each of his marriage certificates, his father is the same (William Gilmour) but the name of his mother as listed is different on each certificate. It is also interesting that one of these names is Susan Templeton and his mother as listed in his birth details is Martha Templeton. I am so confused…George is the missing link to my tree.

    Also, he made his way to Australia at some stage as well but I can’t seem to find any trace of him. He perhaps went via NZ? He arrived in Australia in 1893 (ish).

    Desperately hoping that someone can point me in the right direction and give me a hand.

    Unfortunately, I have no family left who know any of these details and as you can imagine, this is so frustrating.

    Look forward to hearing from someone!!!

    • Robert Gilmour Says:

      Hello Steph my name is Robert Gilmour I live here in Australia. I have ancestry documentation that would be of interest to you. My great, great great grandfather was William Gilmour. His wife was Catherine. He arrived Sydney Australia 1847 on sail-ship Hotspur with many children in tow. One of those children was a son George Edward Gilmour.1882 and perhaps the same George Gilmour you look for? Steph my EM is builderbob234 at Yahoo dot com, if you feel you want to establish a connection? then post as I have a lot of info. William and family came from county of FiFe Scotland. He became Mayor of outer town of Newcastle city NSW Australia. Yes I can probably answer many of your quesions? I also found the house that William Gilmour Snr and family lived in. A lot of moving moments like my hand on the front gate as my hand felt the vibration of Williams hand or wife Catherine or my grandfather Harold. Yes I also found William Snr’s grave and I gave the headstone a pat. Talk about moving moments. A lot of Info at the library of William as he was town Mayor several years. ok bye for now. I am now 72yrs old I visit the graves often and give a pat on the headstones and name plaque. bye for now Robert

  144. Abdul Ismail Says:

    I am looking for Alan Hugh Gilmour, I met him in Kampala Uganda in 1959. I came to London in 1961 and he followed me. He worked for Barclays Bank and was transferred to South Africa. I kept in touch with him for a while but lost contact. Will be grateful for any news. My email address is

  145. Barbara Mary (Gillmor) MacDonsld Moore Says:

    My paternal grandfather was William Graham Gillmor from Manor Hamilton in Ireland.

  146. richard graham Says:

    My mum was daughter to john Gilmour who was married. to my nan called Sotheby my mum married William graham who was killed in eccelfechan they are all buried at hoddam cemetary

  147. Ian Gilmour Says:

    Hello Gilmours
    My father Patrick Joseph Gilmour was born in Glasgow and moved to Liverpool after the war. Does anyone know anything about him?
    Ian Gilmour

  148. G. A. Gilmour Says:

    I am married to a Robert Gilmour from Glasgow ( last address Shieldburn Road) who’s grandfather, Robert died in about nov. 1958. Any one with more info?

  149. Nerida Rutledge Says:

    My Great Great Grandfather John Gilmour was b 29.2.1804 Tillicoultry. He had 2 brothers named Robert:
    Robert Gilmour b 1.4.1793 Logie, Perth. I suspect this one died young?
    Robert Gilmour born between 1811 & 1816? He married Margaret MacKenzie 1.8.1833 Alloa. Their children: Alexander Gilmour b 22.12.1833 Alloa & Joan Gilmour b 16.2.1841 & chr 28.2.1841 Alloa.
    Another brother George Gilmour was born Alloa about 1806 died on 29.12.1865 at Tullibody, Alloa. He had a son
    Robert Gilmour b 11.3.1844 or 11.5.1844
    These are all born way before your Robert who was possibly born in the late 1800s but this may be a family name that has been handed down? Let me know if you ever find information further back.

    • Robert Gilmour Says:

      Hello my name is Robert James Gilmour age 72yrs. My home is Newcastle NSW Australia. My father Archibald James Gilmour. died age 67yrs WW11. My grandfather Harold James Gilmour WW1 My great great grand father was William James Gilmour from county of FyFe Scotland & settled Wallsend, a suburb of Newcastle Australia. Yes I found Williams grave and headstone of late 1800’s William became mayor of Wallsend an outer suburb of Newcastle New south Wales Australia. History records books books at Wallsend town library confirms all. William became town Mayor. Yes I even found where William lived and I touched the old fence, and gate. A feeling like no other as history touched my finger tips. .

  150. Here is another possibility for the derivation of the name Gilmore, Gillmore, Gilmoire. Yes, different spellings for names and for words changed with the phonetic spelling of names and words by different people. But also, as importantly, names and words changed and differed by regions and those regionalized spellings became the spellings of names and words. This is as true in England as in Scotland. And during the 1300s, the language in northwest England different dramatically in all respects with the language of London, which we call the language of Chaucer, which is crude in comparison to the language spoken in northwest England. See the famous pearl poem if you must be convinced, and then compare it to the vulgar sounds and expressions of Chaucer.

    As to the Gil the Big and Gil Moire controversy: let’s think in terms of the name Gill the Big being also interpreted over time to mean Gill the More, the bigger, the Big.

    Donald L. Gilmore

  151. Joe Gilmour Says:

    Hi Patricia, There are still lots of Gilmours in Ecclefechan. I go back there about four or five times a year. You can contact me on e-mail……


  152. Jessica gilmour Says:

    Hi there i am looking for information reguarding my family history i dont have alot of information so any information is greatly appreciated.
    My grandfather is walter kennedy gilmour who married my nana Elizabeth wilson/ Mackenzie (im not sure which) i hink she was bon in advie?
    They had 4 kids
    Robert harold kennedy Gilmour
    Kenneth andrew wilson gilmour
    Walter Alexander gordon gilmour
    Jacqueline maria mackenzie gilmour
    They migrated to new zealand from england in may 1967 on the Rangitane.

  153. Brian Edwards Says:

    Does any one know of a BRENDA GILMORE who lived with her Parents in Rivington cresent Pendlebury Bolton Lancs UK in the 1960’s i think she married a Spencer and they had a pet shop in Bury or Bolton i would like to trace her Thanks if you can help
    Brian Edwards

  154. To all you Gilmours out there…I have come across the bible of the Reverend Andrew Gilmore (1795-1859), Greenock, Renfrewshire. I would LOVE to send this back home to any family connections. Please contact me if anybody has any connection to this Rev. Andrew Gilmour. Thanks.

  155. Patricia A. Dripps Funkhouser Says:

    Hello my husbands grandfather came to America when he was 19 Entered through Elis Island when his family arrived in 1916. Andrew Gilmore was his name. His father was William Gilmour and his mother was Margaret (Miller) his fater was kiled in a Railroad accident. But I was glad to this site. Grandpap Gilmoue changed the spelling to Gilmore he said this was the american way to spell it.

    • brian edwards Says:

      HI Still trying to trace BRENDA GILMORE who lived in pendlebury near BOLTON Lancs UK in the 1960’s.That was her maiden name i think she married a Spencer and they ran a pet food shop in the area either in Bolton or Bury Any one who knows of her please can you let me know Cheers Brian Edwards Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2015 01:23:51 +0000 To:

  156. Kathryn Gold Says:

    My name is Kathryn Gold, I am posting here to possibly find the correct Helen Gilmore 6/18/1920 that I have been searching for….

    If you would….please see if this is a possible match to anyone. Thank you!!

    My Father was born as Joseph Gilmore on 8/13/1957, in Pennsylvania.
    He was voluntarily relinquished for adoption at birth.
    Natural Birth Mother listed as: Helen Gilmore born 6/18/1920 in Pennsylvania.
    Possible residence: 466 Juniper St Warminster, PA 18974

    All of the information I have pieced together led me here. If so, could possibly lead to my Paternal Grandmother or relatives. Thank you in advance for any information or help you can provide!

  157. Noel Gilmour Says:

    Hi All fellow Gilmours.

    I am trying to trace my Grandfathers sisters whom I never met. I believe one of them was called Anna, born and raised in Blantyre they moved to the Great Lakes area, possibly Wisconsin USA? My Grandfather was their brother was William(Willie) and they eventually settled in Oakley Fife, just outside Dunfermline.
    I was born in N Ireland.

    • brian edwards Says:

      hi I am still trying to trace a BRENDA GILMORE OR GILMOUR who lived in Pendlebury Crescent road in the 1960,s that was her maiden name she married i think a “Spencer” If any one knows where she is will be pleased to know Brian Edwards

      Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2015 14:55:04 +0000 To:

  158. Hello My name is Robert James Gilmour. I live in Newcastle, NSW Australia. I was born in 1945. My father was Archibald James Gilmour, my grand-father was Harold James Gilmour, my great- grand-father was Archibald James Gilmour, my great-great- grand-father was William Gilmour from county-of-Fife Scotland and his with wife Catherine. arrived here in Sydney Australia 1847 on the sail ship Hot-spur. My great, great grand-father and his wife Catherine of Ireland had 12 children though 2 died early.

  159. Anthony Gilmour Says:

    Hello Robert, my grandfather Jim Gilmour is from the Morristown area in upstate NY. Wondering if you ever met him before his passing in 2009. Have a wonderful day!

  160. Robert Gilmour Says:

    Hello Anthony, not aware of a Jim Gilmour connection, or any brothers of my great, great, grandfather “William” before 1847

  161. Kevin roland gilmour Says:

    My name is kevin roland gilmour. Family gilmour Ayrshire Scotland. The name gilmour came from the clan morrison. The name gilmour was first introduced or regstered in ayrshire Scotland mostly all gilmour,s came from Ayrshire Scotland, Kevin, r. Gilmour

  162. My Mother-In-Law was Lucille Gilmour and she mention that there was a family castle. I think she said there were two castles, one in Scotland and one in Ireland. So I have more research to do on my family genealogy. Also, my husband is Clifford Compton and there is a castle Ashby, Great Britain, owned by a Marquis and Marquis Compton. So I have yet more research to do on that matter.

  163. I am looking for any Gilmore’s, or Gilmer’s in Alabama, USA.
    my grandmother was Mamie Gilmore/Gilmer .

  164. Morgan Says:

    My name is Morgan but My Grandmothers father was James Gilmour from Glasgow and migrated to the us in the early 1900’s. He married Alice Leigh from England

  165. I am a Gilmour. My grandfather is from Northern Ireland

  166. Michael Crouch Says:

    when researching the surnames my grandparents names, I found a page saying that Erik the Black was king of ireland at some point…though im not finding much info on him now. This would explain the Irish link. also both scotch names belonged to clans who claimed him as an ancestor, and one of the names was pure norse. if you go back far enough we are all connected.

    just to clarify i am not aware of any gilmore names in my family tree, but when i searched the web, this was the closest to having viable info i had previously researched about Erik The Black, just being helpful 🙂

  167. I am looking for information on Albert M. Gilmore, born abt 1822-1825 in Georgia. He married Mary Conner (O’Conner, )/ They lived in Pike Co. Alabama. He died in Lynchburg, Va. USA during the war, about 1861. I am looking for his parents.

  168. Roy Says:

    My Name is Roy Gilmour, I am from Armidale Nsw. My Grandfathers Name was Peter James Gilmour. My Fathers Name is Clayton James Gilmour. He has 2 Brothers, Glen and Rob. My Email is This whole thread is very interesting. I know nothing really of our family history other than partly originated in Scotland. Ty

    • Roy Says:

      Armidale Nsw Australia :).

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Hello Roy, You posted me, or I was part of a family history name search post. Roy my name is Robert James Gilmour, I am 71yrs old. Yes to me, a connection there somewhere, So to help you, this is what I can say. My great, great, grandfather was William James Gilmour from Fife county, Scotland. He and his wife Catherine of Ireland and many children in tow arrived Sydney Australia  in 1847 on the sail-ship “Hot-spur”. His son, my great grandfather was Archibald James Gilmour. His son, my grandfather, was Harold  James Gilmour. His son, my father was Archibald James Gilmour. I am Robert James Gilmour. Bit more to add…

        William on arrival in Sydney traveled to Newcastle and made his home here. I found the street he lived. We was a miner and later became mayor of Wallsend an outer suburb of Newcastle in late 1800’s. The local library here has much Gilmour family history also the historical Society here of which I am a member. Roy I have found many of the graves. A moving moment. Harold my grandfather, was member of the Australian Light Horse Brigade WW1, posted in Egypt as written in history. I am the lucky one, as I associated with my grandfather and we did much together, but he was a broken man. Battle fatigued and you name it. Me as a boy 12yrs old, I would catch brumby horses and my grandfather Harold was a horse whisper.

        Roy my email address is “”. I live here. I am not in the USA. Fife county was once called kingdom of Fife and King Richard the Ruling king of Scotland in those earlier times. Funny how things work out in-that I talked to a Scottish lady on internet and she was a cleaner of that same castle to King Robert.  Ok bye…. Robert Gilmour

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Error in my last post.Was not King Richard. Was King Robert of kingdom of Fife

      • brian edwards Says:

        Any one know of the Gilmore/Gilmour sisters who lived in Pendlebury Lancashire Bolton road first met Brenda Gilmore at the YMCA dances in Manchester in the early 60’s. Brenda married and went to Either Bolton or Bury she worked as a dentist assistant at a surgery in Eccles opposite Buehill park Wonder where she is now????

        Sent from my iPad


    • brian edwards Says:

      I am trying to trace a lady whose name was Brenda Gilmore before she married she lived in Pendlebury Lancashire and then moved to Bury lances would be nice to see how she is may now in her 60,s she had one sister and attended church services in Swinton I think she also ran a pet shop in Bury or pets food store
      If any one knows of her will be nice to meet up
      Best wishes
      Brian Edwards

      Sent from my iPad


    • Lindsay Says:

      Hello Roy. I am Lindsay Gilmour, and my grandfather’s family also lived in Armidale. My great grandfather, John Bell Gilmour, married a Lillian Ditton – from another prominent New England family. Cheers.

  169. Ryan Gilmour Says:

    I was hoping that someone will be able to tell me if I have any heritage to any historical Gilmour families. If so I’d like to re take my castle and build it back to its original state of glory. Please do help me.

  170. stuart gilmour boden Says:

    I hope that someone can be able to help me finding my Gilmour family from Liverpool UK. James and Martha Gilmour had eight children. Edith, Margaret, Lois, Elizabeth, Rachel, Martha, Thomas and Harold- My grandmother Rachel Gilmour married in 1921 my grandfather Frederick William Boden. She died at 1923 when my father born. Her sister Elizabeth (Betty) married in Liverpool in 1935 Joseph William (Joe) Driver. Thanks.

  171. Robert Gilmour Says:

    Hello Ryan, I am Robert Gilmour My great great grandfather was William Gilmour. He & family came to Australia 1847 from county of Fife Scotland not long after he became Mayor of Wallsend a suburb of Newcastle NSW. His grandson, Harold, being my grandfather fought in WW1 being a horse soldier of Australian army Light Horse Brigade as written in history. The horses were Whaler horses. A massive big horse. They rested in Egypt next to the pyramids before the great battle charge as written in history. My pop was a broken man re Battle fatigue and bullet wounds. I was the lucky one to have some yrs with him. He died when I was 20yrs I am now 71yrs. Even now a tear in my as I know real life. How lucky are we because of the fallen??

  172. stuart gilmour boden Says:

    I hope that someone can help me finding my husband’s Gilmour family from Liverpool UK. James and Martha Gilmour had eight children. Edith, Margaret, Lois, Elizabeth, Rachel, Martha, Thomas and Harold- My grandmother Rachel Gilmour married in 1921 his grandfather Frederick William Boden. She died at 1923 when my husband’s father born. Her sister Elizabeth (Betty) married in Liverpool in 1935 Joseph William (Joe) Driver. Many Thanks.


  173. My Great great grand father is John Gilmour (b. 1870) of Scotland
    married Annie Mallon (b. 1866 -1936) of Ireland. Their daughter (MY great grandma) Annie Gilmour (b.1888) Of Greenock, Scotland, married Donald Orr (b. 1889-1928) of Greenock, Scotland.
    They had 1son and 2 daughters. My grandmother is Annie Gilmour Orr (b. 1912 ) of Greenock, Scotland came to canada in 1929 to arrive In Quebec and then onto Windsor, Ontario.
    I have been tracing my ancestors for about 2 years now and have had much success using the website Scotlands People.
    Any info regarding the above mentioned family would be of greatest help!

  174. ptaylor60 Says:

    I am a direct descendant of William Gilmour (Gilmer) who was born at CraigMillar Castle about 1670. I am looking for any info about his parents on backwards. If you have any information please contact me at

  175. Robert Gilmour. Says:

    I am also a direct decedent of William Gilmour of a later time. He was my great, great, great grandfather. He came to Australia 1847 with his wife Catherine on sail ship Hot-Spur Many children in toe though twins died on the voyage. William was a miner He became Mayor of Wallsend an outer suburb of Newcastle NSW. William came from county of Fife Scotland. Catherine his wife came from Ireland. My grand father Harold Gilmour was WWi vet & member of the Australian Light Horse Brigade and was part of the greatest charge as written in history on whaler horses. Egypt to the Mediterranean. Harold came back a broken man.and became a drover driving cattle from Darwin NT to Goulburn.NSW Lest we forget The cricketer Gary Gilmour deceased was my 2nd cousini His Father was Ken Gilmour. Son of Archibald. My father was also Archibald. I found the graves. My name is Robert Gilmour Only when one touches the grave do you feel the vibration of connection. my email is

  176. GJ Says:

    The earliest GILMOUR in my family known to me is a James GILMOUR b. about 1700 who married Elizabeth SIM 8 Apr 1725 Paisley Abbey. I know nothing more about this man but certainly can help anyone interested in his descendants.

  177. Brian Gilmour-Groome Says:

    I carry the name Gilmour as the first of a hyphenated surname.
    I am looking for a connection to other members of the Gilmour clan.
    My great grandfather, Thomas Gilmour left North Ireland and settled in Australia during the late 1800’s, his brother (John, I believe) came to Nova Scotia. That’s all I know to date.
    So, I am interested in hearing from anyone who may have possible information that would expand the picture, so to speak.
    Many thanks

  178. Margaret Sandhu Says:

    Hi Gilmour’s,
    I have traced my Gilmour line back to 1741,and the birth of John Gilmour 24/05/1741 Carmunnock,he was also the son of a john!
    Anyway John married Jean Crawford 12/12/1769 in Glasgow.
    They had a son William Gilmour,and he married a Margaret Menzies.
    Does this tree ring a bell with any other Gilmour’s on here?

  179. William p j Says:

    My grandfather was William gilmour born in annbank ayrshire in 1864. He married Catherine Somerville and they had three daughters. There is a connection to the Rutherford family from rutherglen. An aunt Rosanna and willie quinn from Ayr. Anyone know what happened to the three daughters?

  180. BArbara MacDonald Moora Says:

    Hello – My paternal grandfather was William Graham Gillmor – born in the area of Manor Hamiton, Ireland I also thgought there was a link to Gillie Moire and thgere is a Gillies Moire on the map in that area……..Am trying to fill inf more blanks

  181. Robert Gilmour Says:

    Hello I am Robert Gilmour. My great,great,great grandfather was William Gilmour from Fife county Scotland. He Married Catherine of Ireland. Had some 13children, came to Sydney NSW Australia 1847 on sail ship “Hot-spur” 2 children died during the trip. Settled in Newcastle NSW. Became Mayor of Wallsend an outer suburb before John Fletcher Mayor pf Wallsend a later time. Yes I found some graves.

  182. Is there anyone out there researching the Gilmore/Gilmer family in Alabama, USA. My GGGrandfather was Albert M. Gilmore married Mary Conner (O’Conner), Henry Robert Gilmore1857 in Pike County, Alabama, USA,married Mary Frances Myers, Mamie Gilmore/Gilmer Brackin is my grandmother. I can go no further back than Albert M. Gilmore/Gilmer. They may have come to Alabama, Pike County by way of Georgia, USA.. I would greatly appreciate any help from anyone. Albert M. Gillmore died during the civil war, confederate soldier. My e-mail is:

  183. Pat Says:

    Myy husbands grandfather and his family lived in Scottland. He was 19 when his brothers and sisters came to the Uninted States. Beaver County Pennsylvania. So I am trying to find his fathers name. He was killed in an accident. Grandpap worked on a railroad he was a conductor on the railroad and ran from Scottland To Glasscow

  184. Pat Says:

    Andew Gilmore
    lived in Ardale Scottland he came to the Uninted States when he was 19 it was a big family. His father was killed in an accident. Would love to find his family there.

  185. Pat Says:

    I do not know ifthisis whay youare looking for. But my husbands Grandfathers dad was William J. Gilmoure. He came to the USA with his family. His father was killed in some kind of accident. His siblings were
    John Gilmour Tom Gilmour Robert Gilmour William Gilmour. Sisters Miss Margaret Gilmore and Anna Gilmour. All but two changed the spelling to Gilmore
    They cane to America when Grandpap was 19 years old. I beieve Great Grandpap Gilmour was in the service. Grandpap and the family lived in Airdale Grandpap worked on the railroad he wasa conductor from Scottland to Glassgol.

  186. Lindsay Says:

    Hello Gilmours, greetings from Australia. I am descended from a James Gilmour (lots of those!) of Glasgow, who was a surgeon in the British East India Co. Born very approx 1780. He had 5 daughters by an unnamed (so far) Indian lady. Any takers?
    Cheers all.

    • Hello my name is Pat Says:

      Hello my name is pat
      My husbands grandfather came to the Uninted States when he was nineteen. With his mother, brothers, and sisters. But one of his brothers did move to Australia. There were five boys and five girls. His name was William Gilmour he changed the spelling to the way it was spelled in America. He always said he was no an American and he would spell his name the american way. Grandpaps father passed away in Scottland. He was from Airdrie he was born in 1897. His father was William J. Gilmore and his mother was Margaret (Miller) Gilmore.
      I just asked his daughter Margaret if she knew the brother who went to Australia she said no. I have really consentrated lately on the Gilmore. I wish you luck and before you know it you will want more information. I was nice talking by text. Pat

    • Patricia Funkhouser Says:

      Wish to find others in our Gilmore family


      On May 30, 2017 10:25 PM, “Family History @” wrote:

      > Lindsay commented: “Hello Gilmours, greetings from Australia. I am > descended from a James Gilmour (lots of those!) of Glasgow, who was a > surgeon in the British East India Co. Born very approx 1780. He had 5 > daughters by an unnamed (so far) Indian lady. Any takers? Cheers al” >

    • Robert Gilmour Says:

      Hello Lindsay, I am Robert James Gilmour. my dad Archibald James Gilmour. my grandfather Harold James Gilmour, my great grandfather William James Gilmour middle name also James. An obvious connection there some were? James being handed down though time.

      • Lindsay Gilmour Says:

        Hello Robert. You are in Newcastle, NSW? The name ‘James Gilmour’ appears to be quite common in Scotland. My father’s father was also called James. My Gilmours lived in the Black Mountain (Armidale) area. I have seen some references to Wallsend (and graves) and wondered if there is any connection. There are some Gilmours in SE QLD as well, where I now live, but have not been able to establish any connection. I think I have run out of leads now, unless I engage the services of a genealogy expert in Scotland itself, which, sadly, I cannot afford to do.

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Lindsey the family link of connection I suggest would be the sail-ship Hotspur as all Gilmour family children were on that ship. William Gilmour Senior and his wife Catherine. Sailed into Sydney harbour 1847, One child died on route. William became a coal miner. Later he got into politics. Later he became mayor, town of Wallsend being an outer suburb of Newcastle city. I have a lot of Gilmour family research records from the Wallsend town Library an outer suburb of Newcastle. William james Gilmour of 1847 is Matriarch of my side Gilmour name. His wife was Catherine…..
        Info Gary Gilmour the test cricketer now deceased was my cousin.

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Hello Lindsay more info… Clan Gilmour once owned Craigmillar Castle, South of Edinburgh Yr 1700’s. Craigmillar castle was also the former home to Mary Queen of Scots. as written in history. Time past, then Craigmillar castle fell into severe disrepair, and so was handed over to the Scottish nation and was renamed Gilmerton borough of Edinburgh. ok hope this helps ….
        Robert Gimour. NSW Australia.

      • Lindsay Gilmour Says:

        Thanks for that, Robert.

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Hello Lindsay as mention yes I am Robert James Gilmour, my dad Archibald James Gilmour, WW11….My grandfather Harold James Gilmour WW1 vet. My GGG grandfather William James Gilmour and children came to Aus 1847 on sailship Hot-spur, I am son of Archibald. me now 72yrs old. Yes I found all the graves. William became mayor of township Wallsend an outer town of Newcastle. NSW. The local library has all the info.records. Yes I live in NSW Australia…….Denis Gilmour the cricketer was a distant cousin. I went to his funeral. ok Lindsay Post any time….Robert

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Hello Lindsay. Robert Gilmour here. Yes we had made contact before. Yes I found the grave of William Gilmour. He came with family on sail ship hotspur. Arrived Sydney Australia 1847 with family but some children died during the voyage. He settled in Wallsend an outer town of Newcastle NSW Australia. Dennis Gilmour the famous Australia test bowler now deceased was my cousin.I joined a historical society.and they found so much info. ok post any time………Robert

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Hello Lindsay not sure if I replied previous? The connection of old Wallsend .cemetery is that William Gilmour my GGG grandfather the matriarch of Gilmour name here in Newcastle Australia is buried there. I found his grave. It Is a double plot. The head stone still stands. with grill fencing around it. As mentioned previous William arrived Sydney NSW with family 1847. William became Mayor of township Wallsend an outer suburb of Newcastle. The Wallsend Library has all documentation. I even found Williams house after 90 odd yrs I opened the gate. My hands became Williams hands. Talk about moving moments. INFO Gilmour family once owned Craig Millar Castle in Scotland which later became home to Mary Queen of Scots. William was born at Craig Millar Castle. The castle fell into disrepair over the years and was handed back to the Scottish Nation. …Well Lindsey I hope this helps so BYE for now Robert Gilmour Newcastle NSW Australia.

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Hello Lindsay yes I suggest there is a connection between us. Q-Do you have William James Gilmour name in your info as was William Snr and his wife Catherine that brought the family name Gilmour on sail-ship Hotspur to Sydney 1847 in the 1st place. One child died on the trip. Took weeks to travel by wagon to Newcastle. Later William became mayor of Wallsend a mining town an outer suburb of Newcastle city. William was a coal miner. Wallsend Library has all history. I found the house that William and family lived. I even opened the gate and touched the picket fence. My hands as William’s hands. Lindsay history as written has shown there is a connection between Gilmour family name and “Mary Queen of Scotts” also an old Scottish castle.that still stands today. Several years ago I spoke to a lady who’s mother was the cleaner of the castle re tourist visits. James as middle name is very common to Scottish …….. My pop was Harold James Gilmour WW1 My dad Archibald James.Gilmour, Me Robert James Gilmour, William James Gilmour the matriarch of earlier times bringing his family to Australia. 1847.that started it all. . Lindsay hope this helps? Feel free to post anytime…….bye for now. Robert

  187. Hello my name is Pat Says:

    My husbands family came to the Uninyed States his grandfather was Andrew he was nineteen. His father was killed I have not verified this Yet. One brother moved to Australa. Childrin Ann, Jean, Janet, Elizabeth, boys were John, Tom, Robert, William. Looking for other family members

  188. Juliet Gilmour Says:

    I am looking for any descendants of John William Gilmour (B. 26 MAR 1828 • Tyrone, Northern Ireland D. 13 MAY 1908 • Fergus, Wellington, Ontario) and Mary Ann Reid (B. ABT 1836 • Ireland D. 07 APR 1898 • Fergus, Wellington, Ontario) . They lived and raised their children in Fergus, Ontario, Canada. They had 9 children. Eliza Isabella Patulllo (1857-1935), William Reid (1860 -1931) Sarah (1864-1865), Mary Ellen Nelson (1865-1942), Mary Ann Catherine (1867-1911), Robert John (1870-1902), Andrew Hudon (1873-1922) James (1874-1876) and Sarah Ann (1875-1906)
    Feel free to email me

  189. Robert Gilmour. Says:

    Hello Sally My name is Robert Gilmour of Newcastle NSW Australia. My great/great grandfather was William Gilmour from county of Fyfe Scotland, Arrived Sydney Australia 1847 with family in toe.. He Later became Mayor of Wallsend a mining town of Newcastle NSW Australia. To my understanding name Gilmour is original Scottish. Name Gilmore was written down as it sounded by the NY customs people re London bombing. hence name Gilmore. With what I know then during WW11 British, Irish, Scottish, children taken America to save the children re WW11 German bombing of London. Yes I visit and pat the graves. Yes I found the Grave of my great, great, grandfather William Talk about moving moments as I pat the grave. Only when you see before your very eyes do you know reality.

  190. Hello my name is Pat Says:

    Hello Lindsay
    My husbands family came from That area many years ago. One brother I beleave his name was Thomas. His grandfathers name was Andrew Gilmour. His mothers name was Margaret. Her husband was killed. Grandpap Andrew wass an enginere on the railroad. his route was from Glascow to London he was 19 when they came to the Uninted Statrs his mother the sisters and all his brothers except the one how went to Australia.

  191. DJ Says:

    Hello my nickname is DJ..I’ve been researching my family lineage as well. Due to the fact that my James Gilmore lineage is about my 6th generation great grandfather- we do not carry the Gilmore name. So, hello my dear shirt tail cousins and All! My Gilmore came to the American Colonies in the early 1700’s through Massachusetts. They we of “Scot’s Irish” descent…my understanding is that they were of mostly -but, more than likely were Presbyterian Scotch-Irish immigrants. However, that does not mean that they were all prior to the persecutions in the conflicts between England, Scotland and Ireland in earlier history. due to religious persecutions one would have to look much more closely at this piece of history to get a better understanding of this puzzlement. It is interesting to find out what were circumstances of the time that caused the great migrations and immigrate to the colonies…what pioneering spirits!

  192. Derek Torrens Says:

    Hello DJ, I too descend from the James Gilmore born in the late 1700s who was a Presbyterian who lived and died in Aghadowey, Co Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
    If you wish to find Gilmores/Gilmours who were Scots Irish there are plenty in the Aghadowey/Garvagh/Kilrea areas of the Bann Valley in Co Londonderry.

    In 1718 there was a mass exodus from there as the Rev James McGregor of Aghadowey Presbyterian Church emigrated from thee with many hundreds of Presbyterianss from there and the surounding areas to Nutfield County (Now Derry) in New Hampshire, some of them also moved to New Brunswick are in Maine.

    I recomend the Bann Valley Genealogy page which is also put together by a distant Torrens relative of mine.
    There are plenty of Gimores on there via the various records.

    I hope this helps.


    Derek Torrens.

    • DJ Says:

      Thank you Derek!
      The information you have suggested will be helpful as well. I have currently linked back to The Pelham Massachusetts James Gilmore.
      Do you know if anyone has started an ” association of Gilmore’s compiling the genealogy and historical accounts of the Gilmore’s and surname variants, back to the 1100″s in Scotland and the Irish connection s?
      We have had family chatter about being ” orange – Irish as well as Scotch-Irish .

      • Derek Torrens Says:

        Sorry DJ, I have no idea as the James Glmore I mention whom Im descended from was a dead end, I can never get back any further from him.
        But Im certain the Gilmores are Orange Irish as well as Scots Irish or Ulster Scots.


  193. Lindsay Gilmour Says:

    Thanks Robert.

  194. bmacmoore Says:

    Does anyone have connection with information on the Gillmor spelling of Gilmour? My father was Kenneth Gillmor and his father , William Graham Gillmor was from the Manor Hamilton area of Ireland.
    thanks, Barbara (Gillmor) MacDonald Moore, Ottawa, Ontario

    • Robert Gilmour Says:

      Hello Mary I am Robert Gilmour now 73yrs old. I live here in Australia East coast. My side of family Gilmour from county of Fife Scotland, Came to Australia 1847 on sail ship Hotspur. William Gilmour the Matriarch and wife Catherine and children. Yes I found the family house he lived in, and yes I found Williams grave. Talk about moving moments. Barbara my side of family Gilmour once owned Craig Miller Castle Scotland, The castle also once became home to Mary queen of Scots,.as written in history. Time past and the castle in severe disrepair then was handed back to the Scottish nation. Mary I live here in Australia East coast south of Sydney. Any questions then feel free to post any time. My em is builderbob234atyahoodotcom. I am a retired home building contractor & home building inspector. My passion I study atoms, Atomic science vibration of the masses, and yes proved all. I know things many cannot get their head around.. ok bye for now…..Robert

  195. Theresa Gilmour Cardona Says:

    Hi, I’m replying to Jacob Gilmour referring to Ogdensburg, NY. My family is originally from Ogdensburg, NY. My grandfather was Charles H. Gilmour. His children were Carl, Clara, Eliza, John and Charles,Jr. (my Dad). Are we related?

    • Linda Gilmour Johnson Says:

      My Gilmour family is also from Ogdensburg. My grandfather was Arthur Thomas Gilmour and his father was William Gilmour.

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Linda we could be William Gilmour my GGG grandfather William Gilmour and Craig Miller castle. Yes I found Williams grave and the family house he lived in…State of NSW, Australia. Township of Wallsend. Robert Gilmour I am 73yrs

      • Linda Gilmour Johnson Says:

        My Gilmour family came to New York state about 1820 from the Lanark area of Scotland.

  196. Mary W. Williams Says:

    I am still looking for information on the Gilmore’s of Alabama,

    • Robert Gilmour Says:

      Hello Mary Williams my name is Robert Gilmour. My side of family Gilmour came to Sydney Australia yr1847 on sail ship HOT-SPUR. Then Gilmour family settled north in coal mining township of Maitland an outer town of Newcastle city. NSW. Australia. Mary I found the grave of William the Matriarch of family Gilmour. my GGG-Grandfather. Info. My side of Gilmour family once owned “Craig Miller castle Scotland” and was once home to Mary Queen of Scots as written in history. Years past, then the castle fell into severe disrepair and so was handed back to the Scottish nation. Of all things I spoke to a lady and she told me that her mother is the cleaner to Craig Miller castle re public tours of inspection and real life history told. B-amazing after 100’s of yrs.
      Mary feel free to post any time, I am getting old now me 73yrs old though in good health. Gilmour name is pure Scottish.
      Gilmore name spelling was created re WW11 England bombing and written down as it sounded by the US immigration people re save the children taking them to the USA re German bombing of England & Scotland. Yes I found the grave of my GGG grandfather William Gilmour. the matriarch of Gilmour name family. Mary feel free to post any time. I live in State of New South Wales Australia. ok Mary I hope this helps….
      Robert Gilmour from The land down under. The land of OZ.

      • Mary W. Williams Says:

        I am very interested in the Gilmore family history. My GGGrandfather was Albert M. Gilmore, born in the state of Georgia, USA in 1822 and died in Lynchburg, Virginia USA during the war. He served with a military unit from Alabama, USA. I can not verify his parents. I have names that are listed as his parents however I have received information from other researchers that that information is incorrect. He was married to Mary Conner (O’Conner) from Pike county Alabama USA . Over the years the name has changed from Gilmore to Gilmer ( southern way of speaking).My grandmother was born a Gilmore and buried as a “Gilmer” as they all are. These are the names I have found—fathers, Hugh George Gilmore and Stephen Gilmore—The mothers–Elizabeth Garretson Murphy and Judith Tauton. I have been searching for years. I do have a picture of Albert M. Gilmore in his military uniform. Pike County was a undeveloped area and the Conner were un-educated so little is know of them. I am 77 and enjoying life. Have a great day and thank you for your message.

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Hello Mary I joined a local historical society and they were a great help as they are in partnership with others re history genealogy to seek out where we all came from? Me as a member then didn’t cost me any money. Mary also seek out info from the local council as they also have records. I’m sure is the right direction. I’m in Australia, born here and up the road an old cemetery 200yrs old and yes I found the grave of my GGG grandfather there.and head stone in tact. B-amazing. also councils have family home address as yes I even found where my GGG grandfather and family lived. My hands as I opened the gate then was like I felt the vibration of all family before me. Talk about moving moments.
        ok bye & hope this helps….Robert Gilmour ..Newcastle Australia

      • Mary W. Williams Says:

        I live in Ohio, USA. ,my family settled in Alabama, USA, I have checked into the local historical society and it is a small farming area, no large towns around so the information in these small libraries is not helpful. Living so far away makes it difficult to do any research in the local libraries. I will keep looking.

      • K GILMOUR Says:

        Hi Mary, ask someone at local library, history info society, to look at Ancestry site. It has all this information and more. Has him married to Mary O’Connor. His parents apparently Stephen Gilmore and Judith Taunton. However your side is likely missing and not all correct.

        I know my local library has a section for family research and to look at Ancestry and other such family tree sites.

        I don’t think you’d be able to view the tree without paying (do not pay for a full year if you do!). You may be able to contact the person behind this tree for free and ask them to provide you details by email in exchange of new information you have. Explain you are this GGG grandfather and have more info if they can help you.

        Tree link >

        User link to contact >

  197. Steve Says:

    Hi my Gilmours lived in Carmunmock but came from Edinbourgh there was s connection to the Stuart’s of Castlemilk. My Great Grandmother was Anne Jane Gilmour she lived in Belfast. He brother immigrated to New York city and her Parents to Morristown in New York State.
    Most of her Children moved to NYC Brooklyn my mom was born there. I have some Canadian relatives who I am sure are connected to the Gilmour family. There are still some in the NYC area. Does anybody have some info on the Gilmours who moved to NYC?

  198. Maureen Archer Says:

    Hi alistair I’ve been researching my Gilmour’s for five years now. I have been unable to find where they were born due to lack of records but have them in census marriages and family bibles They lives in Ballymena but seem to be linked to both Ballymoney and Ballyclare Gilmour’s.. have you taken a DNA test if so what is your gedmatch.

  199. Wilfred Joseph Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am writing from Singapore. I am interested to know about the whereabout of Robert Gilmour worked in Singapore as an engineer and (husband of Renee, who died a few years ago). They have two children namely Karl and Danielle. Kindly help me to get some information regarding Robert Gilmour.

    Wilfred Joseph

    • Robert Gilmour Says:

      Hello Wilfred yes I am Robert Gilmour but NO I am not the same Robert Gilmour you seek. My grandfather Harold Gilmour a WW1 Vet in Egypt. My dad Archibald Gilmour in New Guinea as a Pte contractor WW11 building the airstrip and hut accommodation. An old saying???Life is what it is and not every day sunny……ok by for now. I live in Australia …Robert

  200. Graeme Gilmour Says:

    I’m Graeme Gilmour. My father, James Gilmour, was born on 27 May 1895, in Auchinleck, Ayreshire. His parents were Andrew Gilmour and Ann Jane Gilmour, nee Mullen. They emigrated to South Africa in the early 1900s. Amongst my father’s siblings were brothers Robert, Andrew, and John, and sisters Nancy, Annie and Margaret (known as Peggy). I would be interested to hear what may have happened to their descendants. I have two son, Iain – who now lives in the UK – and Stuart, who lives in Cape Town.

    • Robert Gilmour Says:

      Hello Graeme I am Robert James Gilmour,, My dad Archibald james Gilmour a WW11 vet, My pop Harold James Gilmour a WW1 vet and member of the Australian Light horse brigade in egypt. I found the grave of my GGG grand father William Gilmour who came to Sydney Australia then Newcastle NSW with family from Scotland in 1847 on the sail-ship Hotspur.I was able to get all info from my local library. ,

  201. I’ve had an old family bible in my possession for around a decade now. It’s from Scotland 1850 and has a connection to Gilmour. There is an in remembrance card inside for a Rev Andrew Gilmour who lived in Greenock and died in 1859 aged 65. It’s on eBay if anybody is interested, search Gilmour Scotland Bible. There’s no family history written inside the bible just the remembrance card which is really elaborate and two cross stitch very old page markers.

    • Robert Gimour Says:

      Hello Graham I am of clan Gilmour. though my family of Gilmour came to Sydney Australia in yearv1847 on the sail ship hot-spur. Yes I found the graves. My family of Gilmour owned Craig Miller Castle though time severe age damaged re wars and was handed back to the sottish nation. The castle was also once home to. Mary Queen of Scots as written in history. The castle with age time past has fallen into age disrepair. Yes I am a Gilmour me now 75yrs old, Anyway thankou for the post………Robert Gilmour

      • Robert Morton Says:

        My grandfather was andrew stewart gilmour and we go back to mary queen of scots and beyond

      • Robert Gilmour Says:

        Yes I am Robert Gilmour and yes Mary Queen of Scots Lived at our family of Gilmour castle Yes Craig Miller Castle. Scotland and Yes I found the grave of William Gilmour my GG grandfather buried in Australia @ the old Wallsend crematory an outer township of Newcastle city NSW. me 75yrs old…Wiilliam came to Sydney Australia with family on the sale ship Hot spur though one child died on the trip The Newcastle historical Society has all the info

  202. Kayleigh Stanton Says:

    Hello there
    I am on search for a Elizabeth thomson gilmour
    She was married at 21
    To a william elliott
    She had 2 children
    Billy and Christine
    Last known residence was
    168 paisley road renfrew scotland
    If any one knows of this lady I would greatly appreciate it many thanks Kayleigh

    • Robert Gilmour Says:

      Hello Kayleigh I am Robert Gilmour me now 75yrs old I live in lower NSW My GGG grandfather is William Gilmour who came to Newcastle Australia yr1847 with family on sailship Hotspur. William and family settled in township of Maitland.Near Newcastle. William became Mayor and Yes I found his grave with head-stone still standing intact. So much info at the Library. I also found Williams family home. Our family of Gilmour once owned Craig Miller castle and was also home to Mary Queen of Scots as written in history though the castle is now severe age damaged and in severe disrepair.. I once spoke to a lady who’s mother carried out tours of the castle. My grandfather being one of Williams children. I pat the graves to feel the vibration of a life now gone. I welcome a reply if you want to write? Ha are you aware that clan Morrison our prime minister also has a connection to us..clan Gilmour. YES TRUE. My pop a WW1 vet and a child to William Gilmour..
      Feel free to write if you have a question?
      ok bye for now…Robert Gilmour.

  203. Andrew Gilmour Says:

    My Name is Andrew Gilmour. My dad was Jim Gilmour and my paternal grandfather was James Gilmour. Both of them were born in Bells Hill in Scotland. And they moved to Carlisle in Cumbria in the Uk. I was born in Carlisle in 1969. My Dad was born in 1945.
    My dad was the eldest child of three. He had two younger sisters, named Katherine and Marjorie. I have a younger brother and sister named Peter and Sarah Gilmour.

  204. Laura Gerard Says:

    My dad was John Gilmour. He was from Paisley in Scotland. He served n the British Army and was posted in Catterick and Northern Ireland in the early 70s.

  205. Noel Gilmour Says:

    Hi All

    My grandfather was William Gilmour from Blantyre, my Dad was Thomas (Tom). My grandfather had two sisters who emigrated to the USA,(possibly around the Great Lakes area). The family moved to Blairhall, Fife. My dad worked in the mines pre-WW2. My Dad had 3 sisters- Maggie,Nan and May. They move ‘up the road’ to Oakley (Both Blairhall and Oakley are just outside Dunfermline).

  206. lance gilmour Says:

    Check ” ” clan website. You will find we all have 2 tartans, ancient and modern….I had a kilt made of modern, a tie of ancient…..just an FWI.

  207. Gordon Brown Says:

    Hi everyone. I am Gordon from Scotland. My father comes from a long line of Gilmour’s, with my grandmother being Isabella Gilmour (1900 Scotland), my GGr Robert Gilmour (1874 Pennsylvania) and my GGGr Robert Yates Gilmour (1842 Lanarkshire). If I can be of any help please ask, and if anyone can help me trace the Gilmour’s (Gilmore’s – USA spelling) then that would be great. Thanks.

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